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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"So what would you do with the jackpot, if you won it?" What would you do? It's not a question you've let yourself ask. A merchant can't dabble in their own wares. It's more than a rule, it's a fundamental law if one wants to see any sort of success. You've seen too many others forced to close up shop after their ledgers summed up negative month after month. But then again - would that be the worst thing, to close up shop? You've been running this shop for decades, keeping it open every day of the year, closing only for breakfast and lunch. You have a tidy sum in the bank. If you wanted, you could use the money to invest in another shop - or do something else entirely. But what? What would you do? "I... don't know," you realize.


Hey everyone - here is your newest Neopian Times writer, gabi100pitty with a short article about the goods (and the bad!) sides of Flash Player. Let's remember it together? 1) Your first flash game avatar – It really felt great back then, huh? In my case, it was Gadgadsgame. As a newbie (kind of, been a newbie for a few years hehe), I remember I had no idea what an “avatar” was, and it felt weird that during common gameplay I had that little window showing up – I ended up pressing f5 and missed the text, worrying that I had done something wrong. I’m sure any of the 90’s kids (or earlier) can relate.

Nourishing Your Neopets With Healthy Habits

Have you been indulging in a few too many Red Poinsettia Sugar cookies during the months of Storing and Celebrating? Playing excessive amounts of Godori? Taking a Snowager-worthy level of hibernation in your neohome? No, guilt from me my friend! I am fully aware of the all-year-long ache to sit in the ole’ Neohome reading A Christmas Quiggle Carol next to the Charming Fireplace. There is just simply nothing like it when the holiday potatoes start sprouting under the tree, as you share an oven-fresh and quite agile plate of fun holiday cookies with the neofam.

Memories of a Trade Chatter

*Click click click* December 1, 2020—you hastily log into, the front page beaming with an ever warming glow of nostalgia. Another one of the quick usual checkups to avoid the abyss of inactivity? No, you’ve come with a purpose—to successfully make it through the advent calendar this year. With friends flaunting their real-life advent calendars with awe, you decide to go with a more humble, less expensive option. With such a goal in mind, you find yourself back on Neopets, trying to absorb all the changes and re-integrate into Neopian society.

Other Stories
"Jackpot" by aurorapearl
She twirls her tail around her paw, absent-mindedly brushing it as she leans against the counter of your kiosk. "If I were to win the jackpot," she muses aloud, even though you hadn't asked, "I would buy my family a nice home in Neopia Central, with enough bedrooms for everyone. And then I'd buy myself a morphing potion. I am so very tired of being a Wocky." Your own tail flicks sharply with irritation. "What's wrong with being a Wocky?" "Oh." The girl's eyes widened, only just realizing that you, too, are a Wocky. "Nothing, that is - if you like being a Wocky. But you have to agree, it's so hard to keep a shine on our fur. And you must also admit it would be nice to fly." You scoff, returning to organizing your wares. You've seen her like before - heck, you've *been* there yourself...

"Fashionable Memory" by fantasy_star541
Three weeks and two siblings after Gryffon Magesty, Fantasy now has a(n) (almost) completed family: Gryffon Magesty the Eyrie, Darling Dash the Peophin, and the ever attention seeking Charles Charming the Ogrin. They are an imperfect family who will help each other in tough times (physically and emotionally), and always has their backs for whatever lies ahead of them. Especially for Darling Dash, who is grateful for his siblings for helping him out in his time of need. One day, the family was doing their daily rounds of shopping thanks to Trudy’s Surprise, buying books, browsing clothes, and buying food. They come home in the evening, and they do what they usually do: Gryffon reads books from her bookshelf, Charles combs his mane...

"Snow Roller Sidestep: Adee’s Terror Mountain Adventure" by superkathiee
Adee the chia felt it was time for an adventure. She’d been dodging ice cream scoops her entire life. Sure, it only happened in her dreams, but who’s to say that wasn’t real? Her dodging skills were excellent. Walking through Neopia Central, she could dodge flying petpets; walking through Meridell, she knew how to dodge rolling cheese like the rest of them. It was time for a new challenge, a greater adventure. It was time to climb the summit of Terror Mountain. Terror Mountain was not always so terror-inducing. She’d heard stories of people climbing the summit and scaling back down the mountain quite peacefully; it used to be a rite of passage for neopets that grew up in Happy Valley, like Adee.

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