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Seriously, you guys really set the bar high every year when Jetsam Day comes around. I get excited each year, and for the past three years, I have not been disappointed at all. :* The plushies you created this year are ESPECIALLY adorable. There is just one thing that I noticed, though. :C It appears that the only time Jetsams get any new items released is on their special day; I mean, it's been a WHOLE YEAR since I've been able to add anything new. I'm not asking for new Jetsam items all the time, but if you would be so kind, could you please think of the Jetsam a little bit more this next coming year? It would be super appreciated by everyone. :* Again, thank you for the incredible content you release every year. (I'm already excited for next year!) WOOO!!! ~deadfoot92
Yay, we're glad you enjoyed their special day. :) We'll make a note to our Content Department informing them that Jetsams have been feeling underappreciated at other times of the year.

Hi, TNT! I'm having a bit of trouble with the Neopian Times submission form. You see, every time I try to submit this one story that I worked on, it just comes up with the message, "Your story could not be uploaded. Please try again later." I waited a few weeks and tried again, but got the same result and was wondering if you could fix this. Thanks in advance. ~flames_unleashed
Hmm. It might be that the program the entry is written in has added characters that the submission form won't accept, so please check for special characters. Other possibilities include being just under the minimum word count, or over the maximum.

When I first started playing in 2000 or around that time, I seem to remember that going into Faerieland and Mystery Island required some sort of item. I don't remember what they were or anything else, but nobody else seems to know what I'm talking about. My mind didn't just make this up, did it? These did actually exist, right? ~dreaminglyelphaba
They did! You had to first acquire a totem before visiting either of those lands (and the Ice Caves, too). Here's what they looked like:

Now they're just collector's items.

Hi, TNT! So, I saw a Neopet with a Green Tentacle as a Petpet and I fell in love with it. I looked up the colors that it came in and was pretty saddened that there weren't many to pick from. Is there any chance you could make a Red Tentacle or, like, just add some more colors? They're quite adorable little things. You go TNT for making them! ~arctic4cat
You're quite right! We'll send a request to the Content Derpartment. (Yes, we noticed the typo, but it made us laugh so hard that we left it in.)

Speaking of retired items: once an item is retired, do the faeries stop asking players to fetch that item for quests? Just wondering... ~leesadee
Faeries request items based on rarity, so no, they won't ask for retired items.

WHAT?!? You mean you're going to delete the NP Undead Apple Tree Foreground?!? I was so happy to finally get a spooky NP tree. ;_; Please!!! ~neoixans
Oh no, don't worry, we won't take away your apple tree! We just meant it was an error, and something we'll be more careful to avoid in the future.

After reading Editorial #616, I have to ask: what is the weirdest thing a player has done? ~krazybabeh
Judging by the questions sent in this week, you weren't alone in your curiosity. We can't really talk about specific incidents, so we'll probably just go with the players over the years that we've found arguing with / harassing themselves on the boards using two different accounts. o_O

In honour of the 8th birthday of The Daily Neopets, could you preeeetty please end today's Editorial with a pineapple?! ~heartbr3ak
Aww, happy birthday to one of our Official Neopets Fan Sites! :) Please enjoy this quality pineapple.

(Nice site update, by the way!)

Wait, that's it? That was an awfully short Editorial.

It looks like most people just asked about the weirdest story.
There must be something else.
I suppose we could ask one of those questions that results in long, rambling answers that stretch on for three paragraphs.
*snort* No thank you. Just pick the first question you see.
If you say so… *ahem*

818tessa of 129385 Magical Road, Neopia Central wants to know: "What would happen if a water-painted Jetsam ate an aquatic Petpet?"
Perhaps we should just move on to Happy Thoughts.
For once, I think I actually agree with you.

Hi, TNT! I realized today that I've been a Neopian for 10.5 years now. Wow! I just cannot believe it. Neopets has done so much for me. I've always enjoyed drawing and writing, but Neopets pushed me to do more and improve my skills. It cultivated and nurtured my creativity. It taught me HTML and showed me the joys of web site design and even graphic design. It taught me how to manage money before I went to get a job in the real world. It made me set goals to achieve and, although several of them are still unrealized, I still strive to achieve them. It introduced me to a world of friends, both Neopets and their owners. I used to always print off official pictures and Neopian Times stories to save and cherish. Many people have left Neopets to go on to other things, and while I may disappear for a few months, I always end up coming back to see what's new. Neopets will always be a part of me. Thank you, TNT. Thank you for all the memories. :) ~kaiodadragon

Hi, TNT. I just wanted to let you know how important this site is to me. Back in 2009, I was going through a lot, and times were tough. I was unhappy at home and at school, but the highlight of my day was going online and playing Neopets. Atlas of the Ancients was going on, and that was something to look forward to for me. There is nothing quite like escaping your troubles and having fun with your Neopets. Thanks! ~jamba_jukeba

Not a question, just an anecdote. My classmate was hosting a dinner in his apartment and his roommate got home and asked if anybody was interested in purchasing his gaming laptop because it turned out he didn't like hardcore PC gaming as much as he though. I briefly, but seriously, considered it because I immediately thought "I could have Habi open and play KQ at the same time! ~chrisy_chan
We salute your Neopian spirit!

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