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Hi, TNT! First of all, thank you for the free NC from the Toy Drive! I used it today to buy the Desert Night Background during the background sale. However, when I put it on my Neopet, there seems to be a blue Acara hiding behind her! Who is this Acara and why is it photo-bombing my Neopet? ~jessicalynn4009
We're not sure how that rascal got in the studio, but he has been evicted. We let him off easy this time, but if he returns again then he'll have to talk to the Defenders of Neopia about vandalism and how it's bad for society.

Hi there! I realize that, with all that's going on, this is a small problem, but could you possibly fix the fact that two NC dresses have the same name? The two items share the name Holiday Striped Dress. ~friendshipbear2001
Sure! We have renamed this year's dress to Candy Cane Striped Dress.

So, I was reading the description of the new White Sands Background and saw that it was a quote from the poem "Ozymandias!" I teach this poem to my 10th grade English classes and was super-excited to see it referenced on the site. Is someone on the staff a Percy Bysshe Shelley fan? Are there other literary allusions hidden around the site? ~stormwing
Perhaps... :)

To Beak or Not to Beak
That is the question!

I really hate when a character or two takes over the Editorial because they never directly answer the questions! PLEASE address whether Altador Cup X will be back in June. Your answer determines whether I self-freeze or stick around. Thanks. ~dizzydarling
We didn't directly answer because we don't have an answer yet! We are still deciding if we have the resources to do something else fun during that time.

Hey, TNT. Two things: 1. Has there ever been a plot centered around some sort of conflict between Meridell and Brightvale due to the fact that the two rulers are brothers and they have had issues in the past (ex. Biscuit Brigade and Castle Battles), and 2. What is the relationship between Brightvale and the Darigan Citadel? Thanks. ~joy121852
1. Not yet, but that's a fun idea! *makes notes*
2. Brightvale cleverly avoided getting drawn into the war between Meridell and the Darigan Citadel, which saved a lot of heartache for the families of Brightvalian troops, but it does kind of make you wonder just how estranged King Hagan and King Skarl are. Holiday get-togethers must be rather awkward.

What species is the fellow in the blue shack at Ye Olde Fishing Vortex? Does he have a name? Please remove my username. ~username removed
He is a Maraquan Grarrl. He does not currently have a name, but we are taking suggestions.

I noticed that the place that used to be a link to the movie theater that gave out daily free food is gone now and there's just an empty space in Neopia Central. Is that intentional or is it another bug like the missing apple bobbing link? ~kykygilde
The Movie Theatre was a part of our Viacom years. We have removed it, but Jumpstart has other ideas planned, don't worry!

Gallery owners are an extensive part of the Neopian population, yet we only have 52 gallery spotlights a year. There are 54 species of Neopets, over a dozen Neopian holidays, and an infinite amount of different item categories or themes. This means most galleries are not celebrated. Could we not have a gallery spotlight on each of the special species days and have the weekly 52 dedicated to the rest? We have numerous poetry and art galleries, so why not galleries as well? ~sarika_ambrielle
A fair point! We'll look into adding more Gallery Spotlight days.

Hey, TNT! I was wondering if there was a little mix-up here. There is an item called the Halloween Intesteen Plushie, but Intesteens still can't be painted Halloween. The item's image also looks more like a Halloween version of the Petpet and not a plushie. I really think it would be cool if there could be a Halloween Intesteen like this plushie! ~ummagine3284
We're looking into recategorising that subspecies of Intesteen. Stay tuned.

Halloween Intesteen Plushie
This is why canopic jars should have screw-on lids.

Is Lenny Conundrum still updating? I don't remember it being around when I was a kid on Neopets (though I was a pretty dumb kid, so it might've been), but this account is only five months old and I've never seen it update... I don't think, anyway. ~cottontailcat
The Lenny Conundrum is no longer an active contest. We may bring it back someday. We'll be sure to let you know with proper fanfare if we do.

Hey, TNT! Just wondering: are the Neopies happening this year? ~esophee
Nope! We have a few other things planned instead. Feel free to share your opinions on all the things through our other channels, though: the Editorial, the Neoboards, whatever you please. We are listening.

*tosses Skidgets into your shoes* My 'pet Assorted has a Skindle. I attached a Skidget to it, because the colors awesomely match! I can't help but wonder: is the Skidget a Skindle in larval form? O_O? ~iluvmihoshi
They do seem to bear an uncanny resemblance. *shakes out shoes carefully* We went to ask Professor Clodbottle, but he was unavailable -- something about taking a long vacation to a remote island.


Thank you so much for fixing the lag on the site. I can now browse Neopets at over triple the speed I was before. Good job, TNT! ~waterdragon9

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