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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

There are dichotomous states that often govern our lives: push and pull, yin and yang, order and disorder. Life never stands still, so you are constantly oscillating among these states. Two key ones for me are consonance and dissonance; pleasantness and harshness. When things are consonant, everything seems right with the world, and everything is in its place. Dissonance is just the opposite, with the harshness jumping out at you. This doesn’t mean that we should avoid dissonance at all costs; to the contrary, we need both in life to feel fulfilled. If life was constantly consonant, we could never grow ourselves or learn. Dissonance helps push us to find consonance, and in turn, learn to live with occasional dissonance. This is exactly the essence of music—within the noise you are hearing is the constant battle of consonance and dissonance. In this way, it mirrors life itself.

This Play Went off Without a Hitch

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Neopia’s newest play: The Fall, a dramatic retelling of the times before, during, and after Faerieland fell. As this play is presented by the illustrious Brightvale University, this special series of interviews will be conducted by Sally Mance, author for Brightvale University’s own “Golden Quill.” Follow her in and around the set as she speaks with the stars of the show, the props department, and some of the dedicated volunteers who make everything happen behind-the-scenes. The final series of interviews will be conducted with a combination of reviewers and members of the audience as they recount their profound experiences with the play.

Post-Performance Routine Supplies

So your Neopet has moved into the theatre for the run of a new production. They have brought everything they need for the rehearsals and shows like costumes and makeup and their lucky charm is already sitting on the dressing table in front of the mirror decorated with letters from Neofriends and photos from that trip to Kreludor you took two years ago. But what about their needs afterwards? Depending on your Neopet’s post-performance routine, these are some of the supplies you may want to buy them. Icing. The cold verb, not the yummy noun. This one is particularly for the Neopets who are dancing on stage. This process is to reduce swelling and stop inflammation.

The Art of Battling

Singing, dancing, acting; when you think of performance art these are likely the first three activities you think of. Maybe you’ll also think of those odd exhibition stunts such as an artist remaining perfectly still for a day, a dance mob organizing a massive performance in a middle of a busy street, or an acrobat walking a tightrope over a canyon. Performance art takes many shapes and forms, even in ways you wouldn’t think. Yes, as the title suggests, I’m saying that battling too is a kind of performance art, one which has many styles that vary between cultures. And who better to...

Other Stories
"Dance of the Battle" by platinum_marauder
As he lunged at the Slime Titan, the slippery Haunted Wood’s ground sent Rohane skidding forward… straight into a protruding tree root. He would have fallen over, head-first into the slimy mud below, had Mipsy not grabbed onto his armour and pulled him back to his feet, gifting him his balance again. An arrow from Talinia’s bow whizzed past the pair, but the Slime Titan dodged… and the evasive manoeuvre launched the smelly creature straight into Velm’s Justice Staff. Unfazed, the monster quickly regained its composure and threw a blow at the Techo. Velm dove out of the way, but like his friends found himself at the mercy of the swamp beneath his feet, skidding towards the other three heroes. The monster’s footing showed it was adept at fighting in the swampy environment, compared to the stumbling quartet of heroes. If one didn’t know any better they could assume the group was practising some...

"Like Claws on a Chalkboard" by sarah_jackie
“No, for the last time a Trumpet of Blasting is not allowed at the concert.” Drechser opened his mouth in protest. “--and we have no need of a triangle player right now.” Hamish, a Kyrii with a perfectly coiffed tuft of red hair and a fitted sparkling blue suit sighed in frustration. “I’m sorry Drechser, I know you want to be a part of the Jaunty Jubulius Jitterbug Jazzy Jubilee Jiggy Jamboree for the Jolly Jubilation of Juliana Jetsam,” he stopped to take a deep breath. “But you’re, well, you just aren’t good enough.” The Halloween Kougra tucked back his wings and frowned. “I can practice Hamish, there’s still two weeks! I know I can get better at playing the guitar before the Jaunty Jubulius Jitterbug Jazzy Jubilee-” Before he could continue any further, Hamish shook his head and attempted to move the Kougra out of his music shop. For three years now, Drechser came every week for music lessons from Hamish.

"The Fat Lady Sings" by herdygerdy
The curtain raised on a scene of destruction. Castles lay in ruins, the farmlands around them aflame and billowing out smoke that blotted out the sun. Most of the audience hadn’t seen a production from this troupe before, but if they had, they would agree that the artist in the props department had really outdone themselves this time. From stage left, a figure clad in the purple armour of the Citadel entered, moving stiffly from a mixture of good acting and resistance in the painted cardboard that made up his costume. An elaborate mask that exaggerated the features of a Darigan Eyrie to the point where his head plumage looked like purple flames obscured the Neopet’s true species, the only feature that could be seen were his eyes, to which heavy red makeup had been applied to try and make him look demonic in nature. The would-be Eyrie let out a dramatic cackle and drew a sword. “It is done!” he declared to the boos of the crowd.

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