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The Mistaken Identity: Part Four

by lemonlovingcutie


Edward had been traveling for nearly an hour. He was exhausted; Jane was only a baby Lupe, but she sure did weigh a ton. Or maybe Edward was just a tad bit out of shape.

      The weather that was settled over Neopia Central was drab and breezy. Blotches of snow still covered shaded portions of the ground. Edward was relieved when he was in sight of the Pharmacy. The homey building with a green cross sign was a welcoming sight.

      He treaded slowly to the door and let himself in.

      “Welcome to the Pharmacy!” An outfitted Blue Elephante Nurse spoke with a joyous tone. “How may I help you?”

      “How do I treat Sneezles? My, erm, sister seems to be ill.” Edward took Jane off of his back and cradled her in his arms; her brow was covered in sweat and her little eyes were shut tight.

      “Oh, poor dear. Yes sir, I believe all you need is a Magic cookie. We just so happen to have several in stock.” The nurse went behind her counter and pulled out a container filled with freshly baked cookies; she took one and brought it over to Jane.

      Jane opened her eyes and lightly nibbled on the cookie. Within minutes she was bouncing off the walls and acting much like any young child would.

      “That will be 4,000 Neopoints,” the nurse said and extended her hand.

      Ugh, Edward thought, there goes my hope of leaving now.

      Edward took off his hat and looked inside the pocket that was on the inside where he had placed the coins Quinn gave him.

      His paw skimmed the bottom of the pocket, but no coin was to be found.

      “What happened to the coins?” Edward threw the hat on the ground and stomped on it. “Darn Pant Devil probably stole it!”

      “You mean you do not have my 4,000 Neopoints?” the nurse asked with growing anger.

      “I had them moments ago. I do not know what happened?” Edward was already thinking about an escape plan. This was no different than any of his other thefts, save the nurse actually knowing the dilemma he was in.

      “You must get them NOW! I can not turn in with an empty till. I will hold your sister here until you bring me back my pay.”

      “What? You cannot do that!” Edward was flabbergasted. No one had ever said such a horrendous thing to him before.

      “You just watch and see. Hurry along now; I close in a half hour.” The nurse grabbed a broom and chased Edward out of the store. “Do not come back until you have my Neopoints! Your sister will be in good hands.”

      Edward was panting in a heap on the welcome mat to the Pharmacy.

      “Great, just great!” he mumbled, “And how exactly am I supposed to make 4,000 Neopoints in a half hour. There are no more shops for miles to see. I could not possibly steal anything even close to that value in less than two hours.”

      Edward began walking west; he knew he could not go back to the house and make it back in time to “buy” Jane back. Besides, even if he went back, Quinn would probably think he was a thief!

      But wait; was that not exactly what he was?

      Edward was beginning to feel terrible. His whole life had been dedicated to being an outsider; one who got his way without any rules or restrictions. And now what was he doing? He was stuck in a situation that he saw no way out of.

      He had to find a way to earn some fast Neopoints, and he had to find a way quickly.

      “Ouch!” Edward gasped and jumped on his back paws. He stepped on something sharp, and gosh, it sure did hurt.

      He quickly came to his senses after the shooting pain stopped and he looked down to see what he had stepped on. There, lying abandoned, was a pin with a picture of a cup of hot Borovan.

      “You will learn in time, being good is not a crime,” muttered Edward. The words that came from that foolish yellow Eyrie back at the pound stung his tongue. “If that is true, then why am I in this situation?”

      Edward picked up the pin that pierced his paw and he threw it as far forward as his body would allow. “Here is to you, Mr. Strange Eyrie!”

      The pin sailed in the air and made a sweeping arc. It landed somewhere ahead of Edward’s path with a light “plink”.

      Edward’s ear’s perked up at the sound. It sounded like the pin had hit water. But how is that possible?

      Gaining momentum, Edward sailed forward several paces; he found the source of the sound. It was a large, large abandoned wishing well.

      The well was an antique in its own form. The little roof atop the water was tiled with curling segments of wood. The well looked as old as Neopia itself, but yet the water inside was crystal clear.

