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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The scruffy old Bruce had never been good at appearance, or first impressions. To many he was simply the local grumpy old man. Many compared him to Mayor Thumburt, some had even taken to calling him that behind his back. But Elizia knew him better than any of them. He was a sweet old soul with a rough surface.

Reading Suggestions for Grey and Gloomy Weather

Hello my dearies, cheers to you for joining me again for Granny Grumbles’ Hoppin’ Hobbies. I do not know if you have all noticed, but the sky has been gloomy with more and more storms daily. The Drenched have been out to play, making every day a little more grey. While it may not be the best weather for practicing your Yooyuball, there are so many ways to enjoy the gloomy weather. So, for today’s Hoppin’ Hobbies, I wanted to share with you my go-to rainy- and grey-day activity: reading. I grab a warm blanket, brew a cup of Jasmine Tea and settle in with a good book. With all the rain as of late, I have been making quite a dent in my to-be-read shelf and you may even see my name on the high score table for Booktastic Books *haha*! This means I have quite a few recommendations for each and every kind of Neopian. Seasonal Readers: If you are a seasonal reader, you like to pick your books based on the time of year, the land you're traveling to or by the weather. You love holiday classics in the winter, you read spooky scary stories when you visit the Haunted Woods and of course, pick up a moody book when the sky is cloudy! To honor Grey Day and the rainy days ahead, I have a few recommendations to align with a seasonal reader’s wishes. 1. Maraquan Faerie Tales . This is a quiet and cozy book that will keep you company as you watch the raindrops slide down your window. With stories of Maraquan’s great queens and kings, as well as evil do-ers such as the ever present Drenched, the atmosphere will certainly match the page. 2. Nomi the Grey Faerie . Whereas we all know and love our Grey Faerie Baelia, many Neopians forget that she is not the only one. Nomi the Grey Faerie is a historical fantasy book that details the story of Nomi the Grey Faerie… from her days as a young faerie, to her curse and life without magic. It was captivating and emotional; the perfect choice to pick up around Grey Day to appreciate the holiday even more. 3. Zafaras Rainy Day . While there are quite a few good choices in the ‘Rainy Day’ series, my personal favourite is Zafaras Rainy Day , it has a nice balance of humor and adventure. It is the story of one yellow Zafara’s encounter with the Brain Tree on a very rainy day. It is funny and sentimental yet moody with omniscient rain showers. A great choice for any rainy or grey day.

Network Transcript: What Has Everyone Smiling Today?

TRANSCRIPT. Aired the 14th day of Eating. Clair: Good morning, viewers. It’s the 14th Day of Eating and I am your host Clair at the Neopian Times Network. We have correspondent Zisry the Kyrii in the field reporting on some odd Grey Day behavior today. Zisry, can you tell us more about what you’re seeing out there? Zisry: Thank you, Claire. It’s a truly gloomy Grey day out, but the pets seem… cheerful. I’m reporting to you live from the line outside of the Neopian Post Office. With me now is Mila, a Red Wocky. Mila, can you tell the viewers how you’re feeling today? Gloomy? Sad? Mila: Anything but! Oh wow, it’s so exciting to be here on the news. I’ve been dreaming about this for years and years… oh sorry, back to your question. I am just so excited to get out of the house! Eep! You see, my owner recently returned to Neopia after a long, long, LONG time away, and, oh my, I’ve been having SO much fun. Zisry: Today is typically a more somber day. Tell me more about why your owner’s return has you so chipper Mila. Mila: Well, every single day my owner has taken me on all these adventures! We go shopping at the Beauty Parlor where I can pick out two things and then she takes me to the Bakery. Yesterday I had a Vanilla Koi Biscuit — YUM! — before I got to spin the Wheel of Excitement!!! Eeeeep! Some days, we play games! She usually only lets me play that game where you dress up the Kougra super quickly three times… but ANYWAYS! Some days, she brushes my fur and I get to try on new clothes. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to get out of the house and now, we’re doing SO much every day! She even told me she’s taking me to the Rainbow Pool at the end of the week to paint me PASTEL! Can you believe it?! Zisry: Pastel you say? Quite the opposite of Grey, if you ask me. Mila: Oh, I know we should celebrate all things Grey today but I just can’t wait to be Yellow and Pink! Eep! Zisry: Very well, very well. Thank you for your time Mila and enjoy your Grey Day. Mila: Oh thank you SO much, mister! Have a Grey Day! Zisry: A little further back in the line we have a Silver Blumaroo. You said your name is Pib, correct, sir? Pib: Yes sir, you got that right! Zisry: Now Pib, you also seem to be in high spirits on this Grey Day even though you fit the gloomy bill pretty well. Can you tell me why? Pib: Aw shucks. I know I’m supposed to mope around today and all...

