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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The summer sun and the gentle breeze that ruffled her skin couldn’t possibly compare to the rush of adrenaline that she got as she pulled out her Turned Tooth and went at her opponent with every ounce of strength she had.

Happiness Faerie's Halloween Hints

Greetings, Neopians! It’s your favourite Happiness Faerie, chief Halloween correspondent, here - writing in to the Neopian Times to share all the wonderful ways you can spend this day with your family and friends. No matter where you are, from the depths of Maraqua to the orbit of Virtupets Station, the Happiness Faerie has the best advice for pumpkin-picking to decorating your secret lair to which houses give the best candy when trick-or-treating! Neopia Central Of course, where else to start but the centre of Neopia? Ha, I bet you thought I’d start with the Haunted Woods. Bet I surprised you there! The best streets for candy are Wishing Well Drive and Chia Close - the former as you’ll gain whatever candy you wish for; and the latter, of course, due to its place as the starting place of the Chocolate Chia Day Parade. Magical Road is a strong contender, though, with its supernatural treats. Avoid Soup Alley unless you want the rest of your candy to melt in broth - when they ladle out soup they don’t give you a fresh container! Mystery Island If you’re in for a healthy treat instead of candy - then your priorities don’t line up with mine. Head to Fruity Path or Training Square, where the focus is on fitness. Island Crescent is the place for candy here. But even these well-populated neighbourhoods aren’t safe from the Ghost Lupe, so don’t travel alone - especially Chias. For those interested in a supernatural fright, have the Island Mystic read your fortune or settle in for a retelling of the story of Sacrificers with the Underwater Chef. That Mumbo Pango is certainly someone to be admired! Maybe Garoo can set up something like that for...

An All Time Guide to the Best Spooky Food

Spooky season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than filling our gut with the most outrageous candies and treats we can think of? Throughout Neotopia, a plethora of spooky foods will fill you not only with the Halloween spirit but also with loads of sugar. To make life easier, here is a list of some of the best spooky foods you can get your hands on for yourself or maybe trick-or-treating. Some of these foods might actually scare you; they're pretty creepy-looking, so pay attention when shopping. Almost Gummy Rat What better way to start than a fan favourite, the Almost Gummy Rat. This delectable, chewy creature comes in lime, grape, and strawberry flavours, so everyone can easily take a four-legged treat. Apple-Free Apple Cobbler Spooky season calls for cobblers, and nothing beats an apple-free apple cobbler. What's the filling you ask? That's the spooky surprise. Baked Intesteen Is it real intestines or is it fake? Only you can find out by taking a heaping bite and chowing down. This ghastly-looking snack might turn your friends a little green, but you can pick one up at Spooky Food. Bloody Ghost Toast It's probably not real blood. Brain Candy Mix Leave this out in a bowl and surprise everyone with the fun little treats they pull from this tasty mix. Candy Corn Stuffed Pumpkin You can't have a spooky season without candy corn and pumpkins, so why not stuff them together? This adorable pumpkin is filled with everyone's least favourite candy; it's the thought that counts, right? If you need an even more spooky look for the Cannibalistic Pumpkin or the Carnivorous Carved Pumpkin, they will turn heads.

Ethically Sourced Spooky Treats this Halloween!

Starring Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Lervilia the Candy Draik, Sellescha the Pastel Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!--- Christine: Hi! This Halloween, I think it would be a good idea to sample some treats from the Spooky Food Shop--- Sellescha: THAT Spooky Food Shop?! The place was shut down for being an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! (Issue 972---The Spooky Food Shop Exposed) Christine: No, not THAT Spooky Food Shop. The NEW Spooky Food Shop. The twin brother of the vampire who ran the last place has set up a brand-new shop specialising in ethically sourced spooky creations. Meanwhile, the original guy is rotting in jail for his... unsettling excuses for “food.” Sellescha: Good... Lerlifia: I don’t care what’s in the food. I just wanna try some delicious treats! Lervilia: Same here! Sellescha: I think that there are some things that even you two wouldn’t try, like the Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza which was served up at the last shop. Lerlifia: Okay... maybe not. Lervilia: ...That has GOT to be illegal! Christine: It is. That’s why the first vampire is in jail. Anyway, onto the ethically sourced treats: ---Box of Skull Truffles---

