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Your Friendly Walkthrough to Hubrid's Hero Heist

by danman111111


Hubrid’s Hero Heist (from now on referred to as HHH) is a fast paced game where you play the role of a young Poogle apprentice of magic. This young apprentice has been given the task of saving the heroes from the evil Hubrid. Through the course of the game you will have to fight your way through thirty-six intense, mind-boggling levels that will test your wits and reflexes. At the end of every six levels (i.e.: 6, 12, 16, etc.) you will save one of the heroes. I will attempt, through this article, to guide you through each and every level so that, with practice, you will be able to beat the game and save every single hero. So, without further ado, let’s get this thing going!

The first thing you need to know whenever you decide to take on a new game is, you guessed it, the controls. For this game the single key controls are as follows: up arrow – climb, left arrow – go left, right arrow – go right, down arrow – climb down, and spacebar – shrinking spell. There are also a couple of actions the apprentice can do that require pushing two buttons to achieve. These are: spacebar + up arrow – teleport up, and spacebar + down arrow – teleport down. The controls for this game are some of the simplest in the Neopian game room, but they can take a little getting used to. Once you have the hang of them, you can learn to really play!

When you start out the game, you will have three lives. Technically, that is enough lives to make it to and beat level thirty-six, but most people, including myself, couldn’t normally do that. No problem! At 10K points (usually around level six or seven), you will receive another life. Then, at 100K points you will receive another life. So, you could finish the game with as many as five lives. Remember, though, your game is not ruined if you finish with just a single life. Though there is a reward for having a lot of lives left near the end, which I will cover later, in the grand scheme of things it won’t really matter to your score.

There are two ways to gain points in HHH. The first and most necessary way is to zap and squash the evil Neopets wandering the levels you go to; without doing this, you can’t beat the level anyway, so you can’t really forget to do this. The second way is to collect the items that appear on the level after you squash each Neopet. Below is a list of the items you can pick up and their values. This is important because if you have two items on the level at the same time you have to decide which one would be more advantageous to collect, since each item will only stay on the level for a limited amount of time.

Items & Values

















The evil Neopets that you will encounter will attack in a number of different ways. Some will simply walk around and some will charge at you and still others will shoot some form of a projectile at you. It is important to pay attention to the pattern at which the Neopets will attack so that you can know when it is safe to cross their path and when it’s not. Below is a list of the Neopets (and one faerie) that can be found in HHH and what you should watch out for with them.

All they do is walk. Just make sure they don't fall on you...

All they do is hop. Just shoot the dern things for goodness sake!
These guys' attacks are easy to avoid if you know how. All you have to do is stand on a different level than them and wait for them to throw their bones. Once they have done, so teleport/climb down and shoot them.
These are the same as the Lupes with one exception; they can't climb or fall, so the level/platform they start on is where they'll stay.
This one is the most difficult to deal with. She cannot be beaten, only avoided. She will shoot once every 8 seconds or so while appearing and disappearing in different places. The faerie can be found on levels 6, 21, 26, and 35.
These guys are not that big of a threat. They will rush you but that just lets you shoot them quicker. Just hold down the shoot button while they're charging and they'll kill themselves!

Alright, now comes the fun part, actually playing the game! In the following section, you will learn how to make your way through every level of the game successfully. Please note that levels don’t always load exactly the same way. Sometimes Neopets will be facing a different way than this walkthrough says, causing them to go a different direction, so be ready to change plans a little if needed. Also, be aware that there are multiple ways to beat all of these levels; no one is right or wrong, but if I were to put all the ways to beat a level, then it would take up more time than either you or I can spend on this. I suggest you read through the entire walkthrough before you start playing, since there are only breaks at the end of every six levels. You could also look at a set of six levels, do those levels, then look at the next six, then repeat, but really, it’s up to you. Good luck!

Level 1: This level is meant to get you acclimated to the game so there really isn’t any challenge to it. Simply zap and squash the two Kacheeks and collect the items.

Level 2: In this level you are introduced to the Lupes, which are, in my opinion, second only in difficulty to the Dark Faerie. They shoot bones at you that will kill you if you are hit by them. Go and squash these guys and move on to the next level.

