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Are you an Involved Neopian?

by draco__girl


Have you ever wondered if you are as involved in Neopets as you should be? Take this simple quiz honestly to find out. Just grab a pen and piece of paper to record your answers!

1. You go on Neopets:

a. At least twice a day

b. Once a day

c. Once every few days

d. Rarely

2. How are your pets, health-wise?

a. Exceeding their hit points, very happy, and full of food.

b. Have full hit points, happy, and are a bit hungry.

c. Missing some hit points, not that happy, and starving.

d. Missing all hit points (in fact, they’re sick), depressed, and dying.

3. Have you ever entered in a Neopets contest, such as the Beauty Contest, Mystery Pic, or Story-Telling Contest?

a. Yes, I’ve participated in all the ones I have a remote talent in.

b. I’ve tried a few.

c. I haven’t tried any; I don’t think I’m very good at that kind of stuff.

d. There are contests? I never knew that. Even now that I do, I wouldn’t participate.

4. Briefly describe your neohome.

a. A mansion. It has at least 20 rooms, matching furniture in each room, and all of my extension options have reached the maximum upgrade.

b. Well-sized. It has 10 rooms at least, a decent amount of furniture, and most of my extension options are updated.

c. Small. It has 5 rooms or so with little or no furniture and a couple of extensions.

d. Non-existent. I don’t have a neohome..

5. How many secret avatars do you have?

a. 150+

b. 50+

c. 20+

d. A few or none

6. Your user lookup is:

a. Amazing. Custom made. Even the sidebar is matching with the rest of my lookup. Plus, I have lots of info about me.

b. Pretty awesome. It has a theme that I like and some info about myself.

c. Okay. I have a color background…

d. It’s nothing special.

7. How many game scores do you have?

a. 200 or more

b. 50 or so

c. 20…around there…

d. Only a few…or is it none?

8. How involved are you in your guild?

a. I have one of the council positions and organize lots of events. I also do crucial things for the guild that the leader can’t do.

b. I’m pretty involved. I post on the boards and participate in contests.

c. I’ve joined one, but I don’t go on the boards much.

d. I don’t have the time to join a guild right now.

9. Someone challenges you to a fight at the Battledome. You:

a. Accept without a moment’s hesitation; you believe in your pets!

b. Accept if your pet is okay and if you feel like it.

c. Decline. You’ve never really been into fighting.

d. Decline. Your pets are too sick and weak to fight even if you wanted to take on someone else.

10. A random faerie pops onto your screen and sets you up on a quest to get her a couple of items. What do you do?

a. Give them to her A.S.A.P., whether or not you have them. You try your hardest to claim the items by asking the help of other Neopians. Faerie quests can’t wait.

b. Give them to her if you have the items.

c. Decline the offer; you don’t have the items she’s asking for.

d. Do not accept the offer. Faerie quests are a waste of time and effort..

11. Do you have a shop or gallery?

a. I have both. My huge shop brings me np and my gallery is nice to look at, since I have tons of stuff in it.

b. I have a medium sized shop and a small gallery, where I put some things in on the spur of the moment.

c. I own a small shop, but not a gallery; that would be too much work!

d. I don’t own either.

12. A “Something Has Happened” box pops up on the screen and tells you that you’ve found a piece of the Petpet Laboratory Map. You:

a. Scream with delight; this is the very last piece that you need to complete your map.

b. Ogle at it for a moment, then search the Shop Wizard and see how much it’s worth. Maybe you could put it in your shop or up for auction.

c. Smile (it must be something special), then continue with what you were doing before.

d. Glance at it, wonder about it, then realize that you don’t care, and click on some other link.

13. Have you ever visited a store that sold Neopet merchandise in it?

a. Yeah, tons of times, it’s kind of hard to count. I’ve bought some too. They’re so irresistible!

b. I’ve browsed through them and bought one item.

c. I’ve seen them, but didn’t stop to look at them, much less buy one.

d. I haven’t made a point to look for them in the stores that I go to.

14. Would you recommend Neopets to your friends?

a. Yes, of course! I want them to be able to experience this cool place, just like me!

b. Yeah, if they are the kind of people who’d want to join.

c. Maybe, if I remember…

d. No, that’s not on my list of priorities.

15. What do you think about Neopets?

a. It’s the best online world ever! I think I’d die without it!

b. I like it a lot. It opens up a lot of doors for me to expand my knowledge and skills.

c. I like it enough. It has a lot of stuff that I can do…when I feel like it.

d. I don’t really care. I don’t even know why I have an account!


Now it’s time to see how involved in Neopia you are. Are you ready? Cont how many a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s you have in total, and find out which letter you have the most of. Then look below and read the paragraph that applies to you.

Mostly A’s: You are Neopia’s Most Involved Neopian! Neopia is your second home. You know lots about it and are willing to participate. You have probably visited every part of the site, from the ‘explore” button to the game room. Great job, and keep up the great work!

Mostly B’s: You are an Active Neopian! You know your way around Neopia and are very involved with the goings-on. Your efforts are pretty much spread out throughout the site. There may be some places that you haven’t visited, but most of them have been covered! Try to get even more riveted to Neopia and its wonderful secrets.

Mostly C’s: You are a Sit-on-the-couch Neopian! You go on Neopets when you feel like it, but even then, you’re not very active. Try to test out more games (even if you’re really bad at them), get a neohome, or join a guild! Either one of those things will brighten each and every Neopet trip.

Mostly D’s: You need to Dive into the Neopet World! Judging from your answers, you really could care less if your pets died, you were poor, or are really inactive. Make an effort to explore more things; Neopets has something for everyone, whether you’re a sporty person, writer, artist, or couch potato. Step outside of your box and join the many happy Neopians around you. Really, it’s a very good experience!

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