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The Great Easter Feast

by tanyawebber


The Easter Cybunny comes forth from the warmth of her house up in Faerieland to give away delicious Neggs to her beloved, fellow Neopets. All over Neopia, everyone is smiling and cramming too much chocolate into their mouths. The Kiko from the Chocolate Factory is going bananas due to the immense number of sales - that's right! It's Easter time once again!

Do you, like many others, notice that after this special day, you have so many Neggs you don't know what to do with them? Then this handy dandy cookery article is perfect for you! With recipes from Jhuidah's pot, all the way to Taelia's spell books, there is a delightful treat for everyone!

* * *

First of all, here is a selection of a few savoury meals that will brighten up your Easter lunch in a few simple steps. Make sure you have a responsible Neopet with you at all times when handling hot foods, take the time to wash your hands before cooking, and most important of all... have fun!

Edna's Cackling Soup with Ferocious Slices

The essence of Edna – feel her wrath with this surprisingly evil soup, with Negg slices that seem to almost bite back at you!

You will need:

1 Cackling Negg

1 Ferocious Negg

1 Negg Juice


Slice the Cackling Negg in half. Take one half, and mix with some Negg Juice and water with a spoon until a puree. Take the other half, and dice. Bring puree mixture to the boil, and add the diced Negg. Simmer for 35 minutes. Season to taste.

For Ferocious Negg slices, simply slice your Negg (be wary of those teeth!) and arrange neatly around the soup bowl.

TIP: Serve with your favourite Spooky Food for an extra-haunted treat!


Rainbow Negg Pizza

This pizza is a simple and easy recipe for anyone. The Steak Negg will be the main overwhelming flavour of this gorgeous meal, but you can add any Negg to your taste. The Rainbow Negg is simply for the colours!

You will need:

1 Steak Negg

1 Rainbow Negg

1 Cheese Negg

1 Pizza Base

Tomato Puree

Spread tomato puree evenly across the pizza base. Grate the Cheese Negg, and sprinkle on top of pizza base. Slice and dice the Steak Negg, and sprinkle on top of the now grated Cheese Negg. Grate or slice Rainbow Negg, and arrange to your liking on the pizza. Bake over a fire until the cheese is golden, and the Rainbow Negg is glistening.

TIP: Cut the pizza into some interesting shapes – ideal for baby Neopets to help you, and enjoy themselves too!


Spicy Hot Negg Sandwich

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! Or for Snow Pets, due to the high risk of melting.

1 Fireball Negg

Dried Chilli Peppers

Red Scorchipepper

Chilli Chia Hot Sauce

Flat Bread

Cut the flat bread in half. Spread Chilli Chia Hot Sauce on both slices, on one side each. Slice the Fireball Negg, Dried Chilli Peppers and Red Scorchipepper. Arrange on one slice of bread, and place the other slice on top. Cut in half, and serve.

TIP: For daredevils, toast it over a fire before you eat. The overwhelming heat will almost burn your tongue off!


And for those Neopets with a particular sweet tooth, here are a few luscious treats!

Chocolate Cherry Stuffed Neggs

A range of chocolate Neggs served with a sophisticated cherry on top. A deluxe dessert to end your perfect Easter.

A variety of Easter Neggs

1 Bar of Chocolate

Spherical Cherries

Wash the cherries. Snap the chocolate into small pieces and melt in a bowl over a fire until it is liquid. Scoop out the insides of the Neggs. Pour the melted chocolate into the Negg shells, and put a cherry on top. Leave the Neggs to cool outside for an hour, and then serve.

TIP: Sprinkle on some hundreds-and-thousands to add to that colourful, Easter theme!


A Lovely Sundae

What would be a perfect Valentines treat can now be adapted to your Easter holidays - a sweet looking and tasting ice cream dessert.

1 Heart Shaped Negg

1 Valentines Negg

Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Strawberry Sauce

Spherical Cherry

Whipping Cream

Chop up the two Neggs. Whip the cream. Put scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream into a sundae glass, with strawberry sauce dribbled in and the Valentines Negg pieces placed between each scoop. Top with whipped cream, sprinkled with Heart Shaped Negg pieces and a cherry.

TIP: Go large! With a bigger sundae glass, you could fit in more ice cream scoops of your favourite kind – Brain, Ketchup, Pumpkin... the possibilities are endless!


Fruity Jewelled Royal Jelly Negg

A luxury treat for Royal Neopets – the jewellery, in particular, makes this a stunning and rich pudding!

1 Jelly Negg

1 Jewelled Negg

1 Peach

A handful of berries

Peel, slice and dice the peach. Pull out the stems of the berries and chop them up. Heat up the Jelly Negg to create a jelly liquid, and pour into a bowl. Place in the fruit and berries. Leave outside to cool overnight. Decorate the jelly with jewels from the Jewelled Negg.

TIP: Slice up the Jewelled Negg and add to the jelly before it cools for a more majestic meal!

* * *

This is just many of the fabulous concoctions you can create for your Easter feast. You could even mix and match and make up some of your own – how about a delicious Negg Cookie Basket, or a puzzling ConfusioNegg Pie?

There are already several pre-made treats that you could add to your feast as small snacks. I personally recommend:

- Buttered Negg Waffles – usually a mouth-watering kick start to your day with your typical cereal breakfast, these waffles would surely match your Negg themed buffet. Buttered for your taste, but feel free to add syrup, jam, or anything that may take your fancy!

- Neggnog – what would a feast be without Neopia's favourite Neggy beverage? Although Neggnog usually appears around Christmas, there is no excuse for a Negg-less drink this Easter! Quench your thirst with this tasty tea and coffee alternative.

- Negg Noodles – Easter, with a hint of Shenkuu! This bowl of noodles, complete with a spicy fish sauce and chopsticks, is not to be missed.

With all of these recipes, you can be sure that your Easter will never get boring. Do not fret – your Neggs will not go to waste any more. Thank you for reading, enjoy your new-found snacks and meals, and have a fabulous Easter!

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