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Know-how Language of Today

by retreat_at_random


Welcome to an updated guide of Neopia's lingo.

The Neopian world has developed in many ways since the beginning of time, and I am here to aid all of you in your quest to be ‘hip’ and up with the know-how.

Yes, by the end of this article you will be fully capable of cruising the Neoboards with a content, smug expression on your face. No more dazed looks, head scratching, or question asking for you my friend- oh no. One fully fledged Neopian coming right up.

Now, let us start with the basics. What is this word ‘Neopian’ which has already been mentioned numerous times in this well written article?

Well, this is a word which stands for anything belonging to the world of Neopia. That is the world that we live in, but of course you will already know that. A piece of Neopian furniture comes from Neopia. A Neopian book was written in Neopia. A piece of Neopian fruit was grown in the orchards of Neopia. A Neopian is a person who currently resides in this world. That is you and I. We are Neopian, and proud of it!

But all Neopians must have a basic knowledge when it comes to slang. Now I am not talking about shortening words to a point where they cannot be understood. LoL!!1 thts jst pln stoopd.1!!!1!

I’m talking about the everyday words which are used so much that some smart people decided it would be easier to just shorten them. Make them not so long and difficult to spell- so everyone wins! Sure, it can take a while to get used to them all. But in the long run it is well worth it.

Now I am sure many a time you have been bemused when a neofriend tells you that they are ‘on the AC.’ The AC? What in Neopia could that possibly mean? Perhaps they are on the All Clear, and have decided to follow all of our rules and regulations for once. Perhaps their Account is Cleared and they are free to chat on whichever board they wish. Or perhaps they just meant to say ‘ACK’ and are getting annoyed at all of your foolish questions. With the exception of a spelling error, it is most likely they are using the shortened form of ‘Avatar Chat’, which practically everyone uses these days.

The avatar chat is a board where you can chat on Neopets about avatar-related things. That’s where you can find your friend; get to it by clicking on avatar chat on the neoboard index!

At this very moment, you are reading an amazing article. But just how did you get to read this article? You clicked on a fancy link on Neopets homepage, or maybe someone linked you here, with a comment such as “Wow, read this amazing article- it really opened my eyes to how we in Neopia speak. Here’s the link to the NT.”

Now it was all fine and dandy until that last sentence came along. A link to the what? I want to see this so called super article, not be joked around by my friends talking nonsense. o_o

But what NT really stands for is the Neopian Times. Yep, this collection of amazing stories, articles, comics and Weewoos. So now when they tell you to hurry and take a look at the NT, you will know exactly where to go.

Perhaps the most important abbreviation of them all, is TNT.

Explosive, yes.

Dangerous, yes.

Dynamite? Not quite.

TNT stands for The Neopets Team, the group of people who keep this site up and running- bless them. In a way it is ironic that their abbreviated name describes them so well. Er, I mean... it is humorous because in reality they are so nice. And caring. And... erm. Well yes, if you ever get a neomail from someone with an explosive avatar, fiery temper, and disapproving tone you will know what has hit you. That is all I have to say.

You are strolling along the street, minding your own business and munching on some fresh asparagus when a leaflet lands SLAP right in your face. Of course it goes without saying that you angrily pull it off and take a peek. Once the shock has worn off and your eyes have once again adjusted, you groan in anguish as again you are left in the dark with the strange words that spread across this mysterious paper.

Everyone knows by now that the dark is not a happy place to be, particularly in Neopia where strange monsters lurk just waiting for out of date owners to walk by with their vacant expressions and juicy... er yes. The bit of paper reads, “Spare a vote for the BC? We would really appreciate it.”

Now being the generous person you are, you desperately want to help this fellow Neopian out. But how exactly are you going to do that? Aha, it must be the Bearded Club. You help them by growing a beard in support of their campaign.

Wrong. The only thanks you would get for growing a beard is a clip over the head. Beards are terribly unfashionable, and what you are really looking for is the Beauty Contest. Vote for the prettiest pets in Neopia and they get gorgeous shiny trophies for their lookup- it’s a whole lot of fun. Enter your own pet or just take a look at all of the amazing ones present, but whatever you do, remain clean-shaven at all times.

This one is extremely confusing, until you know it, that is.

You are having an engaging conversation with a friend on the neoboards, and it is going rather nicely when he/she brings out an abbreviated word. “I’m off for a few minutes, NM me!”

“Nevermind me? Of course I mind, I thought you were my friend! Geesh, and I thought you cared. That’s the last time I speak to them!” Many a neofriend has been lost this way, and I am here to put an end to it. NM does not stand for never mind; it stands for neomail, a Neopian way of communication. Find the link on your navigation bar, type in a username and you can send neomails back and forth all day, every day. So your friend was really trying to tell you how much he/she cares, and that he/she wants to get to know you even more. Isn’t that just sweet? =D

You’re heading off to another board, and after bidding adieu to the other Neopians, you notice one of them replying to you. How awfully rude, she just told you GL! You have obviously not read this handy article, so you jump to conclusions and think she has said, “Good. Leave.” Gasp, how could she?

A vigorous argument ensues, only for you to eventually find out that what it actually stands for is good luck. She wishes you luck on your journeys and everyone leaves a happier person- ignoring the fact that you are slightly embarrassed at your lack of lingo knowledge.

Wishing someone good luck is a sign of respect, and it is now that I wish you GL in your future ventures. This is all we have time for; however, there are many other words you will have to gradually learn during your life in Neopia.

For now though I will set you on your way- enjoy your newly liberated life, and get abbreviating!

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