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Why are so many usernames removed? Please don't remove mine if you answer this question. :( ~stitch__133
Most of the time it's because they request it for their own reasons, which we are not privy to. Every so often we remove the username ourselves if we think the question would cause the person to be targeted with unwelcome attention.

Hey, TNT. It seems there is still confusion over if it's okay to advertise someone else's Neopet. I see countless boards on the Pound Chat listing other people's 'pets as up for trade but claim "they have permission." I was under the impression that this was not allowed for various reasons. Why don't mods address this more often? Is it just our responsibility to report it, or has the rule changed and it's now completely okay? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
As we've said in the past, advertising other peoples' Neopets up for trade can result in scams and confusion. Please only advertise your own Neopets.

It occurred to me while I was brainstorming comic ideas -- are we allowed to mention fan sites approved by Neopets in comics, or other user-submitted stuff in The Neopian Times? I'm rather curious now. ~mizumew
Just as on the Neoboards, Recommended and Certified fan sites may be mentioned in the NT.

Any thoughts on Tropical Storm Kiko? ~jfa111115
We plead innocent, and would like to reassure everyone that the tropical storm swirling around the Eastern Pacific has nothing to do with Lutari Island.

*whispers* I think they're onto us, guys.

Hiya, TNT! :) I've been wondering whether it is okay to trade Neopets with, so to say, a "time delay." Let's say I'd like to trade my 'pet to someone who only has accounts that are under four months old. He offers me a 'pet that isn't transferable under four months because it is, for example, Limited Edition. Now we have to wait two months until he can transfer this Neopet to me, but I would already send my 'pet to him (at my own risk!) and use the space for some 'pet-restructuring in the waiting time. He then would send his LE Neopet to me as soon as his account's old enough. Would that be okay, or does the trade have to be direct? Thank you in advance. :) ~antigone_darcy
As long as you're trading one Neopet for one Neopet, we suppose the timeframe doesn't matter. However, please be cautious. A lot can happen in two months. Neopet trading, like item lending, is done at your own risk.

Hey there, TNT! I just visited the lab ray to zap my ghost Hissi when I got a colour zap, changing him to... ghost. Since he was already ghost to begin with, nothing happened. Is this just an unlucky zap, or an unfortunate glitch? Also, if so, is there any way to fix it? Thanks! ~lea91011
Considering the odds of that happening, it was just a really unlucky zap. D: Random lab ray is random.

Several people have posted boards on the Help Chat asking for help giving a Sparky to Neopets with six-letter names. Apparently there isn't any way to do so. This seems a bit sad, considering how special Sparky is. Sparky is such a lovely tribute. Could you perhaps do something so that ALL Neopets can play with this special Petpet? =) ~aejart
Sorry, some Neopets are just picky it seems, and making exceptions would be tricky. In the past, we've discussed patching that language loophole entirely, but we have magnanimously allowed it to stay for now.

Okay, I am now very curious, TNT. *throws Kadoatie* Which staffers are involved with naming the Kadoatery Kads? I saw one named chibikadoatiekawaiibaka, and many other cool and strange names. So, who are the culprits? ~limo8
If we recall correctly, most of the names came from the somewhat deranged mind of snarkie. The rest of them were due to a brainstorm instigated by our content team, with the input of various other staff members from different departments. Put that many TNT members together, and you're bound to get some... creative results.

How old is the Haunted Salad, and who drew it?!? It looks like it was drawn on the MS Paint program! This got me thinking: what's the oldest item in Neopia? ~grevious551
Haha, it's not that old, and it probably was drawn in MS Paint! That item is from one of our Artists on Vacation days. It was actually drawn by Comastar, a content team member. The oldest item in Neopia is the Green Apple.


I am an avid cosplayer and would like to cosplay Brynn or other Neopets characters. Would a photo of modeling the cosplay be an acceptable entry to the Art Gallery? Please remove my username. ~username removed
We've seen a lot of excellent Neopets cosplay, and it always thrills us. You may submit to the Art Gallery as long as there is nothing that could possibly identify you in the picture, so be sure to block out your face and any tattoos. Also, make sure that where you are cannot be determined. For instance, do not show your address, school, or location if an event is still going on.

Now, we can't control what you do off-site, but please keep in mind that if you post (or other people post) pictures of you, then there will be a link between you and your Neopets username. That makes us wring our hands a bit, but we're just in charge of Neopets, not the rest of the internet. So please, consider your privacy before submitting to the Art Gallery.