Level 3: This level contains the two easiest Neopets to handle, the JubJub and Kacheek. All you have to do is go to them, zap them, and squash them. Simple as that.

Level 4: This level is somewhat difficult but not really all that bad. The Shoyrus up at the top will stay on that top level (they can’t climb up or down ladders). I know the Kacheeks are closer but leave them for the moment. Go up to the platform before the Shoyrus, allowing the Kacheeks to get out of the way, then, once the Shoyrus are both facing away from you, teleport up and zap and squash them both very quickly. From there, go deal with the Kacheeks and don’t forget to pick up the items. NOTE: Depending on how the Shoyrus are situated, you can deal with step one another way. You can still ignore the Kacheeks but go up one of the side ladders once both Shoyrus are facing away and attack them that way.

Level 5: This one is very simple. Just go up the ladders, zap both of the Kacheeks on the second to top level, collect the items, zap the Lupe that will be coming down the short ladder near the top then zap the last Kacheek. Don’t forget to pick up your items on the way!

Level 6: This level is your first encounter with the Dark Faerie. She is every foul word you can think of rolled into one. She cannot be zapped or squashed, she doesn’t go away, she can teleport anywhere, and she can stay past when the last of the Neopets is zapped and squashed (though she will leave when you move up to the next level). So, obviously you need to try and avoid her if you can. Other than that, base which Neopet you attack at what point on where the Dark Faerie is at that time. Don’t be too bothered if you lose a life or even two on this level. It is difficult and even I lose lives on it often.

Congratulations! You saved Magnus the Torch from Hubrid!

Level 7: To get off of the island you start on, simply walk to the left or the right to fall to the top of the screen. Don’t worry about the Neopets on the top of the screen since you start off a level being invincible. As soon as you are on the top of the screen zap and squash all the Neopets up there. Collect the items before doing anything more. Next you will have to get close enough to the Chias and the Kacheek to zap and squash them without getting killed. The Chias are not as difficult as you would think. Yes, they charge at you, but all you have to do is hold down the space bar and they will get shrunken while charging and then all you have to do is squash them.

Level 8: Immediately climb up to not the first platform but the second one. From there, go right (or left, it doesn’t matter really) and zap and squash the Lupe while making sure not to fall down to the ground floor. Then turn around and zap the two Chias. Finally, judge when the Lupe that is walking the ground level is not about to shoot and zap and squash him as well.

Level 9: Go up quickly or you will get caught in the center with the JubJub climbing down and no way to get out. Once you’re up, zap the JubJub before it goes down the ladder or else it won’t come back up and the only way to kill it will be to die yourself and use your invincibility to zap and squash him at the start. Once you’ve got the JubJub, go for the Kacheeks, all the while picking up any items that appear. You must be careful with the Kacheeks too because they too will try to go down the center ladder if not watched closely.

Level 10: Just teleport into each box when the Kacheek is headed the direction opposite to the side you are on and zap and squash them. Make sure you pick up the items that appear.

Level 11: This is a good place to get a good number of items at very little risk. Either teleport up or drop to the top and zap them all. Try not to be on any ladder that a Kacheek is on because that is very dangerous.

Level 12: Go to the right (not the left), teleport up on the side the Shoyru is not on, and zap and squash. Then go to the left and get the one on that side. Alternating between one side and another makes sure that you have a better chance of getting any items that appear, since you won’t have to go through quite so many Neopets on either side. Keep going up, making sure to zap all the Shoyrus and collect all items.

Congratulations! You saved Jeran from Hubrid!

Level 13: This one is very simple. All you have to do is go up and zap the Neopets without getting hit by projectiles the Shoyrus and the Lupes will throw/shoot.

Level 14: Just go up, zap, and move on to the next level.

Level 15: This one, without practice, will lead to high rates of running out of time. First thing to do is to go up the ladder and head off to either the left or the right. From there, wait for the Kacheek to be headed off towards the outside of the game. When they are headed that way and you are clear, teleport down. Continue doing this all the way down one side, then move to the other side.

