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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

To keep you up to date with the ever-changing Neopets, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates!

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14th February

  • New and Improved
    Kacheek Seek has been revamped with some cool new maps, including Faerieland, Spooky Woods and the Ice Caves. To celebrate, we have increased the number of NeoPoints you can win by 50%! Good luck hunting and seeking :)

  • New Pet Animations have been added for the following pets... we didn't realise that they were so large again, the file sizes are MUCH less now :) Click on the Neopet to see the animation...

  • The Blumaroo, Kyrii and Peophin now appear on the Faerieland Colouring Game.
  • ONLINE STORE NEWS - Thanks to all those people who have purchased from our Online Store. We want to let you know that the limited edition shirts will be on sale until February 28th (you will never have another chance to buy them after that!).
    All shirts will be shipped starting Friday, 23rd February.

  • The Kyrii now has a new web page! Click here to check it out!
  • NEW ACARA - We have given the Acara a bit of a makeover :) Hope you like it!

  • Special Announcements
    Many of Neopia's finest guilds are organising Valentines give-aways in the Money Tree today. Why not pop by and see what is up for grabs?
    • The Neo-Army will be donating well over 2,500 items including chocolates, heart shaped charms, bunches of flowers and jewelry galore.
    • TAP (The Aisha Pack) will be donating over 200 chocolate Aishas around 1pm NST. Be sure to set your watches so you don't miss out.
    • The Elders Guild will be making donations throughout the course of the day, and all Elders Guild shops are having a 1NP sale. Looks like you could pick up some great bargains there!
    Many thanks to all our generous guilds, and a Happy Valentines day to all!
  • Check out our seasonal roll over on the front page (Hold your mouse over the big Neopets logo).
  • Two new snowstorm Screen Savers have been added... The Eyrie and the Meerca!

  • The Kyrii Growl and the Meerca Bounce are now available in the Battledome.
  • We added a new Pet Spotlight. Today it is the turn of Nimbus47 the Techo.
  • HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! - To say thanks for playing, we have increased the number of Cybunnies in the world by another 40,000!!! This means that all of you who missed out the first time around can now adopt one!

13th February

  • How to spot happy Neopets from a long way away. Lesson One, The Meerca. Click on the Meerca for a cool new animation!

  • Buzz, Eyrie and Kau smileys have been added to the message boards. More will be following soon.
  • Fancy adopting a Robot Kyrii??? Now available from the Secret Lab. As to where the Secret Lab is located... well thats a secret isn't it? :)

  • Now you can download our Battledome Trailer (with added sound!!) from our Screensavers Page.
  • Getting tired of bog-standard Bullseye? Well why not try your hand at Super Bullseye!!!. No cool prizes as yet, but you can win up to 3000 points!

  • We have put some more Pictures in our Gallery! Thanks a lot for your contributions, and please keep sending them in!
  • The Lenny Fade and the Eyrie Scratch have now been added to the Battledome!
  • We have uploaded a new Site Spotlight. We suggest you check it out, its very cool :)
  • Wahey! - NeoMessages can now be 900 characters long instead of 800. We know this isnt a huge change, but we just upgraded our database, so we can get away with a little extra room :) We have had a few technical problems over the last hour or so (11pm PST) while upgrading, however the site should now be back to normal.

12th February

  • The Ski Lodge Murderer has struck again, and this time Black Widow is the poor victim... Click here to see if you can pick up any clues as to whodunnit...

  • ... and today's Stupid award goes to the person who linked to Faerie City when nobody could actually see the map! Sorry everybody, it will not happen again! :)
    UPDATE - The staff member in question has been force fed 10 Blueberry Fish Pops as punishment!
  • Now the Meerca can be found in the Faerieland Colouring Game.
  • Relocation! - The Faerie Quests have now moved to Faerie City. This page will give advice and tips for any lucky souls that have been given a quest from the Uber Faeries.
  • COOL NEW ANIMATION! - Wondering what it actually looks like in the Battledome? Check out our cool new animation by clicking here.
    (its 250k so it may take a while to download!)
  • Kauvara has been busy brewing some more magical potions. This time she has tested them... Drinking these bizarre looking elixirs will turn your Neopet into a fun loving Meerca or a Kyrii.

  • We put a Caption Competition up today also, this one featuring some of the lesser known styles of Kacheek (available only through the secret lab ray!)
  • Have both a Fire Paintbrush and a Meerca? Then this lovely new shade of Meerca may be just for you!

  • A new Story Telling Competition has been posted up on the site.
  • Throughout the course of today, the Snow Faerie will be giving out magical items at the Money Tree!!!

  • There is a new feature in Guilds. Now you can delete multiple messages posted by one person, we hope this helps.
  • Two more Battledome moves have been added to day, Kacheek Sneak, and Quiggle Stomp.
  • A new Pet Spotlight has also gone up today. Today we feature Dulalia the Elephante!

11th February

  • We just want to say thanks to everybody for playing this weekend. The site has been up without a crash all weekend! :) Also congratulations to the Meerca, which has (at the time of writing) overtaken the Moehog to get into 39th Place!
  • Edna the Witch has been busy for the past few months, making some foul concoctions in her lair in the Haunted Woods. You never know what prize she will give you when you complete one of her quests...

