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Hearts of Destiny: The Beginning - Part Four

by nighthawk_moonshadow


Chapter Four: Revelations

The second after CJ flew out of the hole, Cala, Keiko, Moon, and Acaneno holding onto her, a blast of dark magic threw them to the side and out of the liquid's path. The liquid shot upwards, then fell back into the hole and slowly rolled back down. The group sat up to see a weary dark faerie, her wings torn, teetering slowly towards them. Though she was still able to walk, her coordination was off, because she lost her balance and began to fall into the hole. She fell through and her hands shot up, grabbing the edge. She scratched at the top as her hands slid, then felt it was useless to try any longer, and let go.

     CJ's hand shot downwards, catching the faerie's hand. She had crawled over to the hole as the faerie had fallen. The girl pulled the now unconscious faerie out of the hole and laid her down on the cloud. "Who is she?" asked Moon as the pets gathered around her.

     "I don't know," CJ said, "but lets get her back home and let her rest. We can use our wings now; we don't need to save our energy." Moon let Keiko hop onto his back, and CJ carried the faerie, now using her metal wings, and the group took off back to their home.


     "Wake up…"

     The dark faerie groaned and rolled over, she felt a soft thing under her that she was laying on. Rolling onto her back, she opened her eyes slowly.

     She was in a dimly lit room in a Neohome somewhere. Sitting up instantly, she pulled her hand up to have it caught by a teenage girl. "It's OK," said CJ, pushing the hand back down. "We're not gonna hurt you. You needed some rest, so we brought you back home."

     The faerie now noticed the bowl of soup next to her bed, and drank it down greedily. "Who are you?" she asked, "And how long have I been out?"

     "It's been about four days," said CJ. "And I'm Celina Jane, you can call me CJ. You blasted us away from that nasty liquid before it caught us. You seemed pretty hurt, what happened to you? Will your wings be OK?"

     The faerie spread them, then winced as she felt a bone that was broken. "They will heal," she said, seeing already that some of the skin had grown back. Suddenly, a thought entered her head. "Are you the one that the Dark Wizard tried to kill?"

     "Me and my four pets," she said, handing the faerie a glass of water. "Now, my turn for questions. Who are you and what were you doing there?"

     "Please, gather your pets in here and I will explain." CJ nodded and left. She returned with her pets in a few minutes, and they gathered around the bed.

     "I am an old faerie," she began. "My name is L'Klithos, and I possess one of the twelve keys of the faerie's magic. If all of these keys are used in the proper place, they will open a door to the power of the faerie's magic, and reveal powerful weapons to them that they can use to face an enemy.

     Thousand of years ago, when I was not so old, an ancient power came to Neopia. No, not the one your friend has told you about. It was a different power, and it came after the other demon. This demon began killing faeries and stealing their magic so that it could conquer this planet. So the faeries devised a plan. They all gave up a good portion of their magic, and it was used to forge five powerful weapons. They were an elemental longsword, dagger, bow, staff, and wand. These weapons held all of the faerie's most powerful magic, and by locking it away, the demon could not take it from them. However, the demon decided to inhabit the bodies of mortals so he could steal the keys and take the magical items. He has done this for thousands of years, inhabiting someone new each time their old host dies.

     The faeries were afraid to keep these items in an unguarded area, so they sealed the weapons in a chamber and gave twelve keys to faeries, two for each element. These faeries were hidden away and protected. A seer of the faeries predicted that one day, a family would come together, take the weapons, and defeat the demon that was threatening their home. The demon would know of them, and if they were the ones to accept the challenge, they would survive his first test. You survived it, and now you must rescue the other faeries and get their keys."

     The room was quiet for a few minutes. Then Acaneno spoke up. "Where are the other faeries?" he asked calmly.

     "The other faeries have been captured by the Dark Wizard," said L'Klithos. "Those chambers that you saw are where he keeps them. If he gathers them all, he can kill them and take their keys. I was the last he tried to take. I escaped, but I came out of it in this state. The others were not so lucky, they were captured. Those collars that you saw them wearing make them unable to use their magic and they become unwilling servants of the demon. If you are to save them, you must break the collars and free them from his rule."

     She drew a necklace from around her neck. The clasps in the back were snap together ones, making it easy to pull the necklace on and off without breaking the string. On the end was an icicle shaped jewel, about four inches long. It was pure white, but on the inside swirled with colors. "The faeries sent me with this to try and save them," she said. "It can break their collars, but I am not the one who can use this. You must use it, and shatter the collar with it, freeing them." She held out the necklace in front of CJ, who slowly took it. "Will you all accept this?" she said, looking at the group.

     Keiko had stayed silent up until this. "I have seen the pain the wizard inflict on his prisoners," she said quietly. "I cannot let him harm another person. I will do it if no one else will."

     "He tried to hurt my sister," said Moonlighthawk. "I will do it to."

     "I won't let you two do it if I can't help!" said Cala.

     "I'm in too!" said Acaneno. They all looked to CJ. She stared at the necklace in her palm.

     "What kind of owner would I be if I let you all go without me?" she said. They smiled at her. "But I can't still work and do this! We won't be able to afford living here…"

     "Oh I can take care of that!" said L'Klinthos. "We faeries can give out as much money as we please! Plus I can stay here and look after things while you're away." L'Klinthos waved her hand and a bag of Neopoints appeared on the side table. "Is fifty thousand enough for now?"

     CJ goggled at the money. "That's more than I've ever had in my life!" she said. "Of course it's enough! Thank you so much!" She bent down and hugged the faerie, then grabbed the bag of money and rushed out.

     "Bill paying time," said Cala, chuckling. "She means well and is very grateful." The faerie smiled and nodded. "Now get some rest," said the Shoyru. The others nodded in agreement. They crowded out of the room.


     "Drat it! They didn't die?"

     "No sir, they escaped."

     "And that blasted faerie is with them, isn't she?"

     "I'm afraid so sir."

     "If you don't want to have the condition that I gave that faerie, you'll find them and kill them all! If you try to escape, and I'll be watching, I'll make sure you don't live to tell any tales. Understand?"

     "Yes master."



     L'Klinthos sighed and laid back in bed. She smiled. "Finally my burden will soon be over," she said. "Maybe I can start leading a normal faerie life. For now, I guess, I'll be living here."

     She turned and looked out the window. She could see outside to the front porch; CJ was sitting there, looking at the bag of money. She took out a coin, then flipped it into the air. "New days are coming," said the girl to herself. She caught the coin, got up, and walked out into the morning sunshine.


      Thanks for reading this everyone! I wanna thank my guild for all their help in supporting me. I especially want to thank my crazy friends who got me through all the tough times when improving my writing career. You guys are the best!

If you saw my last series in the times, you might recognize Nighthawk and her pets from it. Night is my main person and basically me in RP form, so expect to see a bit more of her. Unfortunately, I won't be writing any more about her except bits in this story, but I am planning on writing another, separate series.

This isn't the end of the series, as you can tell. This is gonna be pretty long, so stay tuned! Go to the account jayandbrie02 or this account, nighthawk_moonshadow, to learn about updates in the writing process of the next part of the series!

See you next time.

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