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Pets Turning Lazy After Halloween

by fabulouskrissy20


NEOPIA CENTRAL - Halloween has come and gone, and all your pet has been doing is sitting in their Neohome, eating all their Halloween treats.

Your pet used to always be active - running, jumping, walking, and having a good time outdoors with friends. Now, it seems that all they do is sit and eat candies and other goodies from trick-or-treating. Not to mention the shape their teeth will be in!

It blows your mind away at how active they were BEFORE Halloween, but now you have come to the realization - that they were only exercising so they could get even MORE candy!

I'm hoping that the following guide will help to get your pet back out doors, exercising and having fun again, while still enjoying their treats.

1. Take your pet for a walk. Depending on where you live, there's a variety of places to go. For example, if you live in Neopia Central, you could go to the Rainbow Fountain and watch all the pets and petpets get painted new pretty colors. Or perhaps you could take a walk across the way to the Money Tree, that's always a good place to get exercise, as you have to be pretty quick in order to get anything. Just don't get too greedy, though; make sure some of the other needy pets get something.

2. Head over to Meridell and play Cheeseroller. That not only gets you running, but gets your mind working to concentrate at the task at hand. Who knows, you might even earn a flashy trophy, or that avatar your pet has always wanted!

3. The Ruins of Maraqua is another good spot to go. While you're not really being 'active', you can enjoy a day of fishing. It's a great way to get out of the house and into the open waters for some fresh air. It's also a very relaxing activity which can clear your mind and leave you stress free.

4. Gormball is a fun game to play, and it also gives you a good upper body workout. You're constantly turning and moving your arms while catching the ball; be sure to duck, though. That ball just might explode on you!

5. If your pet is a Grundo, and you're in the Space Station, he or she will surely get a great workout running away from Dr. Sloth, who still thinks he can capture Grundos to be his slaves!

6. Take your pet over to the Employment Center; they're surely to lose some weight if they're kept busy having to run back and forth getting the necessary items required to complete the job and collect their reward.

7. The beach in Mystery Island is always a pleasant spot. There are always lots of fun activities going on - swimming, beach volleyball, water skiing, diving lessons and so much more. A great summer time activity to help get you back in shape. While you're there, you may as well treat your pet to a ride on the Tiki Tours; after all, TOO much exercise at once isn't good.

8. The Swashbuckling Academy is a good place to take your pet. Cap'n Threelegs will whip that pet of yours into shape in no time. Your pet has always said how they'd like to be a great warrior; can't do that very well if you're fat, now can you?

9. The Haunted Woods is another good place to go; the Brain Tree and the Esophagor are pretty demanding. A lot of exercise can be gained here, as while you are doing quests for the Brain Tree and the Esophagor, you also have to be quick to dodge those ghosts and zombies that are after you.

10. Put on your winter gear and head on up to Terror Mountain. A good game of Cliffhanger will not only give your brain a workout trying to figure out the puzzle, but having to trudge up the mountain in all that snow will surely give you a run for your money.

Your pet won't brush their teeth, and you are worried that you will be spending lots of time in the dentist office. How can you get your pet to do that? Here's a few ideas that might get them interested:

1. Buy them candy flavored tooth paste. If they constantly crave the taste of candy, then maybe a nice bubble gum flavored tooth paste is the option for you.

2. Bring them to the store with you and have them pick out a nice new tooth brush. You know there has always been a couple different ones your pet has had their eyes on, so let them pick. It gives them more fun and might spark their interest a bit more to want to use it.

3. Show them pictures of what happens to their teeth when they don't brush. If they don't take care of their teeth, then they won't have any to enjoy all these goodies with!

4. Take them to the dentist. Even if there is nothing wrong with their teeth at that current time, secretly ask the dentist to tell your pet they have lots of cavities and other things wrong; this may scare your pet into wanting to take better care of their teeth.

If your Neopet gets feisty and wants to protest, and gives you the story of "well, it's my body I can do what I choose with it," then let them. After all, if they want to sit around being overweight and can't go out and enjoy the things they once did because they got too carried away with sitting around and eating junk food, then that's their problem.

If they come to you and complain they have toothaches, the only thing you can tell them is that you tried to explain what would happen by not taking care of themselves. Tell them that they'll have to find their own solutions to their problems since they didn't want to listen to you in the first place. After a while, you can help them, but let them struggle a little; let them see just how tough it is to correct something that they caused by not listening.

Hopefully with this small guide, your pets will appreciate you a little and will want to take good care of themselves. Of course, there are many other ways I'm sure that you can use to persuade your pets, but I'm hoping that my few ideas will get you started on the right track. Who knows, maybe you could use to shed a few pounds yourself and will have fun with your pet in doing so!

Remember, exercise, healthy eating, and proper hygiene leads to a long and happy, healthy life!

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