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Attack of the Gummy Dice – The Official, Unofficial Guide

by danman111111


Yes, it's true; there is yet ANOTHER dice game in Neopia! Don't worry; you don't have to roll the die in this game, all you have to do is... SQUISH THEM TO A PULP! Sorry, I got a little overzealous there, but that is what you have to do to them, squish them. Being the newest game to hit Roo Island it is bound to be a hit, so why not join the fun? Don't worry, this article will tell you how to become an expert in no time at all!


The controls in this game are semi-complex but not too hard to get the hang of with a little practice. To move the current complex of Gummy Dice across the top of the screen, use the arrow keys; they are exactly what you would think they would be! Hit the "s" key to spin clockwise and the "a" key to spin counter-clockwise. And finally, hit the spacebar to drop the Gummy Dice into place. As a side note: there will be a white shadow below where the cubes are going fall so make sure to check to make sure it's going to fall where you want it to.


As you know, the goal of the game is to rid Roo Island of the infestation of Gummy Dice. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is easy, but one thing you have to watch out for is the Gummy Dice on the screen getting stacked too high. Once a stack on the screen reaches nine Gummy Dice or more, it is Game Over!

There are only five important types you need to know. They are:

This is the worst die in the game, which is a shame, since it becomes very common in the later levels of the game. This die will not squish and the only way to remove one from the board is to use either a morph die or a bomb die on it. These start to appear in level three.

The bomb Gummy Die along with the morph Gummy Die will be your best friend, especially in the later levels of the game. This die will destroy all of the Gummy Dice below where it lands, including the stone dice! These start to appear in level three.

This die will change all dice below where it lands into Gummy Dice of the same type as the top of the cube shows. Note: The top of the cube will not always be a strawberry top but will vary between all of the possible color types available at the level you are at in the game. These start to appear in level four.

This Gummy Die is very useful if you know how to use it. When one of these Gummy Dice shows up, it will switch between all of the current regular cubes that are possible on the level it shows up on. As soon as you press the spacebar to drop it, it will stay the color it was when you hit the spacebar. These start to appear in level three.

The fifth and final type of Gummy Die is the regular, able-to-be-squished die that will allow you to score that great high score you're going to get once you finish reading this guide.


As you start the game you will notice that none of the above-mentioned cubes apart from the regular old Gummy Dice will appear. This gives you a chance to rack up some nice points. You may ask, "How does the first level being easy mean I get to score points?" Well, my curious friend, whenever you clear the board of all Gummy Dice you will get an extra 50 points! The first level is the only level where it is practical to get this, because in the later levels too many things are working against you to stop you from clearing the board. I recommend restarting your game over and over again until you pull off clearing the starting level's board, but it is not absolutely necessary. Also, even if you don't clear a later board, try to get as many Gummy Dice off the board as possible, because each die you have left at the end of the level counts for one negative point.

Now, with later levels, I mentioned earlier that they would get harder. The way that they get harder is four fold. The first way is that you have to clear more Gummy Dice the higher the level you are in; this is actually a good thing, because it means more points, but it will become difficult to squish enough dice without your dice getting stacked too high in the later levels of the game. The second way the game will get harder is that there will be more and more different types of Gummy Dice, making it harder to make a set of five to squish. Third is the stone dice; they will make the game much harder once they start appearing and you will learn to hate them like a bad case of Neomonia! And finally, fourth is that Gummy Dice will start to randomly appear after you drop each set of Gummy Dice. Not fun!

Now, the trick to this game is simple. Think before you drop the dice! There is no time limit, no time bonus, no reason to rush! This is not one of those tricky games where it's impossible to get a high score for some of us... more simple Neopians. This is a game anyone can do well at with a little practice. Just remember to keep the stacks at eight blocks or less and you can't lose!


Turn the volume off. The problem here is that the music is too good. What I mean by that is this: The music stops a few seconds after you drop your di(c)e so this could make you rush, which is a bad thing.

  • Practice!
  • Practice!

Alright, that's all I have to tell you, so go and get you a trophy or something.

Yes! This is the end, there is nothing more!

No, I won't sign your cap, go away!

Get out, scat!

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