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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

A warm ray of light streamed through the small slit between the curtain covering the large cut-up windows. The gentle light awoke Orlitz who hid under the quilts of an enormous bed. A clock on her bedside table notified the Cybunny that it was time for breakfast at the lodge. She sighed, saddened to have to leave the warm embrace of the blankets, and rolled out of bed. Last night, the ferry had docked at Happy Valley quite late, and the friends had drowsily checked into the ski lodge and immediately dozed off the moment they reached their rooms. Orlitz had slept soundly all night, and felt well-rested. First things first, she had to freshen up.

Top 10 Underrated Neopian Beverages

Summer is here - do you have a vacation planned? Maybe you'd like to go skiing down Terror Mountain or go camping in the Haunted Woods... no? Too scary? If you're like me, perhaps you like to enjoy your summer by lying back and relaxing on Mystery Island with a nice, cold drink, you should know that there are great options out there well beyond slushies and fancy cocktails. But no worries... I'll gladly let you know all about what you've been missing. Here are the top 10 Neopian beverages that you may not be drinking now...

Mystery Island Essential Vacation Guide

Tired of staying in the Cockroach Towers in Neopia Central? Did you get ripped off at the Haunted Fairgrounds? Was someone able to convince you Jelly World was real and now your vacation plans are based on fiction? I've got just the place for you! Mystery Island! The most popular vacation spot in Neopia has a lot to see and I'm here to help you plan out the best trip of your life. From sightseeing the ruins of Geraptiku with Tiki Tours to learning to surf in the waves off the west coast, we've got you covered.

What to Do After The Altador Cup

For most of Neopia, the Altador Cup is a time to join together in friendly banter over the Summer games. After all, where do you think the age old question of “how much smack could an AC fan talk if an AC fan could talk smack” come from? The Altador Cup is a time for unlikely friends to come together and bond over the love of their team. It’s a time for Neopians alike to congregate to celebrate the best team of them all: Team Krawk Island. *cough* I digress.

Other Stories
"A Rambunctious Kacheek's Culinary Plight" by _brainchild_
The alluring elegance of the establishment emitted the feeling of bliss. The restaurant, simply named "Kelp", was rumored to be one of Neopia's finest eateries. On the basis of its eclectic appearance, it certainly lived up to its reputation. Music washed around the room, produced by a live band. This beautiful sound was relaxing and classy at the same time. Smiling, Chessella the Pastel Draik hugged her sister. "Happy birthday, Angie. We're eating here to celebrate your birthday." "Thanks," answered Angie. "I appreciate it." Ella opened the menu. "This Ocean Platter sure looks good," she commented. "The menu describes it as 'a delectable blend of Maraquan delights for you to sample.' " She looked up at her sisters. "I'll order that, and I'll let each of you try a little piece." "Yum," grinned Maldice, another one of Ella's sisters. "Not as tasty as chocolate," groaned Walda, Ella's little sister. Ella turned to Walda. "If you finish your main course, I'll buy you a chocolate dessert. Otherwise, you won't get a treat." "Okay," grumbled Walda. "I'll order the Stramberry Sausages." Then the waitress, a Maraquan Uni, swam over to the table. "Are you ready to order?" she asked. "Yes," replied Ella. "I'll have the Ocean Platter..." The food came in a timely manner. Ella eagerly took a bite. "This is delicious!" she exclaimed. "Where's my piece?" asked Maldice. "You promised."

"Once Upon a Memory" by parody_ham
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was eleven years After Neopia, I believe, or was it twelve? I can never remember the way we used to mark time. It all seems like such a long time ago—ironic, really, given that we live hundreds of years in the past now. We lived with our mother and father outside of Neopia Central. It was a bustling town, although nothing similar to city of Meridell. There were no merchant guilds, no knights in shining armor. Yet I remember loving the place, and loving the festivals all the more. Each year, the 20th day of Gathering, the faeries would host a festival celebrating their peaceful relations with Neopian-kind. My parents had been working when the festival came to town. They were a trusting sort, allowing a ten-year-old to watch his sister unsupervised. I think they loved me. Based on the stories that Lisha told me, they seemed kind enough. I remember less of them each day, less of my old life each hour. But the important memories remain. The parents had asked me to guard Lisha at the festival, to keep her safe no matter what. It was an honor; I took it very much to heart. After all, how often does a pup receive such a responsibility? Even before the festival started, Lisha had been so excited to see Queen Fyora. Lisha squeezed my hand tightly as we maneuvered through the crowds, poking our heads through the mass of excited spectators. When the Faerie Queen began her address, a soft breeze began blowing.

"Usuki Singing Stars #34: At the Money Tree" by downrightdude
"Isn’t early-summer cleaning fun, girls??” Sparkles asked enthusiastically. The pink Bruce was sorting through a pile of sweaters, separating them into two categories: sweaters to keep and sweaters to donate. “How are you guys doing?” Patricia sighed as she sorted Sparkles’ shoes. “Why did you ask me to help you clean?” asked the faerie Shoyru. “And how am I supposed to know which shoes are for donation and which ones aren’t?” Scary sat down on a beanbag chair. “Well I’m not going to waste my afternoon sorting through someone else’s junk,” sneered the purple Bruce. “Especially if I don’t get paid for my services.” Narrowing her eyes at Sparkles, Scary began to file her nails. “This file you have is almost dull.” “Then throw it away after you’re done with it,” Sparkles instructed. “Patricia, you can just organize my shoes by colour and line them up near my closet. I’ll go through them later.” As the girls, minus Scary, continued to work, Snaw barged into the room and began jumping on Sparkles’ bed. “I can fly like a Bruce in water!” Snaw cried, jumping higher. “Snaw, have you finished sorting through your room yet?” asked Sparkles, folding a sweater. “I will never bow down to the evils of cleaning!” Snaw exclaimed. “That makes two of us,” Scary mumbled. “So have you sorted through your stuff, Scare?” asked Sparkles. Scary shook her head.

Take A Vacation

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