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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Ash. The air smelled of ash everywhere. The smog is so thick, it practically blocked out the glow of the moon. Set amidst the rolling grey clouds, a castle pierced through the fog and stood defiantly against the dark night sky, emitting an aura of menace and otherworldly power. The grey stone bricks were covered in creeping vines, like millions of spindly, twisted fingers reaching across the slate façade, consuming every surface with its dark green leaves. Turrets jutted out from every wall, each one perforated with round windows that are framed by a row of sharpened spikes.

Neocash Redemption Prizes Starring Illusen!

---Starring Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Maldice the Stealthy Draik, Walda the unbelievably bratty Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!--- Christine: Welcome! Each Month of Running, Neopians across the globe celebrate Earth Faeries, particularly Illusen, and just about anything green and/or earthy. Illusen is a very sweet and stylish Earth Faerie, so why not show her some love? In this article, we’ll be discussing some Illusen-themed items which came from redemptions of Neocash cards about ten years ago. While those cards can still be redeemed for Neocash if you have them, I’m not sure if they’ll still give Illusen-themed items. You can always buy those items from other players using Neopoints, though! (These redemption prizes are Neopoint items, not Neocash items.) Without further ado, here are the items:

Exclusive Neopian Interviews: Kauvara

Hello, and welcome to Exclusive Neopian Interviews. Today, we will be interviewing one of our most magical friends. Many are familiar with her pointed hat peering above the counter, surrounded by swirling mists and hazes of various colours. After all, she is the long-time owner of one of the most popular shops around, with lines out the door at all hours. Of course, we’re referring to her magical-ness, Kauvara. We stumbled through the packed store into the back room, where empty bottles are stacked neatly in the corner, surrounded by bubbling cauldrons. The shelves lining the walls are meticulously labelled, some of them rattling and oozing. We find our guest putting the finishing touches on what appears to be a Faerie Ixi Morphing Potion, attaching the delicate wings on the bottle. NT: Hello, we’re so glad to finally be here.

A Conversation About Comics

Twillie and June; two comic creators for the Neopian Times, and both friends. So often their conversation turns to comics, but this time it’s a little different. This time, they’re sharing their conversation with you. Twillie (twillieblossom) is creator of the long-running comic series “Blossoms,” as well as an amazing artist who has placed overall gold in the Beauty Contest twice. June (june_scarlet) is the creator of two comic series: “Dinner with the Scarlets” as well as “Ink.” This article marks June’s hundredth piece for the Neopian Times.

Other Stories
"The Tale of Everblaze & the Earth Faerie" by honorrolle
Ever since he was a young lad, Evergreen the Scorchio felt out of place. He lay in his Earth Faerie Canopy Bed and thought about why he might feel that way. His Meridell neohome he lived in was lovely. It was an Earthen masterpiece with fresh foliage in every corner and masterful gardens on the estate. The earthy scent carried through all areas of the home with berries hanging even from the ceiling. The home had even been featured on the Neohome spotlight page and was a Meridell Chamber winner in the Best Homes of Meridell for three years now. He wanted for nothing! Evergreen lived pretty close to Cheeseroller and ol’ man Techo let him try all the interesting cheeses that visitors would bound down the hills.

"Paddy's Unlucky Adventure" by kathleen_a_b
As the morning sun peeked through the curtains of an upstairs bedroom in Meridell, it lit up the sleeping face of a green Kacheek. When the sunlight reached Paddy’s eyes, they snapped open, and fell upon the bedside calendar informing him that today was his favourite day of the entire year. The seventeenth day of the Month of Running was considered especially lucky, was the celebration of his neighbour Illusen, and best of all, was Paddy’s birthday! Every Neopet gets a little extra luck on their birthday, but Paddy always felt particularly lucky on his day. It was as if the combined luck of the days multiplied together, rather than simply adding. He could feel it in the air as he got up that today was going to be great.

"The Pest Professor" by 77thbigby
It was a beautiful day on the island. The sky was clear, the sun shining hotly down. It was a great day to be out on the water. Conditions were perfect, a nice breeze kicking up some waves and cooling down some relief from the relentless heat and humidity. Best of all, the place was crawling with tourists. Just the way Rhae liked it. The coconut Jubjub knew most natives didn’t care for tourists but not him. His favourite activities were surfing and paddleboarding. Tourists looking for something a bit more adventurous than working on their tans came to him. Not only did he get to do what he loved but he got paid for it! Who didn’t want that? Today was no different. Rhae was near the shore, teaching a young rainbow Chia how to balance on a board.

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