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Obelisks: The Mystery Behind the Legends

by temperedblade

After reading an article from a previous issue, titled "Obelisks: What are they? Why are they here?" written by nanjikat, I was driven to look for some answers to the legend. Here’s what I found.

"Pillars are placed throughout the land. When Strength, Wisdom and Faith are joined in the Triangle of Destiny, a terror from the deep will rise, and Neopia shall choose its fate."

This is the legend that appeared in the previous article on the Obelisks. We learned that the two already discovered have words written on them. On the one in Tyrannia is the word ‘Strength’. On the one in The Lost Desert, is the word ‘Faith’. So where is the third and final pillar that bares the word ‘Wisdom’?

If you approach the problem mathematically, you’d probably figure a perfect triangle would have to be set for the legend. This is most likely not necessary, but I looked into it anyway.

If you were to try and make a perfect triangle with the already existing pillars, the most likely place for the third to be would be Mystery Island. So what’s the mystery behind the island? Tiki Taku is. The inhabitants of the island claim that Tiki Taku was a great warrior, that saved them from a certain horrible fate. May he have done so by destroying the pillar with ‘Wisdom’ on it? Or did he just protect them from some certain monster, or lead them to a victory? Only time will tell.

Looking at the triangle in different perspective may leave many to believe that the third and final pillar is at the most southern part of Neopia.

Everything down there still remains a total mystery to the inhabitants of Neopia. Nobody has discovered any civilisation down there... yet. So what if there are creatures living down there? Wouldn’t the third pillar already be activated, or something? Maybe. Maybe not.

If either of these areas are the possible location of the third pillar, it would make sense. According to the legend, when they are joined in the ‘Triangle of Destiny’, a terror will rise from the deep. In the middle of either triangle, is nothing but a large expanse of ocean (Faerieland is in the sky, so that counts it out).

But what about the end of it? ‘Neopia should choose it’s fate’... Could it be, that the evil that rises will be the final test of our faithful pets? Will we have to fight this evil? Maybe. But what if we know, for a fact, that the evil is too great to overcome? Will we just surrender, and let it take over Neopia? I don’t think any of the owners or pets would so willingly give up their homes. So, when the force rises, we’ll fight (if necessary), and try to defeat whatever this evil is.

If such a thing were ever to happen, it would probably be the biggest thing to happen in all of recorded Neopian time. The only problem is, when it’s over, will there be anyone left to record it? We may very soon find out, as there are still many explorers looking for new lands. Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with whatever evil it is at all.