Hi! *throws fresh baked cookies* I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, but I have to! I'm a Wocky collector, and there is a new item at the Smuggler's Cove right now, The Death Knell. Is it Wocky "designed"? I'm seeing Wockies everywhere, because I love them so much, but spending all these millions if it's not Wocky-related, well... I'm not sure my Wockies will appreciate that!!! Thanks for clarifying this for me. Wocky, or not Wocky? That is the question! ~philomene123
*looks* We agree, and claim it to be a Wocky. Sorry, Neopian bank accounts of Wocky Gallery owners! :X

TNT, are we allowed to talk about some offsite stuff such as movies, games, books, etc., or will we get warned if we do so? ~phoenix_85x
Yes, as long as it's all Neo-appropriate and you aren't attempting to maliciously post spoilers. (We still have nightmares from when Harry Potter book six came out.) Also, it needs to not encourage or lead players off the site. For example:
"What does the fox say?" joke = Fine.
"You haven't seen the fox video? Go search for it!" = Not fine.
"Loki fans, unite!" = Fine.
"Have you seen [website]?" = Not fine.

TNT, a while back you guys did a super amazing thing and made it so that faerie quest awards were given to the active Neopet! Thanks a million for that, by the way! However, Kitchen Quests are still randomly awarded to 'pets, instead of to the active Neopet. Can this be fixed, or is that asking too much? Thanks! ~monkeyshine4616
We are not opposed to it. We've created a request for our programmers, but we warn you that it will likely get low priority vs. other current projects and it may take quite a while for them to get to it.

On the Pet Page, you gave a link to a past Editorial. I looked at it and... I seriously can't tell if it's joking or not. Like the Bruce, there was the picture of the guy...*~*. Confuzzled. ~sparkle6412
No joke. That page is completely accurate. That's what the Bruce originally looked like.

Cyodrakes are medieval Petpets?!? I thought they were kinda Shenkuu's thing. ~lightning78947
Cyodrakes were discovered in Meridell, long before they became associated with Shenkuu by the ship named the Cyodrake's Gaze.

End this Editorial with a Space Llama, please? ~xdn_e_oxd
Erm, best we could do.

Tune in next week for further adventures of...


I'm guessing you'll get lots of compliments (or questions) about the Stealthy Rock, so I wanted to put in a good word for the petrified wood Woodland Rock. +2 points for whoever thought that one up. ~insubordinations

Hi, TNT! I just wanted to relay my (and many others') kudos on the design of the new Stealthy Rock. I admire the way you didn't go the obvious ninja route and instead went the route of wit and subtlety. On a scale of one to ten in pure awesomeness, you rate a "yo, magnets!" (that would be a ten...) ~nightmir

I've smiled and thought, "Okay, that's cute," at most of the paint jobs for the Rock Petpet, but upon seeing the new stealthy design, I actually laughed out loud. I then read the rest of the news, and then went back and laughed out loud again. It may be some time before I stop giggling entirely. I love you guys. ~bubbles_101

Dear TNT Staffer who came up with the new Rock colours,
Thank you so much! I was in a foul mood, then I went to check the news and perked right up. Stealthy and Woodland Rocks... ~co_co_co

We got an awesome amount of positive feedback about the new Rock Petpet colours. Are you saying that, all these years, the only thing we had to do to make you guys happy is come up with an imaginative variety of pet Rocks? We've really been doing this wrong! ;)

TNT, you are amazing. :) I want to say that I have been playing Neopets on and off for around twelve years. I just LOVE this site; I have grown up with it, and I have loved seeing how it has grown and evolved over the years. It has seemed to grow with me; as I age, different features on the site grow on me -- when I first started, I just wanted to play with my 'pets and play a couple of games. But now, I have created a large shop, joined an amazing guild, invested in the stock market, and I am OBSESSED with Neopets customization. Thank you for making such an incredible site that can grow and evolve along with its loyal users! ~kateshines
T_T *prints your comment and pins it on the wall in the break room* Thank YOU!

I've been playing Neopets for 11.5 years now, and I just want to thank everyone for their hard work in keeping the site new and fresh. Also, I wanted to tell you all that I have a four year old Autistic son, and some of the longest daily periods of interaction we get with him come when he sits with his father or I while we play Neopets. He loves Neopets! We use this as a tool to get him to request things and it's helped a lot. He especially loves the Coconut Shy, bagatelle, the cork gun game, and Snot Splatter. Thanks for not only providing a great source of stress relief, but also helping our son. ~skryker
Excuse us, we think someone in the office must be cutting onions today. T_T *pins this one on the wall, too*

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