Stand behind yer sheriff Circulation: 196,396,929 Issue: 912 | 28th day of Hiding, Y22
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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

“Being strong isn’t about being loud Zach,” she replied, her gaze softening. “Strength isn’t about being right. Sometimes, being strong is about knowing that you’re right, and choosing to be kind anyway.”Those words rang like bells in Zach’s head. No one had ever dared to tell him how to act or what to do, but these words were exactly what he needed. “Sometimes, it’s better to set out with forgiveness,” Mrs Holland continues. “Because you never know what someone else is going through. We only see one side of things, but underneath, they may be struggling too. Showing them some kindness could make all the difference for them.”

The Highs and Lows of the Mutants of Neopia

In celebration of Mutant Day, it is time to look at the best and the worst of what Mutant neopets have to offer. Mutant pets come in many different shapes and sizes, and whether they have mutated deliberately or simply been hit by the random chance of the laboratory ray, there is a huge amount of variety between the various mutated pets. Regardless of the cause, something inside the very fabric of our neopets warps and shifts as the mutations take hold. A lucky few come out the other side stronger, faster and if perhaps not beautiful, then certainly striking. Others, however, do not fare so well in this game of chance.

The Origins of Chuffer Bob - An Exclusive!

Most Neopians have heard of the infamous Chuffer Bob, one of the Cheat! Masters. They know him as a larger-than-normal Meerca with an insatiable appetite. He really loves eating and his most infamous quote is “Caution: This body makes extra-wide turns!” But how did Chuffer Bob get to this point? We know from the Neopedia that he wasn’t always this large, nor was he always a good eater. In fact, as he says, his mother used to feed him healthy food, including fava beans, but he would feed them to their pet Snorkle. Well, a reliable source has come forward to reporter SirToofy with an inside scoop on the life of Chuffer Bob.

Usukicon: A Guide With Lawyerbot

Usukicon is one of the most celebrated conventions in the land of Neopia. On the 20th day of Hiding, many little pets and their owners line up for hours outside of Usuki Land just to get a glimpse at, and hopefully purchase, their own brand new Usuki dolls. For those who are first-timers is it essential to have a plan of attack, defence and perfect navigation of the stalls. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to get all the helpful tips and tricks from one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable Usuki collectors in the land, Lawyerbot.

Other Stories
"The Plushie Tycoon Taxman’s Feelings" by illusique
“Please state your name for the record…” “I am the Plushie Tycoon Taxman” “...and how are you feeling today?” “Not too bad.” I say as I rest my head on the Luxurious Sofa as I prop my legs up. “Wow..” I thought to myself. “For 1,400np this is really comfortable!” The leather is cooling on my skin, the soft cushions blended in the right positions with my body. I feel an imminent slumber creeping towards me as my eyes grow heavy. “Would you like to tell me about your week?” I snap back into reality and my eyes widen. “It’s the same as last week.” I blurt. “People were avoiding me like a plague, nobody made eye contact with me, and I could always hear people whispering about me on the NeoBoards.”

"Fyora's Gown" by butter_bar12
“Ow!” Queen Fyora exclaimed. I jumped back, hiding the pointy needle behind my back. This dress fitting was not going so well. “Are you alright, Your Highness?” I knew that impertinence would not get me far, especially this close to the Faerie Festival. The Queen was always impatient the week before the legendary celebration. Higher ranked Neopians than I had been dismissed during the Month of Gathering. “You clumsy imbecile, be careful!” she scolded. However, the Queen smiled as she admired herself in the mirror of the Hidden Tower. I had only been working as a Faerieland dressmaker for a few weeks now, but I knew that she was pleased with the results.

"Uma's Ummagines" by pigeons707
Umamarie the Desert Usul looked out from the highest step of the Words of Antiquity shop on to the main square of Qasala. She was at once taken by the landscape in hues of brown and yellow, a sandy sea of Neopians draped in lightly coloured robes as shields against the unrelenting sun, and pointed towers that reached toward the sky. She also noted how, every few streets apart, endearing onion domes sat perched atop some buildings. Unlike at her home on Guild Street in Neopia Central, the wind was not strong. What gentle breeze that did exist rustled her robes ever so slightly, creating the effect that she was dancing. Her plushie Snarhook, always so faithfully beside her sandals, matched the light blue details of her robes.

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