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Obelisk Theories

by davidandkim, flutterbudget, alantrae, & krazcat47

Obelisks and Flotsams

I have recently noticed increased interest in the newly discovered obelisk. I myself wanted to find out more about these mysterious shrines in Neopia.

In previous articles, a legend is mentioned. "Pillars are placed throughout the land. When Strength, Wisdom and Faith are joined in the Triangle of Destiny, a terror from the deep will rise, and Neopia shall choose its fate." The first pillar is in Tyrannia, the pillar of Strength. The second pillar is in the Lost Desert, the pillar of Faith. So where is the pillar of wisdom?

My memory suddenly sparked with something I read months ago. You can read the article here. In this article, a hidden Flotsam kingdom, Floatlantis, is mentioned. It may just have been a myth, but being it lasted so long, I looked for answers. And who did I go to? KimsFlotsamgirl, my own flotsam.

I learned my Flotsam had indeed heard myths whispered about an underwater kingdom of Flotsams. Apparently Faeries took the magic from the kingdom to keep Faerieland afloat. Theories say Faerieland is attracted to Tyrannia's obelisk and may come crashing to the ground one day. I have a different theory. There may be an obelisk underwater, perhaps absorbing magic from Faerieland.

If an underwater kingdom is discovered, there will probably be trouble. When Tyrannia was discovered, they suffered an invasion afterward. The same happened with the Lost Desert. Could this be a prelude to the "terror from the deep?"Will a horrid monster rise when a new kingdom is discovered? Were the last two invasions preparation for what is next? Is the myth of Floatlantis perhaps not a myth at all? Time will tell, and when it does, we must be ready.

by davidandkim

Obelisks: What is Waiting for us Down There?

The Wisdom bearing pillar is either in Mystery Island or the unexplored regions of Neopia. The legend claims that when Wisdom, Faith and Strength are joined, a monster will rise from the deep. Well, what is this monster? And how do these pillars work? This from the articles "Obelisks: What are they?" by nanjikat and "Obelisks: The Mystery Behind the Legends" by temperedblade.

The Tyrannian Obelisk is odd. When you come to it you see a Chia writing on a stone tablet. Looking closer you see that its a game. The Game uses Collectable Cards, and that gives us a clue of what might be down there. This obelisk, since the game was finished (almost) is half activated. We have to play the game, to activate this pillar. Maybe the Faeries captured the beast in a card, and it is waiting to be freed.

The Desert Obelisk had an easy activator. Coltzan's Crown. But it was his dying wish that his crown was to be used in the Obelisk. Did Coltzan know anything about the Monster? Was he evil? That is a very puzzling question. But as you see the movie, the advisor smirks and giggles left and right. Maybe Coltzan didn't write his own will???

We cannot be sure about anything now, it is still a great Mystery. The Mystery of the Obelisks....

by flutterbudget

The Third Obelisk: Already Discovered?

After reading last week's article on obelisks, as well as the article two weeks ago on the same topic, I decided to do a little research myself. I believe temperedblade was on the right track when they said it could be on Mystery Island.

Just to refresh your memory, the ancient scribe read: "Pillars are placed throughout the land. When Strength, Wisdom and Faith are joined in the Triangle of Destiny, a terror from the deep will rise, and Neopia will chose its fate."

I figured I should take measurements of the two obelisks. They are both the exact same height, exact same slope, and the bottom is exactly the same size. Guessing from that, I figured the remaining obelisk would also be the same size.

Then, searching Mystery Island, I was surprised by how simple an answer could be. Measuring the size of the hill, it is exactly 20 feet taller than the obelisks. I had always assumed that that hill was artificial because of the shape of it, a Techo, and my theory could prove that.

Through more research I learned that, even though Tyrannia is underground, it is exactly 0 feet above sea level, as is its obelisk. The same is true for the Lost Desert. Thus, I figured the remaining obelisk would also be 0 feet above sea level.

Through all this hard research, I came up with the conclusion that the obelisk with "Wisdom" would be underneath the Techo-shaped, believably artificial hill on Mystery Island. I noted nearby objects, the most prominent of which was, of course, the Training School.

Heading back to my NeoHome, I started thinking harder than ever. After hours of thinking, I came up with a brilliant explanation: the Techo master's goals were NOT for good as he had always pretended, but actually, he was working for whatever evil force lay in the deep.

Than, I remembered that King Coltzan's crown was needed to activate the shrine, I thought, maybe, either a: Codestones are required to activate the obelisk, or b: the obelisk had somehow shattered, and the codestones were the pieces. After all, what do you need to solve a code (codestone)? Wisdom, of course.

Supposedly, Coltzan's Shrine is going to give people the ability to raise their pets' stats. What does the Techo Master's school let you do? Raise your pets' stats.

I remembered that to break the codes at the time of Sloth's first attack (in space), people were supposed to give codestones to the Mystic. Talking to him, he said that, after that, all the codestones had disappeared, and that the Techo master was looking very smug afterwards. I didn't dare talk to the Techo Master in case I was right.

So, should you stop going to the Training School? Not yet. Most of this is just theory, so I may be extremely close to the truth, or I may be totally wrong. If you have something to add to this, please add it. I am eager to know if anyone can completely figure out this mystery, but that's all I have to say on this topic. Bye!

by alantrae

The Third Obelisk - Evil in an Undiscovered Land

Obelisks seem to be a hot topic these days. Everyone has been buzzing since the Tyrannian obelisk was found and the prophesy discovered:

"Pillars are placed throughout the land. When Strength, Wisdom and Faith are joined in the Triangle of Destiny, a terror from the deep will rise, and Neopia shall choose its fate."

The Tyrannian Obelisk is the Strength Obelisk. One corner of this mystic pyramid discovered, two to go.

Things got more exciting when an Obelisk was discovered in the Lost Desert. Faith got uncovered by Bruce and the Lucky Coin. No more to be said. Accept, where is Wisdom?

Now, if the Obelisk of Wisdom was on Mystery Island and was destroyed by Tiki Taku, that's great, right? All is happy, no evil prophesy, no creatures from the deep. Lets all have a party. Why do I have a feeling that its not going to work that way?

It seems that there would be another monster to battle. It seems like the stream of evil creatures is never ending. So, where is that other pillar?

Temperedblade believes that Wisdom lies somewhere in Southern Neopia. I have a slightly different take on his theory.

I took a piece of tracing paper to my computer screen on top of the map that you get to when you click on the "Explore" button in the tool bar. I marked a dot for the center of Tyrannia, and another for the center of the Lost Desert. Then I picked the spot where I guess that the third obelisk would be - just north of the Haunted Woods, just across the ocean from Terror Mountain.

I connected the dots. The three points make a perfect isosceles right triangle. Faerieland lies along on side of this triangle, the Haunted Woods lies on the next, and Terror Mountain lies on the final side. The center of this triangle is in the undiscovered peninsula east of the Haunted Woods. What evil will arise from these undiscovered lands?

What will Neopia choose for its fate?

by krazcat47