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What to do AFTER getting the Packrat Avvy

by enigma97


Location: The depths of my Safety Deposit Box (known from here on out as SDB)

Mission: Try and eliminate 3/4 or so of the 1,200+ pieces of random junk accumulated while earning the "Packrat Avvy (here on out known as PRA)"

Sitting amongst piles of omelettes and dung furniture, I was thinking about what to do with all the items I accumulated while earning the PRA. (For those of you unaware of this avatar- you earn it by having 1,000+ DIFFERENT items in your SDB.) I could go the easy route and sell the items via trades or my shop, but that's no fun! I could donate them all to the Money Tree or even let it all sit in my SDB. Nahhh.

What I decided to do was compile a list of 25 things you can do to eliminate items from your SDB after obtaining the PRA. Hopefully, this list will help aid you in the daunting task of cleaning out and claiming back your SDB!

1. Use all the dung furniture as lawn furniture. After 3 or 4 days sitting in the sun, the smell would be so awful, that no one would dare go near your prized Wocky gloves and snap Draiks.

2. Now take all those lovely extra piles of dung and make some dung pppb's. They may not be magical and paint your petpet for you, but you can pretend they are!

3. Looking for rainy day projects for the pets? Take all those extra school supplies *glitter, notepads, snowglobe pencils, and water faerie erasers* and make nifty craft projects together. Just make sure to keep the babies away from the glitter, as they tend to toss more on the floor then on the project.

4. Want to save on Battledome weapons? Take all those cans of musho mushy peas, prune juice, and bakes beans and give them to your battling pet to use as weapons. (Ever get conked on the head with a can of baked beans?) Especially useful, since there are no can openers in Neopia yet for you to open them with!

5. Piles of omelettes and slushies? Great! Toss them in the kids lunchboxes and have hassle free meals for weeks!

6. Looking for Turmac bait for the Turmaculas avatar? That Abominable Snowball sitting in there will work perfectly!

7. Pant Devil steal your newest plushie before you even had a chance to admire it? Take some of those one use poison and yellow snowballs piling up and go extract revenge in the Battledome!

8. Wrap up all those NeoGlo eyeshadows and lipsticks along with a mirror or two and give them to your Uni for Christmas. She will be so busy looking in the mirror, she may not notice that these are the same ones she donated for the avatar!

9. Afraid to take your petpet to the beach? Gather up all those bottles of sand, empty them out in the yard and add a plastic sand castle set and a water bowl.. Voila! Instant petpet size beach!

10. Got a collection of Spooky Gooplecreams and Ghostkerchief sandwiches left over from last years Trick or Treat bags? Pass them out this year! Since it is dark, no one will notice the dry edges or melted goodplecream!

11. Still have piles of Advent Calendar items from previous years? Wrap them up and give them out to all those people who have everything! Give jars of peanuts to the Elephantes on your list! Wocky lover would love even more wind up Wockies and sparkly Wocky balls! Use those deluxe holiday wreaths and plastic firs to decorate the Neohome! Teachers would adore even more candy cane pens! Finally, use those shadow Usul and Snowager ice lollys make great treats when the freezer is broken!

12. Send all those extra broken evil Fuzzles and ripped Chia plushies back to the Toy Store and demand a refund for defective products! If they demand a receipt, mention that it's lost somewhere in your SDB.

13. Got too many extra tickets from visiting the Tyrannian concert hall? Dress your pets up as rock stars and stage your own concerts in your backyard. Sell the tickets to wandering pets and let them think they are getting the concert without taking a ferry all the way to Tyrannia! As an added bonus, hand out all those extra Wock til you Drop mugs and CATFB posters you have accumulated as well as gifts for buying a ticket!

14. Too many tiki tack keyrings, jars of pickled olives, and Neopian Times Issue 3 taking up space? Take a trip to Mystery Island and sell them BACK to the Tiki man. Better yet, see if he will let you trade them all in for a few codestones and visit the Training Academy while you are there!

15. Threaten your pets with meals of salmon mousse and dung cream pies if they don't bring up their grades! Mucus soup and rotten berries work well when your pets won't clean their rooms!

16. Litter training your newest petpet? Left over issues of the Neopian Times make wonderful floor protection! Shred them up and cover the floor with them for those little accidents.

17. Use all those glowing jellies as a cheap alternative to lighting! Put one or two in each room of the Neohome and eliminate the electric bill completely! Not only do they last forever, but the soft glow makes reading less strainful.

18. If you've always wanted to go camping, but didn't want to venture out of your nice cozy chair to get the supplies, they might be waiting for you in your SDB! A nice tent, a flaming torch or two, and maybe even the backpack you've been saving for school. Just hike into your backyard (or garden...whichever is closest) and enjoy!

19. Wondering when you will ever use all that Usuki stuff gathering dust in there? Why not send them the pound for other pets to enjoy. What may be a 30 NP Usuki doll to you can be a valuable toy for a lonely pet in the pound ?.

20. Need refreshments for the next party? No problem! Dig out some Skeith cocktail juices, mummified ice creams, and white chocolate mince pies. Not only are all of these tasty, but they are already made, so no cooking involved!

21. Tripping over blue Aisha, Darigan Kougra, and Christmas uni plushies? The next time your pets want to have a pillow fight, hand these to them instead. A LOT cheaper to replace then your beloved cloud Aisha pillows, and it also cleans out more space in your box!

22. Use cloud, glittery, yellow star, and pirate notebooks to house all your future NT articles in! Use a sword pencil or warty pen to write in them and save on stationery equipment!

23. Need some cheap decorating ideas for the guest bedroom? Grab a few Meepit lamps and Meowclops pillows out of the SDB. Not only will it give the room a ghoulish look, but since you got the prizes from the Test Your Strength game, they were free anyways!

24. Your snorkel eating you out of house and home? Wander over to your SDB and grab a few rotten artichokes, bruised apples, and stale croutons. Since a snorkel rarely slows down long enough to see what its eating, it would probably never notice when you replace its fresh food with old food!

25. Finally, use some of those cheese products and poisonous jellies to eliminate any pest problems inside the Neohome. Miamice and Veespas can quickly be eliminated with a few of these strategically placed around the home!

Well, hopefully this article will help you in your quest to clean up your SDB! All tips were tried and approved by yours truly and are safe for any pet! Have fun!

Thanks to fleecer for the awesome packrat avvy guide!

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