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Galleries Made Easy

by sweetie_pie_8087


So you want to see your name up in lights on the New Features? You want that lovely sentence announcing the winner of the week’s Gallery Spotlight to have your username stuck right in there? Lots of people dream... but only a precious few have the guts to attempt it, even less to submit their gallery, and only 52 people a year can win.

I don’t know, but thousands of people must start building up a gallery, and hundreds must be filling out that little form, hoping TNT will choose it. But only one person can win. Can you be that one? OF COURSE!

All you’re going to need is:

  • Lots of money for purchasing items and upgrading size
  • A creative mind
  • And a wonderful guide to show you the way (presented by yours truly...)

I, sadly, don’t have a neopoints-earning guide here, but I can tell you a few things you can do are:

  • Play games (flash games as well as things like Plushie Tycoon)
  • Invest in the Stock Market (I suggest you get some idea of the different companies first – there are lots of nifty guides out there)
  • And, the thing I usually do, restock.

Anyways, once you’ve got enough money in your bank, I suggest you upgrade your Gallery to hold between 50 and 100 items. This should be enough for now, but as it grows, you may have to upgrade higher and higher and higher. I’ve even seen people with size 143 galleries, which means they can hold 715 items! Talk about big...

Next you need a theme. Your theme can be anything from Halloween Stuff to Neohome and Neogarden to Faeries! It’s all up to you. People make Galleries full of Paint Brushes, Morphing Potions, and Transmogrification potions, but unless you’ve got about 20 million neopoints to spend, I think you should stick to something smaller. Lots of people do Petpets, Plushies, Fyora, Neohome, and Neogarden (actually mine is Neogarden because I’m obsessed with that kind of thing!). This doesn’t mean you can’t choose one of these, but it would be good to choose something different and unique, to make yourself stand out. Choosing a theme is really hard, and this might take you some time.

After you’ve got your money and theme, it’s time to buy items! This was what you were all waiting for... I know we love spending money! But, hold on a few minutes! You can’t just go out and buy random things that fit your theme. You’ve got to PLAN. That’s right, PLAN everything out. First you’ve got to decide how much money you’re willing to spend out of all the money you’ve saved. Remember, you have to keep neopoints for your pets and impulse buys.

This might be a good example: You have 500 000 neopoints. Out of this, decide on something between 350 000 and 400 000 neopoints to spend. This will leave you with money ranging anywhere from 150 000 and 100 000 (This is your “emergency money” and you’ll notice this term being used often from now on). That sounds like a lot, but don’t worry – you’ll be able to spend more later!

Now make a list of the items you want. A good idea is to type one word related to your theme (Ex. Bed for Neohome, Flower for Neogarden, Fyora for Fyora, Coral for Maraquan... etc. etc) in the search engine at the bottom of your page. Start searching for a few items, and jot down their names and their prices.

This is how you should set up your list (only replace item name with the name and price with the price, but that’s pretty obvious!)

Item name – item price

Item name – item price

Item name – item price

And then add as many items as you want. If you’d like, you can use symbols to help you. Maybe to mark prices or how much you want the item. A star might mean that the item is super expensive or you want it like crazy, and a circle might mean that it’s pretty cheap, or you’re not that much of a fan about it, but you still want and need it. And remember, the price doesn’t matter. It could be worth 1000 neopoints or 1 million neopoints and any other number of neopoints! It only matters that you like the item, it fits your theme, and you want it.

So grab a calculator and start calculating how many things you can buy with your money. If you’re super rich, you may even have some items on the TP (Or should I say UBS) on your list. If your list is worth more than your cash, decide which items you want first.

Then ---- get out and buy the items or offer on your lots. This is the fun part.

Once you’ve got your items, either make a new list or add more things to your previous list. Be sure to check off what you already have.

This is where you start counting each neopoint very carefully. You need to continue earning as many neopoints as you can. You can do one of two things:

  • Each time you get enough money (besides the money you keep aside for emergencies) buy the next item on your list. This is what I do, and it’s worked quite effectively.
  • You can save up loads more money and then spend it all (once again, excluding emergency money) on as many things as you can buy.

Now keep on repeating this process over and over again till you run out of space! Here’s another little problem. You have to upgrade your size till you reach size 25 (125 items) or size 40 (200 items).

Earlier I told you that every neopoint counts. So if you’re at level 20 (100 items) then to upgrade to 21 it’s 4000 NP; to 22 is another 4200; to 23, another 4400; to 24, 4600; and finally to 25, it’s 4800. So, if you add it all up it becomes: 22 000 JUST FOR UPGRADING!!! That means you’re counting that much money out of your budget (or more). This is why we have emergency money. Now you should realize why you should keep lots of emergency money, and replenish your stock when you spend some....

Anyways, that’s it for my guide. Hopefully I’ve helped and you’re set on your way to making a wonderful gallery. Or maybe you read this for fun, but either way, your five minutes spent reading was worth it... right?

Oh yeah, while you’re still here, I want to tell you that the most important thing about making a gallery isn’t winning – it’s having fun!

I hope you enjoyed my guide, and please check out my gallery!

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