Grey Day Celebrations

It’s that day again, a day that Neopians have come to know as Grey Day; the one day of the year when all of the most miserable, unfortunate and Grey Neopets look to each other to celebrate their existence. It’s a day that people come from all over Neopia to celebrate, and a day that is filled with a variety of things to do. If you’ve never heard of it before, or even if It’s that day again, a day that Neopians have come to know as Grey Day; the one day of the year when all of the most miserable, unfortunate and Grey Neopets look to each other to celebrate their existence. It’s a day that people come from all over Neopia to celebrate, and a day that is filled with a variety of things to do. If you’ve never heard of it before, or even if you have, this guide will help you plan the best Grey Day ever! Grey Day is always on the 14th of April and while it may seem like a strange thing to celebrate, it’s actually a lot of fun. The festivities start early in the morning and go well into the night, so there’s plenty of time to fit in everything that you want to do. So, what can you do to celebrate Grey Day? First of all, Grey Day is all about showing your appreciation for all of the Grey Neopets out there, and that means giving them a little bit of extra love. If you have a Grey Neopet, then you’ll want to start the day by spending some one on one time with them.

Other Stories
"The Grey in the Rainbow" by liouchan
“Who goes there?" This time, Naia was certain she had heard someone. They always lurked in the corner of her lowest pool, hiding in the sparkling mist, hoping to scoop up some of the Fountain's precious water. Even on such a dismal day as this one, when the Fountain's titular rainbow was nowhere in sight. Naia let herself sink back into the water until only her eyes peeked out. Her hair floated limply around her head. In the dim light cast by the grey sky, she could easily have been mistaken for an old bag floating around the Pool. She fidgeted and twisted her tail in the water, resisting the urge to scratch her scales. Kids or tourists creeping around her Fountain in hopes of a free colour change was the last thing she needed on the day of her molt. One might think that a Water faerie would be having the time of her life in the pouring rain, but the omnipresent moisture only enhanced Naia's perceptions and worsened her migraine. She was in no mood for nonsense. Anyone who managed to slip into the Fountain would get catapulted out without ceremony.

"A Grey Faerie's Hobby" by ale2312
Baelia managed to smile as she cupped her hands to receive the Puppyblew she had asked for. The Krawk who had accepted her quest handed over the Petpet as gently as he could, trying to jostle it as little as possible. “Here you go, Grey Faerie. Hope it’s ok.” The Krawk stepped back, nervously glancing between at the Petpet. “You’ve done so much for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my sad little heart.” Baelia said, cradling the Puppyblew close to her chest. The little Petpet barked happily, although it turned to look at the Krawk with curious eyes as Baelia called upon a Fire Faerie to reward the compassionate Neopet. He had been so kind to her, helping her find the Puppyblew. She still couldn’t believe some would even take time out of their day to go on one of her silly quests, so she was sure to call favors upon her friends in order to reward them. After the Fire Faerie bestowed her blessing, and waving off the thanks and compliments from the Krawk, Baelia headed to her home. It was a bit of a walk from the Faerie Quests building, but she enjoyed...

"Baelia's Favourite Day" by maddie_bangz
Boom! Crash! Thunder exploded overhead and lightning jumped through the clouds on a cold gloomy morning. Baelia’s eyes fluttered open with the booming in the sky echoing in her head. What a gross morning, she thought, staring out her window from the safety of her bed as dark and ominous clouds enveloped the grey sky. Grey… Baelia quickly sat up. She couldn’t believe that she’d nearly forgotten. It was Grey Day! Better than any other day in the year because Grey Day was her day. The one day of the year where everyone in Neopia can empathize and understand Baelia. Where she’s not the different, sullen, and depressing faerie. This is the day where everyone feels just like her. She quickly hopped out of bed and got dressed, smoothing down the wrinkles in her patched-together dress. She ran her Faerie Hair Brush through the tangles in her hair and checked her reflection in the mirror. She frowned. Everyday she knew she was missing something, but today she felt the absence of her wings more strongly than usual.

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