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It All Started At the Prize Shop

by conniex299


Puppyblew smiled. Today was the day that the prize shop opened. She hoped that there would be paint brushes there. Her owner Connie (short for Conniex299) worked so hard to get points for the prize shop. She only stopped every morning to feed her, Love, Shy, and Balance (their real names were Connie4231, Loveflotsam248, ShyBruce578, and Balancepteri) to the bloated status and do her dailies before going to the Altador Cup. At least it was over now. Maybe things could get back to normal. She went downstairs for breakfast with the other pets and Connie, ate some scrambled neggs with toast, and then hurried to the prize shop.

      The prize shop was packed. They waited excitedly in line for the red Kyrii to tell them how many points they had. When they finally got to the front, Connie told the bored Kyrii her name and waited while he sorted through the humongous pile of paper on his desk.

     “According to this paper, you have 5918 Points left to spend,” said the Kyrii.

     “Thank you,” replied Connie, and she hurried off, Puppyblew, Love, Shy, and Balance scurrying after her. Connie searched all over the shop looking for the place where the paint brushes were, but she couldn’t find it. She tapped on the shoulder of a passing Draik and asked him where the paint brushes were.

     “Sorry, they don’t have them this year. I looked too, but I guess they don’t have a paint brush for Roo Island.”

     “What do you mean they don’t have a paint brush for Roo Island?” asked Connie.

     “Well, on the first Altador Cup the Haunted Woods won first place, and the prize shop had a Halloween Paint Brush. The next year, Darigan Citadel won first place, and the prize shop featured a Darigan Paint Brush. Roo Island won this year (to his dismay; he supported Krawk Island), but there is no paint brush for Roo Island, and I doubt TNT would make a new paint brush just for this occasion.”

     “Oh, that’s a shame, I was looking forward to getting a- wait, what did you say? Roo Island won?!” gasped Connie. “Oh my gosh! I’ve got to get my trophy!” Connie ran off to the stand giving out trophies.

     “Roo Island supporters. How much I loathe them,” the Draik said to himself. He flew off.

     Balance heard him and glared.

     “Yay! A new trophy for the trophy cabinet! Yes!” shouted Shy.

     “Shy, stop shouting! People are starting to stare! Besides, we would have gotten a medal anyway even if we didn’t win,” Puppyblew hissed. She was the smartest pet out of all of them. Shy, not so much. By that time, Connie had come back with the trophy.

     “Look how pretty it is!” Connie said to the pets. “It shows all my stats too!”

     “Uhh, sure, whatever. Can we get our prizes now?” asked Love. She wasn’t a patient pet.

     “Oh, of course! I almost forgot!” said Connie.

     “How can you forget? We’re in a prize shop!” grumbled Balance.

     “Shut it!” whispered Shy. “You’re going to get in trouble.”

     “Yeah, right. Balance never gets caught,” Love said sadly.

     “Ok, let’s get started!” said Connie excitedly. They walked (and in some cases flew) past a couple of Fire Yooyus. Puppyblew stopped.

     “Ohhh, can we get a Fire Yooyu? I want one as a petpet!” said Puppyblew.

     “No. I already spent 100,000 neopoints on a Beekadoodle for you,” said Connie. There was a reason Connie4231 was called Puppyblew. She was the master at the Puppyblew Face (even better than the other Gelerts). Whenever she desperately wanted something, she would flash it in Connie’s face, and she would just fall to pieces. This was one of those times. She flashed the Puppyblew Face, but her owner didn’t fall for it.

     “Wow! Connie didn’t fall for it? That’s a first,” Love said.

     “The face didn’t work? What did I do wrong?” Puppyblew asked.

     “You didn’t do it wrong, Puppyblew. I didn’t fall for it because I couldn’t get it. It costs 10,000 points. Besides, you’ve only had the Beekadoodle for less than a month,” Connie explained.

     “Oh. Well, why didn’t you play harder? You could’ve gotten more points,” Puppyblew said flatly. She was still irked that the face didn’t work.

     “I didn’t want to, and if I did, I wouldn’t have time to feed you! If you want a Yooyu so bad, next year why don’t you come with me?!” yelled Connie. She stormed away. A couple of Neopians stared.

     “Uh, did I say something wrong?” asked Puppyblew to herself.

     “Wow, I never saw those two argue, or saw Connie this mad,” said Balance in awe.

     “It’s okay. I’m fine now,” Connie said. The pets flinched. They haven’t heard her come back.

     “Now, let’s get some prizes! It’s a happy day today, remember?” asked Connie happily.

     “Whoa, she bounced back quickly. She must’ve really looked forward to the prize shop opening,” Shy said to Love.

     “Yeah, it’s amazing,” said Love.

     “You two, come on! It’s time to get those prizes and leave! We’ve been here forever!” said Connie. She was standing next to a tower of smoothies, flying disks, books, plushies, and vintage jerseys.

     “She got-” began Love.

     “Yes, I know she got the stuff fast, let’s go!” said an impatient Puppyblew. They paid their prize points to the Kyrii and began the journey home.

      “Ah, these smoothies taste good!” said Connie. They were all drinking Lime Berry Roo Island Altador Cup Smoothies in their neohome. Puppyblew slurped her smoothie down quickly and opened the door of their neohome.

     “Hey, where are you going?” asked Connie.

     “To the Yooyuball field. I’m going to need a lot of practice to get lots of points for the Prize Shop next year. I’m going to get a Yooyu!” said Puppyblew, and she ran out the door.

     “Good luck to you! You’ll need it,” Balance said meanly.

     “SHUT IT!” shouted Love, Shy, and Connie.

     “Well, sorry!” muttered Balance.


      A couple of years later...

      “AND CONNIE ‘PUPPYBLEW’ SCORES!!!!!” the old Ixi roared. The crowd cheered and booed. Connie ‘Puppyblew’ just scored the winning goal for the Roo Island team. It was a close game, but Roo Island pulled ahead of Krawk Island once again. The Draik at the prize shop years ago had taken to cheering on Roo Island and said to everybody that he knew the team leader, Connie ‘Puppyblew’. Nobody ever believed him except his old pal Eailong (an Eyrie) that was with him at the prize shop.

     “Congratulations, Puppyblew! You won the match for Roo Island!” shouted Connie. “You too, Shy, Balance, and Love. You did well.” All of Connie’s pets were on the Roo Island team. The only other neopet was a Shoyru named Kiatra. Funnily, she was the pet of Connie’s friend. Puppyblew’s Beekadoodle, Doodles, was replaced by a Darigan Yooyu, who she named Dairy. Dairy played in the Altador Cup too, but never showed up in any of Roo Island’s matches.

     “Yes! We won the Altador Cup for the 5th time in a row! This calls for celebration! Let’s got to get a slushie!” yelled Love.

     “Yeah! Let’s go get slushies!” shouted Amarila, a Cybunny Puppyblew adopted from the pound (lucky, huh).

     “Wait, Puppyblew. I need to ask you something. How did you become a Yooyuball star?” asked Amarila.

     “Oh, that’s easy. It all started at the Prize Shop..."

The End

Thanks to rachelz427 for letting me use her pets Eailong427724 and Kiarita427724 and supporting me.

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