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Vol 2 Issue 67 | Neopia's Finest News Source | 27th day of Swimming, Yr 3

Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked NeoPet questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of NeoPets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

NeoLodge FUN!!!

Are you going on vacation for a week or even a weekend this summer? Don't want to leave your pets alone while you are gone, and you can't take them with you? Why not give them a vacation in the NeoLodge!! They will be fed and cared for and it can cost as little as 5 NP a night! REMEMBER: DO NOT USE NEOSITTERS!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU CAN TRUST EVEN FRIENDS CAN DO BAD THINGS TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND PETS!

The Neo-Market Report

Visiting our hosts this week will be Skeith Bodyguards CEO Butch Skeithness... Get the gossip here!

New One-Player Battledome Challengers!

We have been changing and re-doing some of the One-player Battledome Challengers and the results are wonderful! Here is a look at just one of the new challengers!

Guild Spotlight
For entries into guild spotlight:

We know you love beautiful pets, so the Beautiful Pets Anonymous guild is here to help you any way they can. They give away free beauty supplies and advice to help keep your pets looking their best. Join if you want your pets to be beautiful, or join if they already are.

N.N.N. What in Neopia does that stand for? Neggs, Neocola, Neezles? No, it stands for NeoPets, Neopoints, NeoFun. They have tons of guild tournaments and job openings that promise to keep you a busy Buzz.

Deep in the catacombs of Neopia lies the facilities of Neopian-X!! Neopian-X is the code name for the top secret (ultra-hush-hush) operation, which is, erm... we don't know if we should be telling you this... to develop the Ultimate Battle Pet. They call it The Weapon-X!!!

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