  • Calling all would-be detectives... now you can have a guess as to who the murderer really is in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery. Click here to make your decision. When we reveal the murderer, the number of NeoPoints you score will be based on how early you made the correct decision.

10th February

  • You can now see the top 10 greetings on every day. Click here now!!
  • OFFICIAL NEOGREETING DAY!!! - Yes the 10th of Awakening is marked on the Neopian Calendar as the official day when you have to send NeoMessages to all your friends! If you haven't seen our selection of greetings yet, click here!!!

  • More of the Neopets Team have spoken out in the Skilodge Murder Mystery.
  • Oh! We also found some interesting facts out about the Kyrii, they really don't like Apples! Make sure you don't feed them any... ever!
  • The Water Faerie has added some more potions into stock at the Faerieland Springs

9th February

  • We have a new name for the Fuzio, now it is called the Kyrii.
  • New Neopian Times!
    Say hello to the newest Neopet, Meerca, and wave goodbye to Electric Blue Monkey. This issue has loads of interesting stories, helpful articles and a few that are just for fun.
  • CHANGING PETS - We changed the Fuzio today, and a couple of people have emailed us asking whether we are going to change any more of the Neopets. The answer is yes, either for legal reasons, or because their style is outdated. The list of pets that we have left to change are Koi, JubJub, Zafara, Jetsam, Flotsam, Mynci and Acara. These changes will be only minor, we arent going to completely replace them!!! :)
  • More clues in our Skilodge Murder Mystery!!!
  • The Fuzio Competition has now been judged. The winner was #4, shown below. We received over 30,000 votes in total!!!

  • We added the Employment Agency into the Neopedia. We are working on the actual agency, and it should be open soon!
  • Todays Pet Spotlight has also been uploaded. This time we feature Neon_Gurl and Hunter9845.
  • A new variety of Eyrie went up today, the Glowing Eyrie!!! We also added the Glowing Aisha!

  • We have to replace one of our pets today, the Fuzio. You can earn 500 Neopoints by voting on the new version, so click here to see what new versions we have created.
  • Nearly all the pets have moves now! Today we added the Skeith Squash and the Uni Kick to the Battledome.

8th February

  • Six characters from our Backgrounds are now in Neopia - handing out cool Battledome items to players. There are 24 items to collect in all, look out for them as random events!

  • Lots more great new Neogreetings were added today. If its for a birthday, loved one or just to say hi, why not send a unique FREE Neopets design?

  • Interested in putting your pet in the NeoLodge? Well why not read this review of one of the higher-end hotels in the chain, the Presidential Palace.
  • BREAKING NEWS!!! - Yes, Dr. Sloth has been seen lurking around Neopia Central handing potions to Neopets!! Kauvara has refused to sell them, so he is giving them away for free! What could he be planning?

  • Oh no!! Something terrible has has happened at the Ski Lodge (as if you hadn't guessed!). Click here for more details!

  • Now all Meercas have their very own webpage... Click here to see Pfuzzle the Meerca's site :)
  • Some great new pics were added to our Gallery today!
  • We have added a new Caption Competition featuring the Meerca!
  • Two more moves have been added to the Battledome, the Acara Tumble and the Techo Glare.
  • 9,000,000 Neopets!!! - Yes, now 9 million Neopets have now entered the world of Neopia! This includes over 14,000 Meercas!

7th February

  • NEW PET!!! - Say hello to the 40th Neopet, the Meerca!! You can get one now at the Create-A-Pet page!

  • A description of the Hidden Tower has been added to the Neopedia.
  • We have added the Poogle, Moehog and Tuskaninny to the Faerieland Colouring game!
  • NEWSFLASH - More mutant pets have been spotted lurking around Neopia. We advise everybody to be very very careful today! Who is behind this evil plot???

  • When you go to your Inventory, there is now a link to Free Items!. This is going to be an up-to-date offer where you can get rare items by taking advantage of offers such as the Blumaroo Plushie Offer. Keep checking for more information!
  • We have added the Kacheek Roll and the Quiggle Splash to the Battledome.
  • There is a new Pet Spotlight up today. Say hello to Starchyld2525 the Scorchio!
  • The Ski Lodge Residents have started to answer some of the questions! More coming soon! Click here to see what they have to say!
  • We have added some more cool graphics to use as desktop backgrounds including a rather large Kacheek and a gothic Chia.

6th February

  • News Flash - Kauvara's Apology!
    Neopia's top potion manufacturer has a public announcement to make:

    I am so sorry!

    Hello fellow Neopians,
    I would like to take this opportunity to withdraw the mysterious potions that I released yesterday. When I found out what they did I was horrified. A strange man came to my house and told me they were the most fantastic potions ever created, I had no idea what they did. Please do not use them on your Neopets. Repeat - Do not give your Neopet these potions unless you want to turn them into a horrible mutant!

