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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

She started with the obvious one; Geraptiku. This was the part of the island where the warmth of the sun was blocked out by the thick canopy of trees, the sand giving way to soft, loamy soil, which she supposed was great for farming but did tend to make the city look cold and forbidding. Instead of the staple thatch and bamboo the main island sported, the buildings here were made out of a pale grey stone that leeched any colour from the surrounding trees. Marina shivered. Maybe it hadn’t been the best idea to come here alone.

‘Detectives investigate all kinds of scary places,’ she told herself sternly. ‘You can’t expect to find something interesting where it’s safe and boring.’

Neggs: One for Every Occasion

Are you tired of sending greeting cards? Bored of the plain text neomails? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect item to gift to someone to congratulate them on reaching All-Star in the AC! Well, look no further! Here you can find various different neggs, one for every occasion! They’re the perfect gift to send a greeting or celebrate a special occasion. Congratulations Negg Your best friend fed their first kad! Your AC team member reached the rank All-Star! A member of your guild achieved a new avatar! There are so many milestones being reached and goals being achieved here on Neopets each and every day, and they are all worth celebrating. This Congratulations Negg is the perfect way to send your heartfelt “Congratulations!” With it's bright colours and cheerful balloon pattern, this negg conveys just the right amount of...

Top 10 Affordable Cross Paints

Here is your guide to achievable cross-painting neopets that looks good, regal even! First let's start with the basics, so what exactly is cross-painting/cross-paint in general? It’s basically having two colour paints in one pet, where one paint will be the base colour of the pet and the other the clothing part. Simply remember to paint the clothing part first and then the base paint. Now the combination of two paints can be really pricy in particular the clothing part since the base colour could just be any colour excluding Maraquan, Baby and Mutant colours. First, let list out all the available paints that come with clothing. Here are all the available paints that have clothing on all species: Royal Paint Brush, Stealth Paint Brush, Lost Desert Paint Brush, Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush, Steampunk Paint Brush, Pirate Paint Brush and Zombie Paint Brush.

Your Festival of Neggs Clothing Guide

Weewoos chirping and Cybunnies hopping? Spring is here, and the festival of neggs is always the premier event of the season. To make sure you’re ready to properly welcome the festival in style, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the must-haves of this season! Pastels and bright colours dominate Neopian wardrobes this time of year and we are big supporters of the trend! But style isn’t the only concern for this season – being ready to participate in all those negg hunts in the warming weather are an essential part of creating the perfect look!

Other Stories
"The Hunt for a Golden Shell!" by kimberlyyyyy
Jaackie_Chaan’s favorite activity to do was to go avatar collecting. What a thrill Jaackie and Kimberly got when they saw the “Something Has Happened!” when they unlocked things, and an addiction began. “I want to collect all the avatars!” Jaackie said to his owner, Kimberly. Beginning with the easy, clickable avatars, Jaackie quickly grew bored of only attempting the easy avatars. So Jaackie decided to move on to collecting some game avatars, but again, we were not the best at this! “Jaackie, we’re never going to get some of these game avatars,” said Kimberly, namely Meerca Chase II was forever out of their reach. “All it takes is some practice!” Jaackie tried to encourage Kimberly to just keep trying for the avatar, but to no avail, she did not want to move forward. Next, Jaackie thought it would be a good idea to move on to something else then and look at some of the harder avatar lends and how we could achieve those.

"Whispers" by the_spirit_realm
“Did you know that Mystery Island is haunted?” It was a common whisper for Mystery Island’s schoolchildren, passed from pet to pet in hushed voices and furtive looks over their shoulders. It was tradition during the endless summer nights to gather on the beaches and sit around campfires, swapping ghost stories and urban legends, scaring themselves stupid. The stories became increasingly more ridiculous as the evening wore on, and made sure that no one would want to look too closely in the dark. The only trouble was, the hauntings they were referring to wasn’t the Ghost Lupe, also known as Sylva. Ever since Judge Hog had sorted out that bit of trouble, the Ghost Lupe was a common sight on the island, wandering the jungle and generally keeping to himself. No one apart from naïve tourists were particularly afraid of him, and Sylva was known to even help out lost visitors on occasion. But the other ghosts?

"Kadoatie on the Brink" by bex2633
It was fair to say that Lucy the Kadoatie was used to a life of luxury. Either she was at home with her beloved Aisha, Leila, being spoiled, pampered. and generally adored, or she was in in the Kadoatery, where to her delight endless Neopians would clamour to feed her whatever expensive and delicious treat she most fancied at that moment. Leila had even painted her faerie, and now she could fly, which was honestly just too much fun. Lucy truly felt she was the envy of all other petpets, and she could not be happier with this state of affairs. Point being, Lucy was not used to hardship in any form. So she really didn’t know what to think when Leila stopped in front of the catacombs of Neovia, and gestured at the door. Lucy cocked her head in confusion, and swished her tail. Leila sighed. “Go on Lucy. There’s treasure in there and I need you to find it. If I go in I will be cursed.” Lucy stared at her in disbelief, and mewed pitifully, before fluttering off into the branches...

The Neopian Neggery

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