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Cleaning Out Your SDB: Help for the Packrats

by lucky_dog_305


Is your safety deposit box (also called an SDB) crowded? Is it chock full of items that you aren't even quite sure what to do with? Does your safety deposit box really need cleaning, or are you just reading this article because it's raining out and your trip to Mystery Island was cancelled because of the bad weather? If you want to find out, read on!

1. Are you saving for the Packrat avatar?

A. No, I got it quite a while ago, and I sold all the items ages ago.

B. Yes! I have -insert number of items here- already! Do you wanna donate some? Pleeeease? What? I'm not begging, I just really was hoping you would help me out!

C. Yes, I'm pretty close, I should have it in a few weeks if I keep working as hard as I am.

D. Meepit!!! Run!!!!

E. No, I got it when it first came out. I've got like two thousand items in there, I don't think I've been in there in months...

2. Take a look in your SDB. What do you see?

A. Nothing much, a little bit of food for my pets, but that's pretty much it.

B. Food, toys, stamps, gifts, wanna send me a few items? I could really use them! I'm only -insert number of items away from avatar you are- items away from getting the Packrat avatar!

C. A bit of everything, a few toys, some food, a couple old advent calendar prizes, and some random stuff I'm just holding onto in hopes of getting the Packrat avatar.

D. Cheese!!! I love cheese!

E. Almost everything! I'm so close to reaching my goal of having every item in Neopia!

3. Now, while you're in there, look at the number of items you have in there. Look at the quantity (qty.) How far apart are these two numbers?

A. They are exactly the same.

B. 51-100. That's because of all the generous people who give me stuff. Don't you want to be one of them?

C.10-50 apart. The stuff I have doubles of are mostly just prizes from Tombola and stuff.

D. 26,349,827.1258964 away from each other. *toothy grin*

E. 100 or more. I've been meaning to get rid of a few of those sand sculptures...

4. Ohhh.... nice Usuki doll you got there... any chance I could have it?

A. Ermm... Usuki doll? Are you seeing things? I got rid of my Usuki collection when I was like, five.

B. No! It's mine! I'm saving for the Packrat avatar, remember? Though if you wanted to give me a Usuki doll I wouldn't say no...

C. Oh, sure, I have an extra in here; let me go get it.

D. Ooooohhhh what beee-utiful hair my beee-utiful Usuki has! Ooohhh! I wish I had beee-utiful hair tooooo! *continue singing*

E. Usuki? I've been trying to find it forever! If I have at least three you can have one. You never know when I might need one!

5. Oh, wow! The Faerie Queen just asked you to get her a Coco NeoCrunch! What do you do?

A. Run out and buy one. I'm sure there's not one in my SDB; I would have sold it already.

B. Tell Fyora to go away. I don't have time for her... unless she wants to give me something...

C. Fish it out of my SDB, I can always buy a new one later.

D. *karate chop* I'll defend you, Queen Fyora! *trip over invisible rock*

E. Spend the rest of the week trying to find it in my SDB. I know it's in there somewhere!


If you answered mostly A: Your trip to Mystery Island was cancelled, right? Because you really didn't need this article! Your safety deposit box is in great shape already! Keep up the good work!

If you answered mostly B: Well, you're doing okay, but your SDB still needs cleaning. Good luck with the Packrat avatar, but maybe try to get more of your items on your own. Please proceed to Cleaning Out Your SDB Part A.

If you answered mostly C: It sounds like your SDB is in pretty good shape. Cleaning it out every once in a while might help to keep it more organized, though. Please proceed to Cleaning Out Your SDB Part A.

If you answered mostly D: Why don't you go take a walk on Krawk Island? I've heard everybody is super friendly there!

If you answered mostly E: You are the original Packrat. They even made an avatar after you! Your SDB is in dire need of cleaning. But don't worry, I can help! Please proceed to Cleaning Out Your SDB Part B.

Cleaning Out Your SDB Part A

Your SDB isn't in too bad of shape, and since you're saving for the Packrat avatar you probably don't want to sell all of your items. I would look through all the pages of your safety deposit box and take out all items you have more than one of, making sure to leave at least one in. You can sell these for profit, and use those nice new Neopoints to buy some items you don't already have to add to your safety deposit box! You also may want to consider selling items that are worth a few thousand, such as codestones and bottled faeries; one item will do you a lot less good than the several you can buy after selling it. Good luck with the Packrat avatar, and enjoy that nice, new, clean safety deposit box!

Cleaning Out Your SDB Part B

Your SDB is a mess, but there is still hope for you. I would strongly suggest considering cleaning out many of those items. Try to get rid of all items you have more than one of; fifteen of the same thing really isn't useful. Also, if you aren't a battler, get rid of Battledome equipment, codestones, and bottled faeries. Same goes with stamps, collectable cards, band memorabilia, Usuki dolls, you get the picture. Try to keep only stuff you really need, such as food, books, medicine, and toys for your pets. The rest of the stuff you have just takes up space. After selling all these useless space consuming items you will finally have enough Neopoints to go out and buy a paintbrush, and that Maraquan Draik will finally be yours!

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