  • Now you can learn about Thyora's Tear in this new Neopedia article.
  • There is a new feature in the Battledome today. Now if you wish to withdraw from a battle, the opponent can accept or reject your withdrawal. This is to stop people who are trying to cheat :)
  • MUTANT ALERT! - Eeewwwww... a hideous floating creature has been seen lurking around Kauvara's Shop. We don't know what it is.. but we think the mysterious man with the potions may have something to do with it...

  • NEW GAME - Neopets has launched BULLSEYE!, score points, and possibly rare items by shooting the target! The more accurate you are, the more points.

  • The Skeith Glare and the Lenny Peck have been added as new moves to the Battledome!
  • Last of the New Arrivals. The last people have arrived at the Ski Lodge. We suggest you check them out, and see if you have missed any clues so far...

  • Added some more Pictures to our Gallery. These are very cool :)
  • We also have a new Site Spotlight.

5th February

  • Just to make the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery fair, you can now change your vote if you change your mind :) Click here to play.
  • The following picture was taken of Kauvara, in the alley behind her Potion Shop. Once again, we repeat.. do not use any of these potions. If you find one, immediately discard it.

    We think we may have an idea who is behind this... click here for a movie clip from our Space Plot last August.

  • New Battledome Feature! Now you can view the log of all the pets you have fought in the past. Click here for more details.
  • IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH!!!! - A strange figure has been seen lurking around . The figure was apparently carrying a couple of strange potions that he handed to Kauvara... We have no idea what they do.. so please DO NOT USE THEM under any circumstances!

  • Earth Faerie Aces now has a new 1-player level. Bear in mind this is very hard and could lead to large amounts of frustration! :) Click here to play!
  • Our Faerieland Colouring game now has the Bruce, Eyrie, Korbat and Lenny!!!
  • Three more characters have entered the Ski Lodge. As a result, the first victim will be revealed on Wednesday!

  • A new Caption Competition was added today also!
  • Now you can use the Techo Jab and the Uni Slap in the Battledome. We have also been working on improving the way the Battledome works and fixing some bugs.
  • Added a new Pet Spotlight. Todays it's Lapling the Red Kau.
  • Added a new Storytelling Competition.

4th February

  • Now you can vote on who you want the next victim in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery game! Click here now!
  • Sorry the site was a bit slow this morning, we fixed the error and it should be much faster now :)

3rd February

  • While exploring the Ski Lodge, the Neopets Team come upon an old telephone in an upstairs room. Click here and you will be able to ask them questions, and find out valuable clues!

  • Kauvara has finished working on some more potions. Now you can magically morph your Neopet into one of a whole range of Bruces and Jubjubs :)

  • Arghh... its awful, its hideous... its THE STUFF!!! Read all about it in this new Neopedia article.

  • There have been some late arrivals at the Ski Lodge. See if you recognise anybody!
  • Does you Neopet have an Archery Set? After reading this little tale, you had better rush out and buy one :)

  • Yes, once again its Half Price Day!!! Woohoo!

2nd February

  • Added 3 more cool backgrounds! Click here to check them out!

  • SKI LODGE MURDER MYSTERY! - We have just launched the introduction of our new game that will be running over the coming months. Yes, the Neopets Team are arriving at the Terror Mountain Ski Lodge and are in for an unpleasant suprise...

  • NEW GAME! - Well, its a new version of a game :) Yes, now you can go up against the Darkness Faerie in our excruciatingly hard new game, Earth Faerie Aces!. There are two high score tables, one for Novice mode, and one for Expert.

  • We have fixed the Eyries new web page - click here to check out the new version!
  • New Neopian Times!
    This weeks issue has a spotlight on one of the shadier sides of Neopian Life, Stock Market fraud. There is an interview with one wrong-doer who found that crime really doesn't pay. Also check out Earth Faerie Aces, the editorial and all the great articles and stories sent in by users just like you!

  • Today the Grundo Blast and the Koi Dive have been added to the Battledome.
  • A new Pet Spotlight has gone up! Meet Quatringa the Aisha.

1st February

  • Kauvara has released yet more amazing magical morphing potions, where does she find all the ingredients from? You can now turn your Neopet into a Green Gelert, a Blue Uni or a Green Uni.

  • Kauvara has also released Healing Potions XIV to XIX!
  • A whole stash of great new Greetings have been added including lots of Valentines, Birthday and Congratulations cards.

  • A new story goes into the Neopedia today, this one is about Mystery Island Juppie Smugglers.

  • We have added a new World Map, this time you will be able to see the cloud world of Faerieland floating above Neopia.
  • SECURITY UPDATE - We have found a lot of people using a program to auto-buy items from the shops. This is against the rules and we are freezing every account that does it. Please do not use any automatic programs to do this, or anything else in Neopets. As a result of fixing this bug there will be a lot more food and faeries in the shops today!!!
  • We added a new Site Spotlight today.
  • Now two more pets have abilities in the Battledome - the Chia has the Chia Smile, and the Usul has the Usul Bite.
  • Welcome to February!! Its a Neopian tradition to feed your pet expensive chocolates on the 1st day of February (called Awakening in Neopia). That wily Kiko at the Chocolate Shop has known this for a while.. and has just released an assortment of truffles and expensive chocolate bars starting at the 400 NP price range.

  • Added some more Pics to our Gallery!