Level 16: This one is actually easier than it looks. Move a LITTLE towards the side that a Kacheek is going to come down from first. It they are coming at the same time, don’t worry about this part. Zap the one you are waiting on, then quickly move to where the Kacheek fell and face towards the ladder. From there, zap until all are shrunk. Try to leave a single Neopet down on the bottom level and go up and collect your items then come back down and get the last one.

Level 17: As fast as possible, head straight towards the top. Once you get there, don’t worry about the Shoyru’s attacks since you should still be invincible. Simply zap both Shoyrus and collect their items. Next go track down the two Kacheeks and zap them and collect their items.

Level 18: Teleport up. From here, move as close as you safely can to the right of the bottom of the ladder that the Lupes will start to come down from. As they come down, start zapping and squashing them. At some point, make sure to go collect the items before you squash the last Lupe, since that will cause the apprentice to freeze as the treasure chest comes down.

Congratulations! You saved Master Vex from Hubrid!

Level 19: It doesn’t really matter how you go about this level. Just zap all of them, preferably the Lupes first.

Level 20: Immediately go to the left and fall up to the top. From there, if the Lupe is still up there, zap and squash him before he goes down the ladder. If not, no fear. Once you're at the top of the screen, go halfway down one of the two ladders that would put you on the single block that stands above the plane of the platform. Wait until the Lupe in the “cage” has just shot his bone and both the Kacheek and the Lupe are far enough away from the block for you to safely drop from the ladder and go in the “cage” and zap and squash both of them. Then repeat the process with the other side.

Level 21: This level is incredibly hard for a beginner player. I still end up losing at least one life each time I play the game on this level. (NOTE: This is your first level with the Dark Faerie. Make sure to keep away from her. She is all trouble!) Teleport up on the single block on either side (usually go to the left, but it really doesn’t matter). When dealing with the Shoyrus on this level, make sure to watch out for all three of them shooting at you! Teleport up again, then go onto the main platform. Next, wait for an opportune moment and teleport (don’t use the ladders, they’re too slow) up to the first platform and zap and squash a Shoyru. Go back down and wait again to go up and get the next one. Repeat one more time and you’re done! Great job making it past this level; it’s the second hardest in the game (in my humble opinion)! (In case you’re wondering, I consider level twenty-six the hardest in the game.)

Level 22: Don’t worry about anything until you have gotten the Shoyru in the top right corner. Once you have him, you’re free to get at any items that may appear on the top level. From there, just go and get the other Neopets and their items.

Level 23: This level is a freebie. Get the Neopets and their items.

Level 24: This level is somewhat difficult but not too bad once you get used to it. Go up the ladder, then teleport up. From there, if the Lupe is still up there, get him quickly before he goes down, but don’t worry about him if he’s already down. From here, simply make your way carefully down on both sides of the level to get the Neopets and their items (...and don’t get hit).

Congratulations! You saved Illusen from Hubrid!

Level 25: This is another freebie. Teleport up, get the JubJubs, teleport up and get the JubJub and the Kacheek that should be coming down the ladder at this time. Then go back down and get the Kacheek that went down the ladder and that should now be on the bottom level.

Level 26: You WILL learn to hate this level. It is pure evil and in my opinion should have been the final level. It is what I consider the most difficult level in the game. Remember in this level to look out for the Dark Faerie. First thing to do is go up and zap and squash the Lupe if he’s still up on the top level. If he’s already gone, don’t worry about it. Go to the left and go down the ladder. From there, teleport up onto the platform when the JubJub is headed to the other side of it. Then quickly zap and squash the JubJub. Next go back up the ladder you came down and head to the right. If you didn’t manage to get the Lupe the first time, then you are going to deal with him now. Go down the ladder on the right and then wait, out of the way of the way of the Lupe’s shots, and wait for him to shoot. Once he has just shot and is out of your area, go the rest of the way down the ladder and get him. Next teleport up onto the platform like you did on the other side and get the JubJub. Phew! We’re almost done, just one more Neopet to go! Go up the ladder and to the middle of the top of the screen. From there, go down the middle ladder and get onto the ledge right over the Lupe. Get as close to the edge as you possibly can. There, wait for the Lupe until he has just shot and has just started walking away from the side of his ledge closest to you. Jump down with your wand active (holding the spacebar) and hopefully get ‘im! Please note that this last step is extremely hard and takes tons of practice. I thought this level was unbeatable for the longest and then one day I just got it. Once you’ve beaten this level, I promise, the rest is a piece of cake!

