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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

As I made my way up the well-trodden path that wound up the hill to the lodging house, I noted the state of disrepair of the locale. Untended rose bushes tangled with weeds wandered onto the path, completely obscuring it in places. The woods had crept up the hillside, with young trees dotted along a slope that had once been cleared of underbrush. The neighbouring buildings were similarly ill-used; crumbling paint advertised an apothecary in a ramshackle shop, and a bakery and other tenement houses were clustered at the hill's base.

8 Best Color Options For Your Pteri

Welcome, fellow Pteri owner! Wait… you own a Pteri, don’t you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here… or maybe you just intend to create or adopt one in the near future… whatever the case is, welcome! The 8th of The Month of Storing is once more upon us and this article was specifically written to celebrate Pteri Day (and obviously Pteris themselves). Pteris are incredible creatures and deserve to be treated as such. The way we chose to celebrate these little birds is to elaborate a list of available colours we enjoy, so other owners can get inspired and potentially give their pets a brand-new look. That being said, we invite you to check out our list below. Note that the colours are disposed in no particular order!

A Veteran's Guide to Returning to Neopets

With many of us staying at home more regularly than the years before, I found myself reverting back to the things I found nostalgic. I rewatched my favourite childhood shows and movies, I reread my favourite books, I relistened to my favourite songs, and I replayed my favourite games. On my quest for ultimate nostalgia I remembered Neopets and the way it consumed all my free time growing up, and boy do I have a lot more free time these days. Coming back to Neopets after years off (in my case 7) showed me while a lot of things look the same, things have certainly changed. So here is your guide on how to reap that sweet sweet nostalgia by returning to Neopets!

9 Things To Do on Slorg Day

On the 3rd of the month of Storing (November 3rd), Neopians officially celebrates Slorg Day. This little slimy creature that originates from the Haunted Woods is arguably the most well-known petpet in Neopia. From Altador to Tyrannia, and from Moltara to Brightvale, all Neopets and owners know the tales of their misdeeds on farms, their slime-overload presence and endless happiness. To celebrate this ICONIC petpet, an exclusive date in the calendar was chosen. Why is it celebrated on this day?

Other Stories
"The Queen's Quest" by hawkydreamerz
The moonlight dimmed its glow over the southwest glades in the Haunted Woods. Kayla thought of how ironic it was to have a lovely full moon emerging in the hazy sky during such difficult times. She then remembered in detail the arduous journey taken to get to the exact location where she was standing. Everything started when Fyora, The Faerie Queen, mysteriously fell ill at dawn. Many tried, but no healer in all of Faerieland was able to properly identify the inexplicable cause of the peculiar disease. That went on until a reputed mystic from Mystery Island determined that the Queen was suffering from a terrible curse. The mystic was also able to find that the Queen’s life was at stake...

"Under A Golden Wing" by cookiez101
Enveloped by cerulean, watched over by a warming light, and kept company by fluffed, kindly clouds: here is where the Golden Pteri was content. “Finally!” He exclaimed to himself, flipping over and back again in a mid-air circle. “A perfect day. Not a rain cloud, not even a glimpse of grey before me.” He flipped again, then dove down and up again, an oscillating gold coin beaming through the air over the Haunted Woods. It was as if someone was flipping a one hundred dubloon coin in the air, attempting to make a decision. The Golden Pteri sighed contentedly. He had no need to worry about anyone overhearing his jabbering; no other Lennys, Pteris, or petpets flew at the altitudes he did...

"Reminiscing About This Past Halloween" by akezis
Just like every year, another Halloween has passed and we've entered the month of Storing. The chilly wind blows as orange, red and brown leaves fall from the trees and adorn the streets everywhere; scarves, jackets and coats are seen being taken out of their closets for the first time since the much warmer seasons took over, while swimsuits, tank tops and shorts are slowly being left behind until next year. Many months have come and gone and we're getting closer to the start of a new year, but there are a couple of holidays left for us to enjoy. There are only a few festivities that gather so much interest from all Neopians around the world like the one on October...

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