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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 142 > Articles
A Guide to Magax: Destroyer

Believe it or not, this cliché of a game is actually quite fun. Maybe after you read this you will be possessed to go and give it a try!

by fireandice92

BOOMs Big Bang

The company of Boom Boom Boxes has been quite successful, so what happened that made the company explode?

by sparky63428

Help Me!

Many people realize that the smart decision in this case is to ask for help, and no harm can come from asking a simple question.

by carnapepper

Kreludor: A Visit To The World Of The Bizarre

Sure, this moon is clearly uncanny but there are quite a few… interesting locations that you can check out in Kreludor.

by blubblub317

Least Known and Most Needed: Neopias Tooth Faerie

Believe it or not, this flittering faerie is possibly the hardest Neopian to catch up with. She’s more shy and elusive than the Shadow Usul, although much prettier to look at.

by dark_stars_angel

Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Potato Counter

"No, no. I’m not here to count potatoes. I’m just here to talk to you!"

by violinoutoftune

Madame Zorkla Predicts the Future

I’ll just pull out my trusty crystal ball and predict your future. By the way, did you bring me that cherry wish stick like I asked? Good, add it to the pile in the back. Now, here’s the good stuff...

by nornlove

One Potato, Two Potato...

What do you think vegetables are for besides eating? You’d probably say, "Vegetables are just food. What more can you do with them besides eat them?"

by icedude912

Sticky Furniture or a Snack for Your Pet?

Jelly is very irresistible, you see, because of its delicious taste and ability to become a play toy at the dinner table by squishing it around.

by 3dcourtney12044

The Art of Battling: 2 Ways You Can Really Clobber Your Opponent!

I will advise you on both training and weapons, so you can beat that silly Chia Clown, pay back that pesky Pant Devil for stealing your Wand of Dark Nova that you’ve just bought...

by kofchamp2002

The Pen Deal

When one pen is enough, why bother with a whole bunch of varieties?

by winged_elf

Things that Neopian Characters Would NEVER Say 3

Esophagor: I think I've had enough to eat now.

by plushieowner

“Once Upon a Time”: A N00b’s Guide to Writing -- Part 2: RolePlay

I mean, you are not actually writing a story to print out and share, but role-playing is one of the most valuable things any potential writer could learn to do.

by neodonnaz


"Fun(less)draisers" by buddy33774 - Lennert’s eyes opened wide. "Oh my goodness! The cookies – they’ve come alive! Oh, this is so cool!"... more>>

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Lennert’s eyes opened wide. "Oh my goodness! The cookies – they’ve come alive! Oh, this is so cool!"

by buddy33774

Torn - Sirenes Story
I put my face in my paws and sobbed. I couldn’t choose. I didn’t know where my heart really lay.

by spirit_wolf72

Princess of Erodaire II: Part One
The moment I first laid eyes on Lady Vevina, I hated her with a passion. Although I knew that my father was not able to see through her sugary outerself, I knew who she truly was.

by christinetran

Forgotten Hope: Part One
"Listen, Kalina," he said, dodging another Darigan warrior, "you don't have a sword, you don't have training, and your our only hope of finding the way out. Now GO!!

by magicwelder76

Mika And Carassa Adventure
Watch out!

by azn_angel5017

What In Neopia?
#9 - Mrs. Kass

by wonderweezel

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