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The Neoboards: How to Steer Clear of the Drama

by the_past___


It doesn’t matter which board you travel to. Nasty and drama inducing people will inevitably be found. Sometimes you may find that the boards are beginning to look like everyone should belong in Neopets Jr. when you read some of the horrifically sophomoric board topics and posts. However, there are many ways to rid yourself of the irritation you may often feel while skimming the boards for a more pleasant-looking topic. Here are a few tips I’ve drawn together to assist you on how to avoid a bit of the flaming that’s been going on- and it starts with you.

Tip #1: Please do not fuel the fire.

No matter how tempting it may seem, or how grotesquely mean some of the people who are taunting you can be, the problem is that if you join in, throwing in your own hit at their self-esteem, you just created a flaming board, because it’s not very likely the topic will end in a jiffy. The most appropriate- and difficult- thing to do in these kinds of situations is simply to be polite, and don’t give them the shouting caveman argument these people seem to hunger for. Responding with a simple snappy comeback can be how some slightly argumentative boards may burst into full out condescending ‘I’m better than you and here’s why’ matches. These are especially common on the Help and Neopian Writers boards, but can be found everywhere.

Tip #2: Don’t be rude while correcting people.

So a fellow Neopian has begun posting meaningless topics (aka, spamming) on your regular board, clogging up all the precious board space. They look fairly new, and they don’t seem to be trying to bother anyone. Instead of posting on the board and saying, ‘Would you please be quiet, nobody cares and you’re annoying’, try posting something a bit more helpful and a tad less antagonizing. If they continue spamming, try another approach, perhaps warning them of the consequences or of all the report happies and flamers who will join the board? If you post a sharp response, the OP (Original Poster) may become defensive and start flaming you in return, and poof, there’s a board filled with meaningless jabber and harsh words instigated simply because they may be a bit random or use too much chatspeak- whatever the case, harsh words are definitely not the answer for telling people what they’ve wrong! Plus, even if you weren’t trying to help, and you were just trying to get the person to stop posting, you bumped up the board. You helped their cause.

Also, keep in mind that if they used any inappropriate words intentionally, like the topic title being full of... well, you get my point, for the full purpose of spamming, please just report and move on. Do not bump up the board and post a witty comment- nothing, nada. TNT will get to deleting it as soon as possible.

Tip #3: Try to stay on topic.

If you really want to avoid flamers spoiling your jolly time, I know this may seem hard for many of you, but please try to keep on the topic of the board you’re currently visiting. Depending on which board it is, you may or may not have people coming in to tell you to go somewhere else. They’re not going to back off if you say no; they might just report you...

Many of the Neopians on the roleplaying and help boards wouldn’t take too kindly to some random person posting, “If you want to chat about veggies and summer, come here! Haters go away!” However, the newbie board always seems to welcome this sort of thing, and as such that is the board most of the people will direct you to go to. I suggest you listen, or you’ll have the other players annoying you to no end on your chat board.

Tip #4: Don’t crash someone else’s board.

You may think there’s no problem with advertising your guild on another Neopian’s advertising topic, or asking someone to lend you a completely random avatar item on a FQD lending board made by someone else. However, this is often viewed as very rude, and seldom will it work to your advantage. Try making your own topic, whether it’s a simple question on the help boards, an advertisement on the guild or shop boards, etc. You’ll have a much friendlier and faster response.

Tip #5: Most people do not take too kindly to whiny or begging boards- so please try not to make one.

For example, “Why does Neopets have to be so hard? I hate Neopets and everything on it!! Grrr!!!” or “Could someone spare some neopoints, perhaps? I’m poor. You don’t have to give me any, just wondering.” This is most likely going to be taken the wrong way, even if you’re only kidding around. The help boards, especially, seems to be crawling with beggars and whiners. Claiming to need financial aid and demanding our neopoints isn’t a great way to start a conversation, no matter how much you don’t want to play games or restock. Even if you only ‘politely’ ask for neopoints, you’ll be severely flamed- not a good experience. These topics usually clog up the boards, and people will report you for begging or spamming- perhaps both. Please try not to exercise this temptation to beg or scream about the hardships of making neopoints- many Neopians won’t try to sympathize with you, they will just click the report button.

Tip #6: Have fun, of course!

This marvelous site of ours was indeed created to relieve stress and have a good time. If you’re not having a good time because you’re always being nasty to someone or getting flamed, then you’re losing the purpose of the site! Neopets wasn’t a place created for you to be annoyed or hurt. This is a place for us to help each other out, explore Neopia, and care for our neopets! So let’s keep it at that, eh?

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