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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The Sway! Tim gulped as he scrambled through the tunnels of Moltara on his way back to the surface. No wonder everyone was too frightened to talk about it. But what could one Yurble like Tim do against the might of the Sway?

How To Be Miserable

The saddest day of the year is upon us, are you going to embrace the holiday or avoid it? The one day of the year where it is acceptable to walk around with a sad look on your face. The one day of the year where all Grey coloured pets feel like they are appreciated for once. You guessed it, today we are celebrating Grey Day! Some cheerful Neopians decide to avoid this holiday like NeoPox, because it simply just isn’t their aesthetic, however, some less eager Neopians like myself, love and embrace the tradition of Grey Day. If you are one of these people, here are some tips on how to truly be miserable this Grey Day.

A Grey Petpet for All

One of the most reliable ways of selecting a petpet is to choose one that is the same color as your pet, but Grey petpets aren’t just for Grey pets. A lot of different factors go into finding the perfect petpet for your pet, and all combinations can work if the personalities fit together. Also, even though Grey petpets are best known for being gloomy, they each have an individual personality beyond that one common trait. Selecting a petpet can be just as difficult of a decision as finding the right pet, and the options seem almost infinite. This quiz will help you select the Grey petpet that fits your pet’s personality.

The Truth Behind the April Fools’ Clubs

Who were these groups? How and why did they come up with this part of the prank? And why do they want to keep themselves anonymous? I decided that for such a well crafted prank it deserved an investigation, so I set out to find: The Truth Behind the April Fool’s Clubs!

Other Stories
"When Grandma Was Grey" by minkton
Tammy loved when it rained. Her family stayed in. Her mama made Meaty Chia Soup. Her grandma told stories that made the day go by like a lightning bolt. The baby Kougra watched heavy, grey clouds roll over the hills that bordered Neopia Central. She pressed her paws to the window of her family’s tidy Neohome and waited for the first droplets to collect on the panes before the downpour came. Thunder clapped in the distance, and she grinned. “I should hurry to the market before the rain starts,” Tammy’s father called as he hurried out the door. “See you later, darlings.” The baby Kougra rushed to her father’s feet to whine in protest. But before she could beg her father to stay, her mother rushed in front of her planted a quick peck on Tammy’s furry forehead. “I’m right behind you, honey,” her mother chirped. “I promised to help at the Soup Kitchen, and I’ll be late if I wait for the storm to pass.” She put her paw on Tammy’s cheek. “We’ll be back before dinner, okay?” The door slammed shut as thunder rolled closer to Tammy’s Neohome. The Kougra’s heart sank. Now who would play Smug Bug Board Game with her? A lump grew in her throat as she returned to the window. It had just begun to drizzle.

"The Sloth Gummy That Got Away" by redken9x9
It started out so pleasant. I was born in Virtupets Space Station– home of my creator, Franky. I never actually met Franky. He was spoken of as a legend among legends, Happiness Faerie impersonator and Beastly Ninja Tax Invader – whatever that means. Anyway, I lived for a short time in one of his most ingenious creations, the prestigious ‘Grundo Factory’. There, I learned the ancient art of holding my breath, sitting stiffly and staring blankly at everyone and everything. I was surrounded by illustrious machinery, glimmering in their rustic awe and dazzling me with their vibrant appeal of abuse and neglect. The workers were gorgeously chiseled and generously blessed with a profound air of apathy and regret. Everything was so beautiful! Since my scores were so high on the ‘Processing’ Exam, I was honored with the Limited Edition Easter packaging rather than the Standard Gold packaging that most of my companions got. When it came time for shipping, I was so happy and bursting with joy – even though I couldn’t show it – I pictured myself running up to one of the Grundos and hugging their ghastly bloodshot little faces like there was no tomorrow! How ironic that was. Sometime later, I arrived at the destination of my future dreams. It smelled barren of human contentment and seemed to possess as its guardian a chubby Chia with a disastrous looking haircut and a curious apron tied about its waist.

"Wildsong" by cosmicfire918
Night in the Haunted Woods falls with swiftness upon its victims. It is not as many stories say—the forest is not rife with yowling spooks and ghoulish spectres at every turn. It is not a scaled-up version of a Neopia Central Neohome’s Halloween decorations, which brashly proclaim frightfulness in the most colourful of fashions. The terror of the Haunted Woods is quieter, more cunning than that. It lies in wait, never fully asleep, a brooding heaviness of barely-heard echoes and strange feelings in the air that taunt the mind until the Woods decides to reveal its darkest secrets. Something is out there – perhaps many somethings – that makes even the bravest and hardiest Neopet return from the Woods forever shaken. Unless they are a Werelupe—and then at one time it was home. Isengrim, the Werelupe King, and a number of his pack stalked through the undergrowth on one of their nightly hunts. It would be many years yet until a fateful meeting would rob them of their keep and cause them to emigrate to Meridell. For now, the Haunted Woods kept them safe from the misunderstanding of the outside world—and provided plenty of resources to keep them fed and comfortable. Night hunts were Isengrim’s favourite. The Haunted Woods was always full of interesting smells, but they always seemed to heighten after sunset. Not to mention his dark fur allowed him to blend in to the shadows far more easily.

Things Are Brewing at Roo Island!

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Night in the Haunted Woods falls with swiftness upon its victims. It is not as many stories say—the forest is not rife with yowling spooks and ghoulish spectres at every turn. It is not a scaled-up version of a Neopia Central Neohome’s Halloween decorations, which brashly proclaim frightfulness in the most colourful of fashions.

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