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How to Win EVERY Match in the Battledome

by princess_cherie_1


'I never win in the Battledome!' is something I hear many people complaining about on an everyday basis, whether it is on Neomail, User Lookups or, dare I say it, in the 'real' world. Now, at the beginning of my life on Neopets, I was one of these people; I NEVER won. If you look at my stats you can see that, but then it all changed because I used the following technique:

Firstly, remember to always top-up on hit points. To do this, go to the Healing Springs in Faerieland, by clicking 'Explore' then there is a white castle situated on the map, which you should click. The Healing Springs are situated on the bottom left hand corner of Faerieland and you can visit them once every half hour. If you do this a lot of times you eventually get quite a lot of hit points but if the faerie says '*Your pet's name* regains their hit points' then you go back to what you started with. Also, your pet cannot fight if it is hungry, as it will have no energy, so you must feed it before a battle. You can get a free omelette every day from the Giant Omelette situated in the Tyrannian Plateau. One omelette provides three servings to your pet, which I am sure they will be very grateful for.

Another way of gaining hit points is by going to Coltzan's Shrine situated in the Lost Desert. You can not be as certain to gain hit points here as you would be at the Healing Springs, though you may gain a level, or get an increase in attack, defence, strength or intelligence as well as getting objects like dubloons or food. If you do gain hit points you may rise from 11/11 to 13/13 which means that you will get 13 hit points if you went to the Healing Springs and she regained your strength instead of your previous 11. This is what makes the Healing Springs and Coltzan's Shrine different even though they may seem somewhat similar.

Secondly, remember to equip well. There is no point going into a fight with no weapons attached to your pet; there is a 99% chance that you will lose, unless of course, the owner of the other pet was as naïve as you are when it comes to the Neopets Battledome. If you are poor, or, if I have to be politically correct, you have not earned as many Neopoints as your fellow companions on Neopets, I advise that you have at least one attack and one defence item. Wooden Blocking Shield comes free with the Newbie Pack that every owner receives on joining Neopets, and therefore as you will not have to pay for it and it is not a limited use item like some of the items you find that can be used for the Battledome, it's a good choice. So, if you have the Wooden Blocking Shield as your defence item, you need an attack item; I would suggest a snowball. Some snowballs like Peach Snowballs or Yellow Snowballs are extremely cheap and you can usually get them for 1 NP if you search the Shop Wizard. Unless you are extremely poor, you could buy a few of these, as Snowballs are one-use only items. But, if you are going to use your Wooden Blocking Shield, then only buy a maximum of seven snowballs, as your pet can only be equipped with eight items at a time. If you are rich, you can buy some more expensive items that almost guarantee you a win in the Battledome. If you find the Hidden Tower, located in Faerieland, you will find various items, including items that can be used for the Battledome. Although they are just a bit on the expensive side, usually ranging from 1,000,000 - 11,000,000 Neopoints, they work extremely well in the Battledome. Most items aren't limited use, though a few are, so I would advise you to check before you buy them since they are so expensive and you would not wish to use them up on your practice fight against Punchbag Bob. If you don't think that you could afford these luxuries, but aren't so poor that you can only afford 1 NP items, then you can usually get items from the Shop Wizard for a reasonable price. If you do not know what exact item you want, then just type in a word (for example, 'shield') and you will get an item that contains the word 'shield'. An example is the Leaf Shield, which you can usually get for about 8000 NP.

Thirdly, use your brain and do not try and fight someone who is Level 20 when you are Level 1. You will lose, however much you try to convince yourself that you are invincible. Their pet is a lot stronger than yours and will beat you in about one move. To gain a level, go to Coltzan's Shrine or get blessed by a faerie; of course, this is not always reliable and you may not gain a level every time you visit him.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will not make the same mistakes that I used to do, and lose in the Battledome. If you follow this guide you should have a pretty good chance of winning every match, whether it be against your best friend, a member of your guild or Punchbag Bob. I hope that you won't be the one saying, 'I never win in the Battledome!' and instead offer the advice that I have told you to anyone who is struggling in the Battledome, whether they complain on Neomail, User Lookups or, dare I say it, in the 'real' world. And I hope, that, like me, you will be able to say to whoever it is who is complaining, 'At the beginning of my life on Neopets, I was one of the people who NEVER won. If you look at my stats you can see that, but then it all changed because I used the following technique... ' That is what I hope, but only you can make those hopes and aspirations come true...

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