The Battledome Quest: Part Two

"What on earth??? Jekins??? What are you doing? Kelpertin, what happened???"

by devil__007

The Legend of Chia Desert - The Lost World of the Chias and Quiggles: Part Two

"NOOO!" Chelseus cried. She tried to surge all the power she had into connecting to the spirits.

by supercoolchamp and westielovergurl

The Darkest Secret of Neopia: Part Four

"Why don't you tell me the truth now. I mean the whole truth...

by Phifi

Faerie Quest: Part Three

...I have to tell you that only one person's ever been through the cave in centuries...

by holly9945

The Half Faerie: Part Three

He wouldn't miss her. He would reach her...

by elorien

Lupeia the Lupe: Part Three

The storm raged over her, the rain splashed about her, the wind whipped her face.

by bunnygirl156

Our Tale: Part Three

"Get away from me!" ShyAshes yells as he runs off into his basket. I look very upset. "What's wrong with him?" I whimper to Mistress.

by umbreon_of_the_moon

Thicker Than Blood: Part Two

Thrashing desperately in the icy lake and running out of breath, Silverwatcher began to reflect in what she knew were her last moments.

by shadowphoenix

Three Days in Neopia - A Faerie Story: Part Two

"Alert!" a huge voice yelled from somewhere above. "There is a Dark Faerie alert going into effect! Go into your homes...

by puppy_princesslily