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Umbrellas: The Good and the Bad

by twinkies0711


Okay, maybe you have read my last article about yoyos. However, umbrellas are important too, don't you think? How many times have you seen a pitiful snowbunny trapped under an old edition of the Neopian Times when there is a thunderstorm? Plenty! Also, you want to have an umbrella that is both fashionable and practical! So, I am now going to recommend to you which umbrellas to use when there is rain in Neopia!

The top 5 umbrellas not to be used are:

5) Clown Chia Umbrella

*Laughs out loud while rolling on the floor for a few minutes* This would be the response when you bring this out and use it on a bright sunny day in Roo Island. No questions asked. It just looks too funny! Doctor Sloth may have given this to you free somewhere, but this is a TRAP to ridicule you!!! BEWARE!!!!!!

4) Chocolate Umbrella

Caution: Do not bring this out on a rainy / sunny day! Also, do not allow your pet Grarrl or Skeith to get near it! It might be cool. It might be stylish. But believe me, it WILL melt! Just look at the long trail of melted chocolate it has left behind you! *A huge gang of stray Grarrls following you and licking off the ground* Also, do not buy this if your pets are trying to lose weight!!!

3) Tiny Umbrella

Talk about small head much? Unless you are a baby pet or a petpet, do not bother trying to cover your head from the bright scorching sun or heavy rain with this outrageous umbrella. It is most probably created by Adam anyway. It will probably look funny on you too if you try to cover yourself from rain too, so I would suggest you use something else.

2) Cloud Umbrella

It just... floats! AHHH!!!! Come back heeeeere!!!!! Do not buy this umbrella just to find out it floats! Although it may match your cloud JubJub or be the latest trend now to have a Cloud Umbrella, do not try to act foolish by trying to grab it after it floats away from your paws. This umbrella might be the lightest one out of all the umbrellas in Neopia, but it is not useful for covering heads at all!

1) Water Umbrella

Ahh!! This is the most impractical one around! Who would actually use (or even get to hold) this wet and cold umbrella? Woosh! That will be all you can hear after the pour out the water (umbrella) from the box that your friend has given you, promising you is an umbrella. This is just foolish. Even the tap water from your Neohome is more useful. Moreover, it does not look good on anyone. It would just make your fur wet.

So now you know which umbrellas are not useful at all for covering our heads when we cannot find shelter outside. Now, I shall recommend to you which umbrellas to actually use when outside. (For example, Coltzan's Shrine! AHHH! The SUN!!!!!!!!)

The top 5 recommended umbrellas to use when in a heavy downpour / on the beach in summer are:

5) Neopian Philharmonic Umbrella

Show off to others that you HAVE been to one of the Neopian Philharmonic's concerts by using their black, cool umbrellas! The musical notes and words on it are printed in gold, so do not worry about people not knowing which concert you have been too! Oh, I want one too! *SQUEEEEEAALLLLLLLLL* And gold and black are IN this season, so do not worry about not having it match your fur colour, hat shape, or shoes. It will turn out fine!

4) Pebble Umbrella

It looks like it comes from a painting! The pebbles are glued to one another by hand carefully, and it is handcrafted by the friendly people around Neopia! Although it is very heavy and hard to be carried around, it matches any clothes you wear! This is a great umbrella to use when going to a park, and you do not need to be afraid someone might steal it! How thoughtful of the designers!

3) Fire Umbrella

This umbrella is best suited to block out rain as all rain would be evaporated at the slightest touch. That is how it gets the sizzling sound! It is so cool to carry it around everywhere and it never gets unfashionable! The handle is insulated, so do not worry about getting your hands burnt. Also, don't you think it matches with fire pets? *grins*

2) Umbrella Shield

It is made out of one of the strongest materials around! Use it to block rain, sunlight, the Pant Devil and even Doctor Sloth! One umbrella, multiple uses! This is not only useful in the beach, but also useful in the Battledome when fighting against the Snowager! It blocks absolutely EVERyTHING! Bring this if you think your shell (applies to Maraquan Shoyru / baby Pteri) will be cracked any time by pranksters.

1) Royal Umbrella

Just by the name of it, who wouldn't be impressed? The little crown on top of it makes it look so magnificent too! The purple cloth gives it the royal touch, and it will not have holes on it, unlike most cheap umbrellas. Even if you are not painted royal, just by having this majestic umbrella, you feel the mightiness! It is like telling others, "FEAR ME!!!!" Or maybe, just shaming yourself for showing off at the wrong time. Either way, you still get to show off your umbrella!

Hope you have learnt which to use and hope you do not waste a baby or royal paint brush on your pets and find out they have turned to brown after a long day at the sunny beach! Remember, a good umbrella is half the rain battle won! Each umbrella has its good and bad points, just that there are more of one of it. Do not bring too many umbrellas out to prevent looking like a weirdo!! Trust me, one umbrella is ENOUGH!

Thanks for the positive comments in the neomails regarding my previous article! Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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