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Hello there! I am just wondering why there is a 10 item limit to what you can have in your trades? I don't see the harm in putting more than 10 items in ONE trade up... maybe I'm wrong? :) ~schoolwars
The limit is to keep people from going overboard with their trades, and we think 10 is a pretty reasonable number. Could you imagine checking the newest 20 trades and seeing strings of twenty or more junk items in a trade? Ugh.

Do not want! D:

Hey there TNT. Is there anyone in all of TNT that knows every single item on Neopets? If not, I suggest you sit all the staff down and make them list as many as possible; it'd be interesting to know. Oh yeah, one more thing... I'M IN THE EDITORIAL! Ooh, I feel special. XD Thanks! ~accursed_goddess
We're pretty much nuts here, but we're not quite that crazy to memorise all the items. However, we're pretty sure some of us could name a truly staggering number of them. x_X

Is doing art trades allowed if it's strictly art for art trade only? ~fearsomedragon
Yeah, that's fine. Just as long as there are no Neopoints, items, or Neopets involved in the exchange.

Hi! Some time ago I got quite high in Illusen's quests (I got to a little more than 40k in points). However, I never got a trophy, though it didn't mean much to me at the time. Now, though, I'd kind of like my trophy. XD Was there a reason I didn't get one? If not, can I have my trophy? Thank you. (: ~helenn771
Hi! The Illusen quest trophies are awarded like other trophies, so you need to be on the high score table to get one. Even with your high score, if you weren't in one of the top positions you would not receive one. Even if the scores for this month are low enough that your score would merit you a trophy, it probably wasn't the case during the month you achieved the high score.

I have heard (or rather, read) a few people on the boards saying that the Snowager ate their Neopet. Now, I'm pretty sure this is not possible, but could you clear it up so I have somewhere to send the poor souls who think it is? ~minnia_midori
Nope. It's probably just some players messing with people on the board. While the Snowager can, of course, attack and drop your Neopets' Hit Points, it cannot eat them or cause them permanent harm.

You seem to be a week behind on the Pet Page Spotlight. The one on the main page looks different than the one in the New Features page. ~tippertot
Ahh, thanks for the heads up. We'll look into what's causing that.

I've got an idea for an inflation reducer. What if you made a place where we can put in 100 NP and there is, like, a 5% chance of getting a special "inflation" avatar? Of course there'd be other prizes too, but the avatar alone would draw collectors in... please consider it. =] ~rawrjosh
We never thought of that!

Our artists came up with this unique design!

I understand that, for the Art Gallery, we must draw Neopets painted colors that actually exist on the site and are available for that species. However, we ARE allowed to draw them wearing clothing, accessories, etc. that don't exist yet, right? (Provided it's all 101% G-rated, of course.) Just wondering. Thanks for your time! ~4zure
Hmm... the reason we have for asking you not to submit images of Neopets that don't exist yet kind of spills over into clothing as well, actually. What we don't want to happen is someone drawing a certain clothing item, then one of our artists drawing something similar without knowing about the user-submitted drawing, and then the player feeling cheated because they feel the design was "stolen." So yeah, to be on the safe side, please try to stick with existing stuff. :)

I was wondering if TNT would ever take the time to make a search box specifically for the forums on Neopets. This might eliminate having so many multiple postings on the same subject. I know I would love to be able to type a question or topic in the search box and find an already answered post, especially on days like today (Draik Day)! I understand that it wouldn't completely eliminate the multiple boards, but it would certainly help! ~lilmissshila
We don't think a search function really compliments the, erm... chaotic style of our boards. We think it would just slow the site down for everyone and not really be that useful, especially since the boards disappear after a while. Usually, if something is a common question or a hot topic of the day, you'll be able to find it on the front page of a board or the next page in with minimal effort.

Will you ever release any Ummagine Stamp or Coltzan Stamp items again, or is that avvy 100% officially retired? ~boolasgurl
The Ummagine Stamp is retired, so that's unlikely. The Coltzan Stamp, though, is R101, so it can still be released like other R101 stamps. In fact, we're plotting something as this is being typed. Buahahhahaha.

Hullo there, TNT! You guys are BOMB! :D Anyway, I was reading an Editorial last week and it left me wondering... when you buy an item in a Neopets shop (like the Chocolate Factory, or the Grooming Parlour), where do the Neopoints that you spent go? Are they just deleted from the entire system, or do they go to TNT user accounts? Thanks! ^_^ ~fire_the_penguins
Haha, we wish they went to our accounts! But no, any NP you give to the site for playing games, buying from shops or the Hidden Tower, etc. go POOF.

Wait, we're the bomb? I thought we were some kind of dynamite or something...

*sobs* I can't view Petpet Park's "new events" that it talks about in the news! I can't even see if it's a plot. The only options are "Learn To Draw," "Neovision contest," "This Week's Game," "About Petpet Park," and Petpet Park itself. :( Am I missing out on something?! P.S. I use a Macbook laptop if it makes any difference, and please leave my name out. ~[username removed}
This is a Neopets plot you're talking about! We're not going to make things easy for you! ;D Use your wits to join in on the plot!

I would like to know something important about my Neopet's health. It says 5/10 and I just fed it! I'm worried something will happen. Will anything happen if it gets to 0? Also, how do I get this health up?? ~miniolieisland
If your Neopet's health drops to 0 he or she will be unable to participate in the Battledome, but will otherwise be fine. There are plenty of ways to bring your Neopet back to health by using healing potions, visiting the Healing Springs in Faerieland, and feeding it more (we're grinning as we type that last one), among other things.

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