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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles > A Guide to Magax: Destroyer

A Guide to Magax: Destroyer

by fireandice92

GAMES ROOM - A guide written for those who wish to destroy Magax, as they just can’t seem to get the hang of the game.

Ahoy folks! Welcome to my guide where I shall guide you with careful guidance through one of Neopet’s unfortunately less popular games, Magax: Destroyer. Believe it or not, this cliché of a game is actually quite fun. Maybe after you read this you will be possessed to go and give it a try!

Moving Around: Let’s begin. First and most importantly, you must know how to move around. The one thing you never want to do is just go full force ahead and shoot at everything in front of you. There’s no way you’ll ever get anything accomplished this way, unless of course your goal is to kill yourself. The best thing to do is to go forward in small bursts by alternating the left and right arrow keys. Push either left or right (whichever way you want to go) and when you feel yourself picking up speed, push the opposite arrow key to slow yourself down. This will provide you with maneuverability at a slower pace.

The Map: I hate maps, and I’m sure many people will second that, but this one is actually quite useful and easy to follow. You are the white dot in the middle of the grid, and all the moving red dots are ghosts. As you fly around, your dot will always stay horizontally centered. The ghosts’ dots will move around you. Notice the bottom of the map is red? Yes? Good. This is why we don’t travel at the bottom of the screen. You often won’t notice there are going to be ghosts in your path because red dots do not show up very well on a red line.

Hitting Ghosts: It is difficult to hit a target while you are moving, so to get the best aim, try to remain stationary. You can easily achieve this by swapping left and right directions constantly. By adding in the up or down keys to this maneuver you can move up and down the screen while not moving much to the sides.

Scoring: Each ghost you zap is worth five points. Health orbs are also worth 5 points. Simple.

Jubjubs: These balls of ectoplasmic fur are your best friends! Not only do they just hover and wait to be zapped, but when you hit them, they turn into three little Jubjubs! Since you zap four ghosts in total, that’s twenty points for you. Glee! When the little ghosts do appear, it is best to zap them straight away while they are still in a bunch. Hopefully you can get them all in one hit. Two of the ghosts will usually stay together but the third has a tendency to wander.

Aishas: Hmmmm, nothing special about these guys. Just zap them and they’re dead, errr… again, I guess.

Chias: Ring the sirens because Chias are your worst ghost enemy. They spit green slime that you must cunningly dodge and then for all your efforts you only get five lousy points. If there are ever a bunch of ghosts on the board at the same time, zap Chias first because they pose the greatest threat. Sometimes they’ll spit multiple slime globs at you. Often they will spit them so fast you can’t even react fast enough to dodge them. Moral: DESTROY CHIAS!!!!

Hubrid Nox: The evil master himself! He flies down every so often to make things more difficult for you by doing one of the following three things.

Fire: Eeks! You’re on fire, literally. This will take away part of your health bar. It doesn’t disable your movement in any way but does become annoying if it happens often, as you’ll start to lose a lot of health.

Cackle: If you hear a menacing and evil laugh, it can only mean one thing; the ghosts have grown! They’re still the same old ghosts but super-sized. This makes things both easier to hit but also easier to run into. Fortunately the Chia slime globs will stay the same size. It can be thoroughly amusing if this happens more than once in the same level as they will just keep growing and growing and growing…

Ice: One zap by Hubrid and you may become the Ice Wocky. This is probably the most destructive of all his evil tricks. Basically, you become frozen and fly at full speed in whichever direction you were going at the moment you were zapped. Unfortunately, this in no way makes you invincible. You will run into everything in your path, lose health, then reverse directions and go full speed the other way! Then you might run into something else and continue the cycle until you are freed. Yeah! This is most harmful if you’re in an area filled with a zillion ghosts.

Health Orbs: Your ray of hope. Run into one of these floating green balls and some of your health will be restored. It restores one ghost hit, either flying into one or being struck by Chia goo. It also restores a little less than two Hubrid fire blasts.

Level Change: Since you are now a master of the game, by this point in the article, you are going to be moving up in levels. A word of advice on that: stay in one place until all the ghosts are on the board. They appear slowly instead of all at once. Being stationary helps minimize the chance that you will accidentally run into an appearing ghost. However, as ghosts appear they may be placed on top of you. Since our puny human reaction times don’t allow us to react to something as instantaneous as a ghost being plopped on top us, you will inevitably lose health for this. Yes, it is unfair.

Death: Such a thing is bound to occur eventually. * sniffle* There are two ways of dying. First is obviously if you run out of health. Second is running out of power for your gun. Every time you fire, your gun power will go down. However, it will automatically restore itself. Don’t worry about this too much. Unless you are constantly firing consecutive shots this will be an unlikely death.

Some Last Words: Once you have mastered moving around and shooting ghosts you will actually realize that Magax: Destroyer is much more a game of luck than it is skill. You can be an awesome player but how long you survive often depends on how cruel Hubrid is. He can do anything to you and you have no way of stopping him. That is usually the part where you want to smash your computer with a large mallet.

Well I think that just about wraps it up. Remember the sacred wisdom I have passed down to you today. Now, go play, have fun, and above all else, DESTROY CHIA GHOSTS!!!!!


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