      Edward poked the surface and the water made opposing waves to match his movements.

      He looked down in the well and lurking just below the surface were many coins, all of which could be reached without much help. Edward submerged his front paw into the water and struggled to grab coins; it was as if there was a magnetic attraction holding them down to the shallow bottom.

      “I would not do that if I were you.”

      Edward crouched down low to the ground and slowed his breathing he could not find the source of the voice.

      “I was talking to you. You do know the wishing well? It has never lost a coin.”

      Edward straightened up and pushed his back against the Wishing Well; his nose pointed up, poised and ready to find his company’s scent.

      “Look behind you,” said the voice with a chuckle.

      Edward turned slowly and studied his companion. Small was the source of the voice. He was short and pint-sized. Edward had been expecting someone more defined.

      It was merely a small Green Mynci. His eyes were large and pleading. Shoulders slumped, he continued, “What makes you think you can steal from the Wishing Well?”

      “Who are you?” Edward inched his face forward to study the small pet. He did not amount to much; in fact he was quite petite and frail.

      “I am the guardian of the Wishing Well. I am the protector of lost riches, hoarder of secrets, and an aide to the granting of wishes. Who might you be?” The Mynci jumped atop the well and hung upside down by his tail. He poked at Edward’s ears and examined his muscular frame.

      The Mynci prodded his forehead with the tips of his fingers. “Wait, wait, do not answer that! I have it! You are a mighty cheese roller? Correct?”

      “No sir, I am...” Edward stopped his answer abruptly. What was he? A thief. He could not tell this person that. “... I am Edwin. I have a family now. I need those coins.”

      “What for?” The Mynci hopped down with flawless precision and landed atop Edward’s back.

      “My, erm, sister is being held captive by a shop owner.” Edward attempted to make his voice sound as pleading as possible.

      “Likely story. What do you really need the coins for?” The Mynci pushed and prodded Edward’s back, feeling for something. “I would like to inform you that you are no family man. No, indeed not; your muscles are very strong. You must be a traveler of some sort. Do you work for the Employment Agency?”

      “No, sir, I really do need the coins for my sister.”

      “Well, then, Edwin, is it? I must say you should look around where you are. You sir, are at the infamous Wishing Well. Wishes all over are granted here; all you need to do is believe.”

      “Well... what is your name?”

      “Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Tolahmain. But you can call me Tola.”

      “Well, Tola, I am in a sort of a predicament.” Edward applied his words with a heavy tolerance. “I have no coins to offer.”

      “Ugh, alright, let me see.” Tola danced around to the back of the Well and was hidden for a moment. He returned carrying a brown satchel. He opened it up and began to fling the contents about; a lemon, a mysterious card, an assortment of books. Finally he withdrew his hands; he was gingerly holding a small velvet bag with a golden drawstring top. Tula opened the bag with great care and handed a small token to Edwin.

      The coin was larger than most; it was a dusty silver. There was a remnant of a picture that was left imprinted on the front, but the image was too smudged to see.

      “Use it wisely.” Tula hopped about and gathered the items that had been strewn about. “Go on now, throw it in.”

      Edwin pondered pocketing the coin and going back to the shop and demanding that they give his not-quite sister back. In reality he knew this would simply not work.

      Being honest was getting to be too much work, though the satisfaction of doing the right thing was climbing slowly.

      The coin did not look too valuable upon closer examination. He placed the coin on his palm and flicked it into the well. The coin flipped in the air and was quickly shrouded by the disembarking ripples of the well water.

      “Did you wish?” asked Tula.

      Edward looked around for a moment before answering. He had always seen life as a hyperbole. Things happened whether he liked them or not; those things just always happened to be large things. He thought about his faux family, and about the kindness they had shown him, even though he was an imposter.

      For a moment his emotions of hatred and loathing turned to those of a more positive feel. He felt gratitude.

      He knew what he had to do. He had to set things right.

      “Yes, yes I did,” answered Edward. “I think I may have already found a solution.”

To be continued...

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