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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"The memories that the place brought back, the wounds it reopened... they were just overwhelming. The fact that the place looked exactly the same as it did a decade ago didn't help the case either. With every tree that she passed on her way, another image of the past flashed in her mind."

The Best Part of Neopia To Travel To Each Month!

The Month of Sleeping - January: Virtupets Space Station If you ever forgot how much you appreciate the one and only Dr. Sloth, make sure to visit the Virtupets Space Station over the Month of Sleeping. The cost to travel can be steep but worth it to experience/be forced into the emotions of appreciating Dr. Sloth all over again! Informative videos all about Dr. Sloth will lull you asleep and wake you in the morning until you are absolutely sure you remember how appreciative you are of Dr. Sloth. The Month of Awakening - February: Roo Island If you need something to JUMPstart your year, Roo Island is the place for you. It’s not quite entirely an amusement park but it is pretty close. Ride the Neopia-famous Merry-Go-Round and feel your spirits lift in real-time. If you are feeling lucky, head over to Dice-a-Roo to win some Neopoints and food, and if you are feeling extra lucky, stay up late and gamble your fate in a game of Deadly Dice with Count Von Roo.

10 Must-Have Warm Weather Wearables for Baby Neopets

Pollen in the air... Blossoms on all the trees... Springabees taking flight… Spring is here and Baby Neopets are changing into their cutest spring outfits! Most Neopet species can be painted Baby by virtue of the Baby Paintbrush available in The Hidden Tower. Alternatively, you can trade one of your Neopets for a Baby Neopet or - if you are lucky - stumble across one in the Pound. However you come across your Baby Neopet, here are ten of the must-have spring wearables for any Baby Neopet's closet. 1. Baby Spring Body Paint Type: Neocash This was initially a limited edition item from the Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule in 2018 and therefore quite difficult to come by. Luckily it was re-released in the 2020 Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule. While there are numerous body paints, face paints, and make-ups designed for basic Neopets, only a limited number are available for Baby Neopets. The majority of these are geared towards Halloween and Valentine's Day...

Notable Neopians: Cheesy (coco6468)

Hello and welcome to the Neopian Times Creator Spotlight! I’m greykadoatie and in this issue, we are shining the spotlight on one of Neopia’s rising stars: Cheesy (coco6468) the creator of Faellie Tales, a comic series that’s nearing its tenth publication in the Neopian Times. Without further ado, let’s hear from Cheesy themselves! 1. Could you give us a brief introduction to Faellie Tales for those that might not have read it? Faellie Tales is a silly little comic series showing the daily shenanigans of silly little Faellies and their silly little adventures. We have Lily the outgoing, happy Faellie; and Hawthorn the grumpy, hesitant Faellie. Lily loves to have fun and can be reckless at times, but she is simply a Faellie living her life to the fullest. And she drags Hawthorn into her adventures, who is the more levelheaded of the two (he is more of a loner though). Faellie Tales is a slice of life, episodic comic with a lot of potential. It is a simple series, but I think that is its charm. Currently, I introduced a new character--Daisy. I'm excited to see what kind of character she develops into!

Other Stories
"How to Make a King Laugh" by midnightswish
For the last five days, Prem only had one goal in mind: get to the Lost Desert. Now that the Acara was here, awe-struck in the hot climate, he can hardly find the strength to take a step forward. But he has to. He knows it. The otherwise timid librarian had spent too many days on the road. He pulls his trusted notebook out from his beaten-down backpack. By his calculation, given the time it took for him to travel there and the estimated time of return, he would only be given a single day there before he had to make the trip back to Meridell. No -- less than that. He shuts his notebook, tucking the pencil into the spine and slides the book back into his bag. He had approximately eight hours before he'd have to travel back and ultimately present himself to the king. It's that daunting task that drives him forward into the city. In six days' time, he would be the one to stand before the royal court. It's an honour to speak before the king, but the last time he'd attended, he couldn't shake that image of his royal scowl from his head. The library suffered as a consequence too. Neopets everywhere whispered as he passed. For all the books that lined his walls and all the stories he's kept in his back pocket, Prem couldn't make the king laugh. That was why he was there now. Books from Brightvale just wouldn't do anymore. He slips his hands into his pocket to retrieve the coin pouch inside. Outside the currency he's estimated would cover the cost of the trip, there's a slip he's tucked inside too. He takes it out now to examine it again. Carefully Prim unfolds the sheet of paper. There are creases from where he's folded it a thousand times over.

"It had to be the Meepits" by lugal222
Normally, Laila couldn’t care less as to what the Meepits did. After the epic Ninja-Meepit battle four years ago (which you will find no record of thanks to Laila threatening… blackmailing?.... ENCOURAGING her brother, Ned, to keep all word of it out of the Neopian Times) they had an uneasy agreement to never interfere with each other’s business. For four years this arrangement had worked perfectly, but now? Now Laila wanted to find the nearest Meepit and fly it up above Neopia and let it fall to Lutari Island or perhaps the Ruins of Maraqua, somewhere mostly uninhabited where the evil creatures could cause little damage. Sure, the stealthy Buzz knew that some thought the little Pink Petpet to be cute and adorable. Perhaps they even ignored all the stories and thought Meepits were innocent creatures, but CLEARLY, they were wrong. While all the trainees at the secret Ninja Training School had been trusting them, the Meepits had been off plotting their most dastardly deed yet. They had been plotting the closure of a prime Neopian staple: The Mall. Laila had been waiting for weeks, maybe even months to go and buy herself a new cape from the mall, but then, when she finally had a day off from helping to protect Neopia, she showed up at the mall only to discover it was closed! The Neopets who sat, some patiently and a lot impatiently, outside the mall doors were grumbling about Meepits. The sweet Elderly Lenny at the doors, looking completely flustered and covered, somehow, with melted marshmallows, explained that there had been an explosion of marshmallows in the mall.

"Goodnight, Kadoatie" by neopartia
All his life, as long as he could remember, there had been one thing that Clove wanted more than anything: a Kadoatie. Sure; he was barely more than a child, so that technically wasn’t a very long time from an outsider’s perspective, but it felt like quite a very long time indeed to young Clove. In reality, it quite likely started when he was just a baby Wocky. He had never liked the dark, but he would often feel embarrassed about sleeping with the lights on. Whenever his mother would see the embarrassment get to him, she would give him a reassuring smile and pull out his Petpet picture book, rereading his favourite page about how Kadoaties wail endlessly when the lights are out. He had always dreamed that one day, he would get his own Petpet Kadoatie, and then he would have an excuse to keep the lights on. And today was finally the day. After days of pressing his face into the Petpet Shop in the hopes of seeing a Kadoatie for sale, the owner had finally taken pity on him and offered him a job helping out around the store. He had spent the last few weeks sweeping and mopping and feeding and cleaning (and claw-dodging, occasionally) but today was it: Payday. Clove barely paused to chew his breakfast, hardly noticing the cereal spilt through the kitchen in his wake before he bolted out the door and ran to the Petpet shop. “Good morning Vicki how are you is my paycheck ready!” he nearly yelled in his excitement, bouncing excitedly from paw to paw. Vicki, the kind Usul shopkeeper, laughed warmly. “Good morning, Clove. I’m well, thank you. I assume you’re here for this?” she brandished an envelope out of her apron.

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