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Everything Under the Sun: A Guide To Mystery Island

by tinybaby_orange1


MYSTERY ISLAND - Ah, Neopia, calm, peaceful and happy. Full of loving Neopians who spend time with their pets, make some Neopoints at the shop, then come home, make a big dinner and have a big family meal…NOT! I’m sure many of us are exhausted day after day of work and taking care of our families!

So are you tired of coming home after a long day of making Neopoints? Are you fed up with fighting pets, too much work, or an over-crowded guild? Do you need to relax but don’t know where to begin? Well, look no further! I have the perfect vacation plan for you!

Hello, I am the executive in charge of advertisement and Mystery Island Vacation Corporation (MIVC). We would like to share with you the joys and excitement of Mystery Island.

I’m sure your thinking, oh great, just what I need, the stress of planning a vacation! But, I promise you that this vacation will be a no-brainer! To help convince you, I would like to tell you all the wonderful (and relaxing) things you can experience while visiting Mystery Island.

Oh, and don’t worry about the cost! With MIVC, we can set you up with a variety of great deals, for the single traveller to the whole family! So, if you do plan on packing your bags for Mystery Island, be sure to call MIVC to get our special Family Deal, if you have more than 2 pets, pay for 2 and get the others half price! Or, the Loner Deal, half price for anyone traveling solo!

The Beaches

As I’m sure you know, Mystery Island is an island, which means it is completely surrounded by water! Although the North shore is quite rocky, the rest of the coast is sandy and beautiful. Spending the day at the beach is just what you need to calm your nerves. Why not try your skills at a game of Beach Volleyball, or join the natives in some surfing? Also, every Saturday night there is a hula dancing competition and free buffet dinner on the main beach!

Island Tours

Although you can see most of the island just by talking a walk around, participating in an Island Tour is an amazing experience. Rest your legs while an Island JubJub pulls you through the sights, sounds, and smells of the Island, for only 50np! What a deal! And, if that isn’t great enough, you will receive a FREE GIFT at the end of your island tour!

Techo Mountain

In the very center of the Island stand a majestic tribute to the island natives, Techo Mountain. One of the 16 Neopian Wonders of the World, this mountain (which is shaped oddly like a Techo’s head) is remarkable to see. You can go on hikes and try to make it to the mountains summit, although few have ever reached the top. The mountain is believed to have secret passages built by the ancient Coco's running through it, a great adventure for owners and pets of all ages!

Trading Post

Have an item that you want to get rid of? Need a new item? Why not trade! The Island Trading Post is convenient and fun to use! Just set up a trade with the items you want to get rid of, maybe type a bit about the desired price or items, and post it! People can offer on your post and the trading is instant once you except! Or, browse new lots, or browse by item or user name to find that one item you’ve been searching for!

Haiku Generator

Need a thought to think? Need to think a thought? Go to the Haiku Generator to hear a complicated quote from a Kougra! This Kougra’s quotes aren’t always what they seem. It may take you a few days to figure it out, but it’s a fun way to put your mind to use! Some of you might laugh at the though of not understanding a dumb old Kougra well, if you think your so smart, just figure out this one for me:

Stands, absolute lake

its paper throws nervously

arbitrary prize.

Not so smart now, are we? Don’t feel bad though, if you can’t figure this one out, there’s a new Haiku every day!

Island Market and Cooking Pot

Hungry? Well, when it comes time for lunch be sure to stop by the island market! Filled with great shops, the Island Market is the place to be to smell the wonderful aromas of tropical foods!

Got some items you want to morph together? Visit Jhuidah at the Cooking Pot! She will mix you up anything you can imagine (if you have the right items)!

Island Mystic

Hope onto a boat to catch a ride to the Mystics Island, a small island just north of the main island. If you are brave enough to go into his cabin, he will tell your future, or, at least guess your future!

Shops and Games

No visit to the island is complete without looking through the shops. Make sure to stop by the Tropical Food Shop and pick up some Funnydew Melon or a Star Fish Sandwich!

And, visit the Tiki Tack shop for some island merchandise, maybe a Souvenir Magnet, a Clay Pot or Clay Vase (made right on the island, from island clay), maybe some sand, an Acorn Toy, or even a Native Mask!

Be sure to play a few rounds of Gadgads Game too, to get extra Neopoints!

Battledome and Training School

Last but not least, visit the Island Arena to watch a tremendous fight, or join in with your pet! If they’re not ready for the Battledome, why not enroll them in the Island Training School to build up their battle stats?

Please consider Mystery Island as your next vacation spot, as I always say:

Mystery Island,

Its great and its grand,

There’s no better place,

To lie on the sand!

Please be sure to visit the Island, it really is a great spot to relax and have fun! And, when you vacation with MIVC, you can’t go wrong!

Remember, MIVC: we want YOU on the Island!

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