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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The Werelupe King peeked his snout over Terra’s shoulder. “Lady Illusen…” he grumbled. “I was not expecting to see you here.” “The sentiment is mutual,” the Faerie said, folding her arms and tilting her head, looking down at him like a disapproving parent. A low growl rose from Isengrim’s throat as he stood up. Illusen was taller and longer-limbed than any normal human, but the Werelupe still easily won in the height and bulk division. “Well, then,” he said, ears still low, “we can both go our separate ways and not trouble each other any longer.” “Tell me,” Illusen said, drumming her fingers on her arms, “are you planning on stealing the chocolatier’s recipes? You’re quite good at taking things that don’t belong to you.”

Altador Cup Players’ Favorite Gormball Player

The Altador Cup has become a Neopian-wide phenomenon, a Yooyuball championship which every world participates in. However the Altador Cup wasn’t the first championship that featured a ball sport as the main focus. Before Yooyuball and the Altador Cup there was Gormball and The Annual Gormball Championships! Though a Virtupets Space Station sport, many Altador Cup players would say that one of their inspirations was Gormball; even the famous Disco Ixi Altador Cup Commentator, Tobias Sigmir, originally wanted to be a Gormball Commentator. Some Altador Cup players are such big fans that many try to attend The Annual Gormball Championships every year. Every Altador Cup player has their own favorite Gormball player, and some were kind enough to give me a minute of their time to tell me who it was! So Yooyuball and Gormball fans alike, let me present to you Altador Cup players’ favorite Gormball players.

Gourmet or Gross: A Foodie’s Guide

While ordinary Neopians in the past have turned their noses up at the mere mention of gross foods (and, of course, the smell), the recent foodie movement has brought gross foods back into the spotlight. Gross foods have been welcomed back onto dinner plates all across Neopia. Whether you’re sick of your usual bland diet of Neocola and Aisha Cheeseburgers, or if you have already exhausted your repertoire of gourmet foods like chocolate coated blue cheese and black caviar, “gross” foods are the perfect category with which to expand your palate and bring some excitement to your meals. That being said, there are still many gross foods that you do not want anywhere near your refrigerator or your plate. I have both the discriminating palate and culinary expertise to guide you through the world of gross foods—the dishes worth tasting, and the ones that you should immediately toss in the trash. Without further ado, here are the results of my gross food taste test.

Neopia's Secret Villains: Part One

Neopia is filled with hundreds of characters. These characters range from brave heroes to dastardly villains, and everything in between. There’s one problem though – not all villains are recognised as the true villains that they are. You may know Carassa as one of the friendly owners of the Igloo Garage Sale perpetually going on at the peak of Terror Mountain. If you think of Carassa as friendly or fun loving, however, you’re wrong.

Other Stories
"Shattered" by katie_kitkabug
...Where is this? It’s dark. There’s no floor, no walls, no ceiling. Just a dark, silent abyss. How did I get here? I cannot remember. My memory is shattered. Shards of scenes flit through my thoughts, never enough to form a full image. There is nothing here. I briefly wonder how I am breathing before pushing the thought aside. Better to worry about what to do. I grab the bits of memories flying around in my mind and start trying to piece something together. Cold. Warmth. A kind pair of eyes. A sibling laughing. A paint brush. An egg. Commotion. A falling cloud. A teal monster. Curses. Cures. Faeries. A dress. A scroll. Battles. Flames. Birthdays. Holidays. Tears. Fury. An embrace. Her.

"The Free" by cherishtwilight
Good Doctor, I recognize your name in the more sinister spaces of Neovia. It seems I’m unable to turn my troubles to any of my companions without having your notoriety run through the atmosphere. Thus, though as a proper Neovian I should be avoiding this entirely, I have decided to conspire with the forbidden. I am not a bad man, Dr. Xadum. I realize you aren’t, either, but we both tread different paths, different lines—you have decided to fight nature in all its glory, and I have decided to succumb to it. I have become the faerie Acara I was made to be. Despite everything, I’d like to think that I have been good. I’d like to think that I’ve studied, the way the scholars have taught me to, and that I have made a life for myself. I have dedicated myself to medicine, as you have, and only occasionally treated myself as the lesser creature I am.

"Caring for Kadoaties" by atreyu_rules87
Aah the Kadoatery, a place where feeding frenzies are the norm and the cries of the those little Kadoaties can be heard as far as Brightvale. Despite the piercing cries of the Kads, this was a dream job for one little Krawk named Kenadee. She had always wanted to work with Kadoaties as they were her favorite petpets in all of Neopia. And after all, they did need someone to tend to them while their owners were on vacation. She was so excited to start her new job that she had barely gotten any sleep the night before. But here she was. Kenadee, Keeper of the Kadoaties, the title she had settled on as sleep eluded her. The caretaker of the Kadoatery had said desk clerk or something like that but she knew her job would be much more than that.

What's Cooking?

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