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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

“There’s your problem.” Serah puts her wings at her sides, hopping to a different perch. “Your majesty, your focus has been on how you can prove yourself to your wife. Queen Nabile chose you for your heart, even in the throes of your curse. But have you listened to your heart in this decision? Instead of fixating on what you would like to give her, why not instead look into what SHE would like to receive?”

An Interview with the Artist of the Maraquan Project

Veronica: Hello Neopians! It's Veronica here and today is an exciting day at the studio as I sit down with our beloved artist, Chanty (chantili_doce). You may know her as the designer of the Classic Saxophone wearable, the Maraquan Kiko, and, most recently, the Maraquan Jetsam! That's right. Both the Maraquan Kiko and the Maraquan Jetsam were inspired by Chanty's lovely designs. I'm sure you all can't wait to get to know more about this talented artist and how her designs came to life, so Chanty has been kind enough to come into the studio with us and answer a few questions.

What to Do if You Missed Sloth Appreciation Day

Sometimes you miss a Neopian celebration. It’s understandable, there are an awful lot of them--more than 70 without even counting the whole Month of Celebration!--and sometimes things happen. Turmaculus eats your Kadoatie, you accidentally feed your Kyrii an apple and now she has Itchy Scratchies, you forgot to play Trudy's Surprise Slot Machine one day before the 100k grand prize and are lamenting your own forgetfulness and the celebration ironically slips your mind.

Grab a Cuppa for Spicy Chai Tea

Hello, hiya and welcome! My name is WillowAurelie, and I am obsessed with all things tea! If you have not seen my gallery yet, you should stop by so you can join my little tea party and get a feel for how much I love tea! Technically, I collect the coffee items too because they are also cute but yuck the taste of coffee! Same for borovan and hot chocolate. But I digress.

Other Stories
"A Brynnso Post-Christmas Special" by rielcz and flufflepuff
The following is a script commissioned by Queen Fyora to bolster citizen morale, increase her approval rating, and distract from the issues that continue to plague Faerieland and Neopia. Following their guaranteed off-year, Hanso and Brynn again return to the stage in Fyora's Tower... to do something a little different. A warm spirit of giving is often forgotten in the colder months after Celebrating, so this year, Hanso and Brynn decided to spread Christmas joy and merriment when Neopia needs it most...

"The Tidal Cave" by shadowknight_72
Clara struggled, thrashing her arms and legs like mad, trying to keep her head above the water. The current forced her back, dragging her deeper into the cave. Everything was little more than a blur in her vision; the rushing water stung her eyes and filled her lungs as she tried to breathe. Air spilt out of her mouth in a cluster of bubbles when she felt a sudden sharp jolt of pain on her side.

"Caught Between Kingdoms: Letters" by parody_ham
A cold, brisk wind whipped through the narrow streets of Meridell City. Snow flurries dotted the roofs with a thin layer of powder that shimmered in the afternoon sun. Neopians who had to be outside clung to their wool coats in a desperate attempt to retain some warmth. A few brave souls peddled “soup for sale! Best soup in Meridell!” in nooks out of the elements, a steaming pot of stew their only company...

Wonderous Weaponry

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