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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

“We need your help. We don’t know how Terask has grown into a giant Draik, or how he has amassed such a huge army, but they’re getting closer to Faerie Palace as we speak. Queen Fyora is in danger, and we need every able Faerielander to stand up and fight.”

A Beginner's Guide to Reselling

In 2022 while the staff works to convert the site to HTML, you may have noticed that it is harder to earn Neopoints. Have you found it more difficult to collect stamps, finish your gallery or even paint your pets? While there aren’t nearly as many games working in the games room unless you can manage to get flash to work, reselling is a viable option.

How to Master Dubloon Disaster

Dubloon disaster is easy to learn and easy to start racking up points. However, it can be deceptively hard to master and get a coveted trophy or avatar. Before you start, make sure to go into the game options and turn off water effects. These can not only cause unnecessary lag, but they can be distracting by drawing your eye to places where nothing is actually moving.

Six Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday!

Birthdays are a special opportunity to celebrate, spoil yourself, and have fun. And why shouldn’t these same principles apply to your Neopet as well? Don’t know where to start or what to plan for your pet’s special day? Well never fear! There are plenty of celebratory opportunities to explore in Neopia to ensure your pet’s birthday is a smashing day they’ll never forget.

Other Stories
"A Moment in the Garden" by 77thbigby
I was too young to remember but my mother recounts the story with fondness. I was only three months old when my parents visited Faerieland for the very first time. Coming from Terror Mountain, the differences between our snowy mountain home and the magical city in the clouds were numerous.

"How To Tackle A Thief" by pikapi20
Nightfall on the surface of Kreludor was something that always took tourists to the moon of Neopia by surprise. Not that evening came, of course. You would have had to visit Moltara or perhaps the Ice Caves to avoid that phenomenon. No, it was that when night fell on Kreludor... it fell.

"Jhudora in the Time of Terask" by precious_katuch14
On most days, Jhudora expected a handful of questers showing up at her cloud outside Faerieland. Sometimes they even formed a small queue as they either waited for their next quest or tripped all over their own feet, wings or paws handing over whatever items she had sought.

Tyrannian Petpets

This week's issue is brought to you by: Tyrannian Petpets
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How to Master Dubloon Disaster
"Dubloon disaster is easy to learn and easy to start racking up points. However, it can be deceptively hard to master and get a coveted trophy or avatar."

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