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Yes, I am a Shop-O-Holic

by sarika_ambrielle


The NC Mall opened for business on the 12th day of Swimming, Y9 - 12:00:01 pm NST. The new mall features an ample selection of items for users to customize their pets with. The selection features accessories, clothing and shoes, backgrounds, trinkets, superpacks and specialty. These wonderful new eye-catching items are brightly colored and many include animation. I at once became an eager shopper and want to share just a few of my favorite items with you.

Green NeoBoard Pen, found under Specialty. A moderately priced 300 NC. Normally, you get 120 characters for your signature and font but with the pen you get 150 characters. As well normally you get 400 character to post with on the boards but with the pen you get 500 characters for your posts. Each pen has its own preference page to make it easy to customize the signature, font and its own avatar. You can own as many as you like and it's fun to go confuse people on the boards.

Smiley Snacks, found under Specialty. In the price range of 100 NC to 150 NC. It doesn't matter which one since they are all cool. If you have a pet that is hungry or sad, a Smiley Snack will perk them right up. I haven't actually fed one to a pet simply because I love the way they dance for me on my inventory page. Most dance in sync with each other but naturally there are those that dance to their own tune. From the charming green Twirly Fruit Smiley Snack to the lively pastel Faerie Smiley Snack, you'll find that although they do the same thing, each has its own personality.

Mystery Capsules, found under Specialty. In the price range of 100 NC to 1000 NC. These little capsules of excitement are not only affordable but are packed full of amusing enjoyable entertaining fun. Value wise, you are guaranteed to receive at least what you paid and often you will actually receive more. Several of the Mystery Capsules come with a chance of awarding a unique limited edition bonus item, of course receiving these bonuses are completely random. Some capsules are themed and give only certain items; others will give you anything. You'll have your closet filled in no time if you stock up on a variety of Mystery Capsules.

Superpacks, found under Superpacks of course. In the price range of 650 NC to 800 NC, these Superpacks may seem more expensive, but looks can be deceiving. A Superpack is the fastest and easiest way to get a complete coordinated ensemble. Each Superpack contains from 4 to 6 items depending which one you purchase and each Superpack has an item or two that can only be received with purchase. The ensemble doesn't have to be worn all together or even by one pet, once you have the Superpack items in your closet you are free to mix and match with all your other items to create a look that is unique to you.

Backgrounds, obviously found under Backgrounds. So far a standard price of 200 NC. Backgrounds are the obvious way to change your pet's look in a matter of seconds. Determining which one to choose can be extremely difficult, as there are so many to peruse. Backgrounds have animation that can appear instantly or take a few seconds to take effect. There are some that are very dark and a pet can blend right in and others that simply don't match your pet's personality. Your Background will make or break your pet's look, so choose wisely.

Floating Faerie Dolls found under Trinkets. Most are 150 NC but they do go as high as 300 NC. Most everyone has a favorite Neopian faerie and you can have your favorite fluttering above your pet. They are adorable little animated versions.

Down With NC Mall Flag found under Trinkets. This little beauty will set you back a whopping 5000 NC. This was added as a joke by the zany folks at Neopets but some of us instantly fell in love with it and immediately went to buy it; too bad the Down With NC Mall Flag wasn't really for sale. Some good communication and a little patience made this item come to life. Still the rarest item out there, the Down With NC Mall Flag tells people you have a great sense of humor and support irony to its fullest.

Thought Bubbles can be found under Specialty. These brilliant new editions fall within the price range of 100 NC to 150 NC. You know what's on your pet's mind and now other users can as well. I find it especially amusing to go to users' lookups and see a pet thinking of food, a certain game or just showing their emotions.

Seasonal Items which can be found anywhere. WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! My pets and I all love to celebrate special days like Valentine's Day or the Day of Giving with a shopping spree and a nice fresh look. Seasonal items can be anything from a nice little trinket to a beautifully colored background. There is no reason you can't be festive year round, but if you don't want to, don't worry; you can easily blend other items.

New items which are found no where quite yet. There are always new items coming out which make it easier and easier to customize your pets. You simply never know what item will pop into the mall. The anticipation of new items is exciting, and trying to predict what might appear is a game in itself. When you hope for a certain item and something extremely similar appears, you know that great minds think alike.

This covers just a few of my favorite items. Even if you don't buy anything, you and your pets are welcome to go play dress up and try the items on; you even get a free Goggles avatar for doing it. I look forward to what the NC Mall has to offer in the future.

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