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Obelisks: What Are They? Why Are They Here?

by nanjikat

Recently, a new world was discovered called Tyrannia. In the middle of the Tyrannian Jungle, there exists a strange stone pillar called an obelisk. The Obelisk has been in Tyrannia since before recorded Tyrannian history. It is said that it was placed there at the beginning of time. No one knows for sure what it's purpose is, but there is a popular Tyrannian legend that seems to point to a grisly fate for Neopia.

"Pillars are placed throughout the land. When Strength, Wisdom and Faith are joined in the Triangle of Destiny, a terror from the deep will rise, and Neopia shall choose its fate."

Merely a few days ago, yet another world was discovered, The Lost Desert. In the desert, another strange obelisk was found. The locals call it the 'Sacred Shrine.' They, like the Tyrannians, say that the obelisk has been there since the beginning of time. Research shows that it was there since before recorded history. Research has also uncovered an ancient scroll, which bears the same message as was found in Tyrannia.

After this discovery, archeologists began to examine the key points of this legend. If you look on a map, Tyrannia and The Lost Desert are connected by a diagonal line. If you were to connect The Lost Desert where the obelisk is with the connecting degree of latitude, you would make an exact 60 degree angle. In normal terms, if you drew a straight line exactly across the globe from the location of the Lost Desert obelisk, so it looked like this: _________ , you would get a corner of an equal triangle. If that wasn't strange enough, written on each obelisk is a word that, until the discovery of the legend, made no sense to archeologists. On the obelisk in Tyrannia is the word "Strength." On the obelisk in The Lost Desert, the word "Faith" is written. The thing that baffled the archeologists the most was the fact that both these words were written in Neopian. Neither civilization had ever used Neopian until they were discovered and taught the language. Tyrannia still hasn't quite gotten the hang of it.

This has made archeologists wonder: was the language Neopian used throughout the globe years ago? This is doubtful, since there is no record of Neopian ever being used in countries other than Neopia Central. If it had been, there would be written accounts in Neopian, since whoever engraved those obelisks could obviously write. Neopian has only been developed as a language in the last 2000 years. Written accounts in both Tyrannia and the Lost Desert go back over 5000 years, and in all the accounts of the obelisks, the words engraved on them were included. Therefore, these words were engraved before Neopian was a language.

So the obelisks remain a mystery. Were the words engraved by some other beings? Is the legend true? Where is the last obelisk? All these questions will, for sometime, remain unanswered. If the legend is true, we can only hope that we make the right choice in deciding our fate.