Level 27: This level isn’t even a challenge. Just get all the Neopets and their items.

Level 28: This level is almost no challenge except for one thing. On the top level, where the ladders end, there is no platform, so if you go up there it will be a challenge to go from one end of the platform to the other. Other than that, just go and get the Neopets and their items.

Level 29: With this level, I usually go with the option to fall up to the top and get one of the JubJubs, but you can also teleport up. Anyway, once you’ve fallen up, get the JubJub nearest you and go for the one below. Next wait for the Lupe to have just shot and not be dangerously close and fall/teleport down and zap and squash him. Finally, teleport up and then up again, zapping and squashing the two JubJubs you run into on the way.

Level 30: This level can be beaten a number of ways, but to make it easy on yourself, the first thing you should do is teleport up and run off to the left zapping the Lupe that is coming down the ladder. Squash the Lupe, then wait for the other two Lupes to come to the bottom. Once you have those two as well, teleport up and zap and squash the two Shoyrus, making sure to not get hit by their attacks.

Congratulations! You saved Jerdana from Hubrid!

Level 31: The color of this level may be painfully bright and girly, but the level itself is not too difficult so you can’t hate it all that much. ;) Go up as fast as you can and zap and squash all three Shoyrus as fast as possible to avoid their attacks. Once that’s done, go down on both sides and get the other Neopets.

Level 32: This level is difficult to get around in, but is not too hard once you get the hang of it. First thing you should do is go up one of the ladders that are on either side (go up whichever one is farthest away from any of the Kacheeks). Once up, zap and squash whichever Kacheeks are still up there. Once you’ve done that teleport down, when it’s safe, to the second to highest platform with the Lupe on it and zap and squash him. Then go down to the bottom level and get the last Lupe.

Level 33: With this level you have to be fast. Go up the middle ladder, teleport up the gap, then wait for the Kacheeks to come down. As they come down the ladder zap and squash them, making sure not to allow them to make it down into the compartment below. Once you have all the Kacheeks off of the top level squashed go to either side and zap and squash all the Neopets that are there.

Level 34: Please, you don’t really need a guide for this. Just get it done.


Level 35: With this level, speed is everything. Teleport up immediately and zap everything in site. Squash them, then wait for the next round of Neopets to show. Eventually you will have zapped and squashed all the Neopets on the level simply by staying in that second story of the level, except for the Shoyrus, which you can get once you’re done with all the other Neopets.

Level 36: For the last level, this is a piece of cake! Make sure to watch out for the Dark Faerie on this level. Immediately teleport up and get the two Shoyrus before you become mortal again. Once you’re done with that, go up on both sides and get the JubJubs. You’re done with the game! CONGRATS!!!

Congratulations! You saved Fyora the Faerie Queen from Hubrid and you beat the game!

***To maximize your score in HHH, there are a few things you can do. The first and most obvious way is to complete the entire game while collecting all or as many of the items as you can. There is something else you can do too, though that will help out even more, especially when you are shooting for that illusive gold HHH trophy! This trick is why you should try to have as many lives as possible near the end of the game. On a level close to the end of the game with a lot of evil Neopets on it (level thirty-five is your best bet), squash all but one of the Neopets then let the time run out. Repeat the process squashing all but one of the Neopets and then letting the time run out until you are down to one life. At this point you need to squash all of the Neopets and move on. On the last level simply beat the level. This strategy gives you the chance to pick up more squash points as well as item points while still completing the game successfully.

This guide was condensed for use in the Neopian Times from the original petpage version. Click the banner to the left to view the original version, complete with screen shots of every level!

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