Other Stories
"One Night A Year" by surging
Some say that what you are afraid of is all in your mind. Others say there is nothing to fear. A few have said the only thing to fear is fear itself. They are all right. A pack of friends were gathering at the edge of the graveyard: Falylk the Ghost Ixi, Joleix the Zombie Aisha, and Muiiks the Transparent Kougra. 364 days a year they are stuck here, unable to go past these four walls. It could get pretty boring sometimes; although there were always new faces it wasn’t enough to keep things interesting. They were the unlucky ones doomed to this monotonous existence. Their monitor, a Wraith Usul named Wiindago, was nearby waiting for the last visitor, a boring Oil Paint Cybunny, to rush away before nightfall. He was right too; it could get scary around these parts for some. Wiindago was lucky; she could go where she wanted, even leave Haunted Woods. The three of them stood eagerly waiting for nightfall. They watched as others crawled up from the ground, out of their caves, or from wherever and more monitors started appearing. “So, ladies, we have a long night ahead. Best get going,” Wiindago rushed up. “You know the rules but I have to say it anyway: one, no straying from the Woods; two, no touching non-Woodsies; three be home before dawn.” They did know the rules, but...

"A Knight at the Neopian History Museum" by pikapi20
A gentle, cooling breeze swept across the heart of Neopia Central as bustling crowds of shoppers tried to snatch a bargain on what was an unusually warm early Autumn afternoon. With bright sunshine filling the clear blue skies above, the turning of the season hadn't deterred any pet from enjoying the wonderful weather - or affected the ice cream sales from the Neopian Fresh Foods Shop. Indeed, Kau Kau Farm hadn't seen so many orders for frozen treats this late in the season before. As such, the wooden benches next to the Cheeseburger-shaped building all the way to the other side of the Money Tree were packed with happy customers enjoying their sweet snacks. Sat atop one of the many benches was Sir Jeran, Champion of Meridell. The dark blue Lupe seldom left his adopted kingdom and even rarely returned to the land of his birth. He had far too many responsibilities to even entertain the notion of having a holiday. When his younger sister, Lisha, insisted that he accompany her on an important quest to Neopia Central though he felt duty-bound to comply. The ice cream cones the duo were now enjoying were a just reward after a tense meeting with the Wizard that resided in the Marketplace. The Knight couldn't remember the last time he had had ice cream.

"Revamping the Cemetery" by dinha_reeves
It was a pleasant afternoon in the Haunted Woods and a Ghost Chia named Specter was resting on a tombstone in the game graveyard when his attention was suddenly drawn by the shout of Earl, an approaching Halloween Blumaroo. "It's all wrong! It's all wrong!" shouted the Blumaroo in a clear tone of indignation. "What are you talking about, Earl?" "Well, look at this place, Specter!" Blumaroo pointed, waving his arms at the space around him. "Can't you see that this is wrong?!" "But... what?" Without understanding, Specter looked around. Everything looked as usual, there was nothing different about the place and he couldn't understand what Earl was talking about. "We're in a graveyard, Specter, a CEMETERY!" Ghost Chia put his hand on his chin. "Yeah... and what about it...?" "Can't you see? This place is... nice!" Earl grimaced and then shook his head. "This is a cemetery, it's supposed to be scary and dark, not... nice and pleasant... Look, there are even butterflies here!" Earl sounded indignant at a pink butterfly that was landing on the gravestone behind Specter. Upon hearing this, the Ghost Chia took another look around, now with a different perspective, and realized that this cemetery didn't even look like a cemetery. Apart from the tombstones of the...

Spooky Petpets

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