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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

They both settle comfortably back into their work, quietly listening to the soft blue music. It seems to cool the room, providing a simple rhythm to their movements.

6 Foods to Celebrate this Tyrannian Victory Day

Ugga aka-aka ugga-gal! Happy Tyrannian Victory Day! It is on this day that Neopia celebrates the culture of the Tyrannia and the defeat of the ferocious Monoceraptor. The history of Tyrannia is long and rather epic, ranging from a tumultuous war to the creation of Neopia’s most popular concert hall. There is so much to see and do in Tyrannia today, such as shopping, playing games, and admiring the historic sites such as the Tyrannian War Memorial or the cave paintings. In fact, Tyrannia has quietly become one of the most popular travel destinations due to its warm climate and striking culture. Neopets from various lands travel to Tyrannia to experience the exciting scenery, fashion, and to try and speak one of the infamous Tyrannian dialects. But, in order to truly immerse yourself in Tyrannian culture this Victory Day, you absolutely must indulge in at least one of Tyrannia’s famous foods! So, what better way to celebrate such a day than with food?

Stone-Age Getaway: How to Celebrate Tyrannian Day

Located far under the surface of Neopia and nestled between Terror Mountain lies a place trapped in the past: Tyrannia. This stone-age location is well known to Neopians, but is hardly regarded as hot spot in terms of vacation locations. While most Neopians splurge on fancy dinners in Maraqua or search for a mythical world composed of jelly, Tyrannia has faced a decline in visitors over the last few years. The lack of tourism has caused citizens to make cut-backs in regards to some of Tyrannia’s famous features. We spoke to an employee at the Ticket Booth outside Tyrannia’s concert hall to get an inside scoop about how these cut-backs can affect touring bands. "Ugg, ugga ug… UGGA! Ugga ug." (Translator’s note: "The concert hall had to reevaluate our game plan after we realized that tourism in Tyrannia was declining… as of right now, we had to let go of quite a lot of staff and our set-list has shrunk immensely! Rumor has it that the Giant Omelette will be removed next in order to save funds.")

Mynci Beach Volleyball Avatar Guide

You don’t see this avatar much around Neopia, do you? This cute little green avatar is believed to be difficult to obtain, but I am here to tell you it is NOT! That’s right, it’s easy! Well… Fairly easy. The thing that is difficult is not only learning the controls, but to learn all of the controls WITH the powerups, which are given by hitting the Green Pawkeet that can appear anywhere above a players head. Hitting the Pawkeet with the ball means a powerup is now in play!

Other Stories
"Fyora's Regrets" by chasing_stars44
Queen Fyora knew that it was a bad idea to bring Kaia to Faerieland. Practically everybody in Faerieland was wary about Kaia from the start. All the faeries had a general idea of where every faerie was. Illusen was in Meridell, Taelia was on Terror Mountain, Jhuidah was on Mystery Island. So when they heard about Kaia, this faerie from Shenkuu, a land that was thought to have no faeries, everyone was skeptical. They had good reason to be wary, what with the chaos that happened during and after the Faerie Festival. However, Fyora still believed in her. Even with the doubt cast in her mind, she still wanted to meet this unknown faerie. Kaia was very friendly at first. She was outgoing, intelligent, friendly, even if she was clumsy and stubborn. She had so much potential and all Fyora wanted her to do was succeed. Then again, Fyora went too far with making Kaia feel welcome. Kaia said she had visions of the future. None of the faeries were impressed with that. They had visions as well. Kaia's visions were also rarely true. Fyora remembered that when she first brought Kaia to Faerieland, Kaia kept warning her about objects being thrown at her or faeries flying into each other when none of that ever happened.

"The Witch's Cookbook" by brilliantgrey
The swamps of the Haunted Woods glow a fantastic golden green when the afternoon sun penetrates the canopy. Instead of the menace the fogs take on at other times of the day, in the afternoons all burn away, and the surface of the water takes on an emerald gleam. Draphlies skate across the surface of the glossy bogs, herds of Tralbaks creep from their hidden bushes to drink, and strange, feral vines unfold their leaves to drink in the light. At the heart lies a tiny building that appears to have grown from the earth itself, nestled in the roots of a gargantuan swamp tree. The untended, rickety bridge over the swamp is littered with warning signs varying between the threatening and absurd. "GO NO FURTHER." "NO TRESPASSING." "A GREAT BEAST AWAITS YOUR DELICIOUS AND FOOLISH ARRIVAL." The little speckled Aisha bounces up the steps, arms full of ingredients. A strip of bottled spices belted to her waist clank hard against her hip, but in her excitement she ignores the small bruise starting to form. She reaches the door at the top of the (considerable) staircase and begins loudly banging on it. "Hello, I'm here!" she shouts at the door.

"The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Four" by cosmicfire918
Eunji had never seen anything like Muyang Brook Fortress. Its rammed-earth walls were thicker than she was tall, and instead of the bright reds and greens of her temple home, the materials that made up the fortress were more subdued and sombre in colour. Overall it gave the impression of being a very severe place. The officers who stared at the group as they passed by did not help matters much, either. Wai Ren's residence within the complex was a little livelier, with golden Belonthiss statues perched at the points of its tile roofs and a small garden in the courtyard. The interior of the mansion was decorated with all manner of works of art—jade carvings, elaborate metalwork, and painstakingly crafted silk tapestries. Ganzorig admired all of this as well, and although Min tried to remain focused on her objective, it was clear that their opulent surroundings awed the farmgirl. The general gave orders to a servant to prepare a large lunch, and then led his guests to a banquet room that looked out on the courtyard. Here, a myriad of pillows were arranged around a low table. Eunji flinched—something was warping the flow of energy here.

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You don’t see this avatar much around Neopia, do you? This cute little green avatar is believed to be difficult to obtain, but I am here to tell you it is NOT! That’s right, it’s easy!

Well… Fairly easy.

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