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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

What do you think it takes to be a good leader?

“Compassion. Listening. Leading by example. Letting people make their own mistakes, even if you think you know better."

Departments' Top 10 Fyora Picks for 2023

Heading out to shop for Fyora Day but don't know what to buy? In this article, I, Fyora the Faerie Queen, will talk and walk you through the top 10 Fyora items that I have personally picked for 2023. Being the Faerie Queen, I feel like I have to give some kind of introduction before I list the 10 items. So, the introduction first and then the 10 items. You may be wondering if this is totally necessary. Yes, this is totally necessary because if I don't give an introduction... this article will be too short and won't make it into the Neopian Times due to the shortage in word and character count. Ahem... right, on with the introduction now! Stores and shops are there for a reason. To sell. They try to answer the public's needs by selling their products. You help them by purchasing and they help you by selling. What's needed by someone may not be needed by another. You're probably wondering what I am talking about and where I am going with this. I am the Faerie Queen, the ruler of Faerieland. I am known as the kind faerie who's believed to be the most powerful being in all of Neopia. My duty is to keep everything under control, not just in Faerieland, but the whole world of Neopia. If you're out shopping and are unsure of what to buy in a specific department, do not worry because I got you covered! I will save you and everyone from the stress of not knowing what to buy.

Dressing up like Faerie Royalty

Customising pets is one of the more popular activities you can do on the site, and is in fact, one of my favourite things to do. From Neopoint to Neocash, there is an endless list of wearables you can use to dress up your pets and make them uniquely yours. Whether you choose to throw a bunch of random clothes on your pets or if your outfits are well-thought out and themed to holidays, customising pets is a great way to get creative. This article will be split into two parts - the first part of the article will look at the basic differences between Neopoint and Neocash items, while the second part of the article will focus on wearables that centre around the theme of "faerie royalty" in hopes of inspiring you to dress up your pets to celebrate the faerie queen on her special day. Let's get into it! *** PART 1: Basic differences between Neopoint and Neocash wearables Before we get into dressing up our pets, we first need to be able to identify which items are actually wearable, and we need to know the different types of wearables that are available on the site. The two main categories are "Neopoint wearables" and "Neocash wearables". Regardless of whether the item in Neopoint or Neocash, all wearable items that you can actually put into your closet and onto your pet, will have an icon of a clothes hanger on the bottom left hand corner...

Insider Scoop: Queen Fyora's Daily Morning Routine

Don't you ever wonder what it's like to be the ruler of Faerieland? The world? Do you want Neopians to look up to you and not down on you? Do most Neopians view you as evil? Are you sick and tired of being the person to Shop Wizard a Faerie Quest item instead of giving out the Faerie Quests themselves? Of course you are, as this is totally relatable to everyone! Howdy, my name is Chaeldar and I run the Neopian Times Tabloids around here. I know what you're thinking, tabloids are always honest and entertaining! And that's all very true. Everything we put in our tabloids is only the truth. We are also an equal opportunity newspaper and employee all species such as Moehogs, Kaus, Aishas, the list goes on. Our Neopets worked hard on the job to secretly follow around Queen Fyora and give you Neopians all the little details of her morning routine. WARNING: Some Faeries are not at all what they claim to be. Without further adieu thank you for the 500 Neopoints and here is what our Neopets have uncovered about Queen Fyora:

Other Stories
"Faerie Queen, Faerie Knight " by precious_katuch14
A blaze of pink and lilac light emanated from the Southwest Tower of Faerie Palace, and for a moment, all fighting around the palace ground to a halt as Aethia looked up at the rose-colored beacon. Then she spoke the words she couldn’t believe she was finally speaking, words she had waited to speak for quite a while. “Queen Fyora has been freed!” A corrupted light faerie hissed at the sound of Fyora’s name and lunged toward her, but Aethia was quicker, striking down her opponent with an almost perfect arc of her Fire and Ice Blades. The Battle Faerie felt something else well up within her in addition to the thrill of battle and her own brand of magic…it was as if her heart had guided her swords. “Long live Queen Fyora!” a dark faerie cried. Several other faeries and Neopians wearing Faerieland’s livery took up the chant as they rushed forward to meet the soldiers in black, gold, and red armor emblazoned with Draik wings.

"What Has Fyora Ever Done For Us?" by spaghetti_bear
The park – usually a good spot to sit in peace and solitude – was thronged with people. Large purple and gold banners adorned the ornate black gates at the entrance, and the tree branches sagged beneath miles upon miles of purple bunting, each little triangle embroidered neatly with the Faerie Queen’s name. People had laid out picnic baskets all over the grass, and children laughed and played by the fountain. Vendors meandered through the crowds with trays of Faerieland foods to sell; earth faerie apples, light faerie lemons, and faerie eclairs – oh my! Selwick stood at the entry way to the park, his eyes narrowed as he watched the merriment, his purple tail swishing violently. When he had awoken that bright and sunny morning and decided to head to head to his usual haunt, he hadn’t realised there would be quite such a furore around Fyora Day. He dithered for a moment, briefly considering going back home to be alone, but defiantly he strode...

"Fyora, Queen of… Rubbish?" by surging
Meri Acres Farm is a quaint little farm on the outskirts of Meridell. Many travelers and natives frequent this spot in Neopia for its charming aspects. There is a typical carnival game where you guess the weight of a marrow for a prize. There are two different versions of counting potatoes, regular and extreme (and yes, one does need to be radically extreme to do it successfully). There is a fun game where you protect the crops by fighting off some slorgs. There is the ever popular pick your own, where as the name implies you pick your own berries and other items you want to take home as a souvenir of your time at Meri Acres. But there is one place that is popular for all the wrong reasons: the rubbish dump. When Sam took the job of overseeing the rubbish dump he thought he would be educating on waste, recycling, and composting. He thought he would be making a difference and showing visitors to this humble farm how important handling rubbish was. At first Sam’s dreams...

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