Arrival in the Neopian World

It was a cold day, at least to me, but nobody else except the other Meercas seemed much bothered by the stinging wind and frozen drops of rain.

by muas

Cybunnies: The Untold Story

Before there were Quiggles (otherwise known as Frogstomps) there was major chaos. Strange animals roamed the land destroying almost everything in their path.

by snowkittykat and origamirabbit2001

Eccentric Faerie

Alex and his pet, Shyne (pronounced Shine), were not so lucky and a little short on money.

by wick05

Our Faerie Queen: Bit n' Pieces

It all started one sunny, spring morning when all the daffodils were in bloom, the blue birds were singing gleefully...

by sportz_gal200

Kau's Life

My life was never easy, nope, not for this blue Kau, but I found happiness, even though it took awhile.

by neko_chan72

The Lab

Hindinah is a blue Lenny. But her owner, Usagi (UnicornPrincess17) did not intend her to be...

by UnicornPrincess17

Locked Away

It was dark and dingy like it always was in that cold basement, bugs crawled in and out of the walls...

by NiNjaNayNay

The Lupe Pack

At night we camped on a mountain and would hear the distant howls of a Lupe pack.

by elizabeth2010

The Power Crystal

Shyning's sword whistled through the air as she brought it down. It knocked the sword from Sparky's hand...

by sparkle_qween


Once upon a time in Neopia there was a gang of Poogles that lived in a dark ally. They were called the Poogle Pack...

by veiledvisitor

Wish Upon a Star

Suddenly the Skeith dropped the pet. Star shot like an arrow after it, but it was falling too fast.

by RDMUnicorn