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Oh, joyous occasion! I bet you're excited about seeing ANOTHER question regarding side and main accounts, eh? :) Anyway, say I have 5 accounts, and then the almighty purge happens. As a result, a username I want becomes available. May I have six accounts open until I can get all of my Neopets to the new account? This seems iffy, but it's merely hypothetical! Oh yeah, can you make a wooden spoon item? My Krawk wants her own commemorative wooden spoon to hold onto. xD I love walking around school with a Neopet with my student I.D, and I was wondering if you could make more figurines, plushies, trading cards, and magazines? I hate having to scour the internet for Neopet plushies. :( Thank you so much! :) I love you guys, and you have enriched my life! Because of you, I've found two hidden talents: drawing and coding HTML! I never would've found them without you guys! There should be a sock pile that gives out socks, as I am an active sock collector! It'd pay homage to Dragona, as well. :D Wow, I got VERY off task. o.o ~kittiekatlover3
How about we just answer the first question? ._. Okay? Okay. :) The spirit of the rule is to stop people from cheating or creating tons of accounts. A temporary 6th account isn't likely to get you in trouble, as long as you're not abusing site rules on the side accounts. If you're still concerned about it, we recommend allowing one of your side accounts to lay dormant while you transfer your Neopets over.

*throws little blue pests at you* I saw in the news that the Habitarium will be undergoing maintenance for a couple of hours every night. I then saw some of the boards and some fussing that this is because you don't like when we leave it running overnight. What's the deal on that? Thank you. ~angelzombie66682
It's strictly routine maintenance that needs to happen to try and keep the Habitarium running more smoothly. While it's fun to make up conspiracy theories about it, it really is just for technical reasons. We selected the time because it was off-peak hours for Habitarium use.

Hiya, TNT! So, I was reading the last Editorial, and when I came across the question about Pocket Neopet codes I got so confused that my brain nearly exploded! So, if I may ask: WHAT IS A POCKET NEOPET?!? ~99chickie
It was a toy that we released quite a few years back that allowed players to care for a small digital Neopet that also had a pocket-sized habitat and representative figurine. It's easier to show than explain, so we'll put up a picture:

There were deluxe versions made as well.

Could there, perhaps, be clothes for baby Neopets that you could buy with Neopoints? It's just that, if you don't have Neocash, your little baby Neopet will be all cold this season... aww... (please remove username). ~username removed
We've made a request with our Content Department for such an item. :)

Dear TNT,
Since the Battledome is closed for the time being, does that mean we won't be getting Battledome request from Random Events? Take Boochi, for instance. Does this mean he will not come around? I really want to flaunt my new Draik, but I have a fear of Boochi. Please help! ~bella20216

No, Battledome-related Random Events are still up and running. You can still collect challengers during this time.

Hi!!! Do you think you could make some colorful leaf smilies that we could use on the Neoboards for fall? ^__^ Thanks! ~dumbrellas
Oooh. That's a great request! We'll add some on Monday.

It has come to my attention that some Premium players have consistently gotten into the Art Gallery almost every single time. Does being a Premium player have an impact on one's chances of getting into contests and such? I feel that having a short user ban like the Beauty Contest ban would be fairer and ensure that everybody has a fair chance of getting in. ~pestisitical
Nope, there's no way to tell if a player is Premium or not during the Art Gallery judging. Players you see get in often do so because they send in copious amounts of quality artwork. Some will even submit two or three different works of art for a Pet Day.

Happy belated Halloween, TNT! I have to say that I loved this year's Masks of Dread event -- the last quest was especially fun. Thanks for making it! Actually, I've also got a question regarding something that happened in one of the quests. Since when can the Snowager talk? Is this a new ability he's picked up, or should we just assume that the big ol' ice worm doesn't normally speak much and happened to feel a little more talkative than usual during the event... or was his moment of speech just someone's clever Halloween prank? ;) ~sporty2443
He's always been able to talk. If you've ever fought him in the Battledome, he slings some words at you in addition to breaths full of ice shards. He's just quiet and sleeps a lot, and would rather roar to scare off trespassers than start a conversation.

Dear TNT,
My Negg Cave puzzle took me five times longer than usual to figure out today. I believe my IQ may have just gone up by 0.01. Thanks for making this a daily thing. :) ~makhiuching

Always glad to hear we're doing a good job exercising brains!

More braaaaaainsss for meee!

Hey guys, I just got my lab ray today (happy dance) and I was wondering: let's say that a new color was just released, and at the exact second that it was released someone zapped their Neopet. Is it possible that that Neopet could immediately receive the new color? ~roze162
Yep. As soon as it's activated on our system it's automatically available to the lab ray. Assuming, of course, that it's a colour the lab ray can give.

Hi, TNT! I've seen a lot of sites outside of Neopets selling aged accounts, Neopoints, and expensive Neopian items for real money. Once I saw them I immediately knew that this was against the rules, but as I thought about it I got more and more confused, since wouldn't you guys have stopped them or frozen their accounts or something by now? So, my question is: is selling and buying Neopets virtual items against the rules? If so, why haven't you stopped them? ~cryzztal
Like any illicit service, it's not as simple as just shutting down a bad site. We do what we can to request that those sites be taken down by their providers, but there's no internet plug we can pull on them. Any players on our site that are caught buying or selling accounts / Neopets / Neopoints are frozen as soon as they are discovered. Also, please don't try to "investigate" such sites on your own. Any service that sells stolen or ill-gotten merchandise often makes victims of its own customers, so stay safe and let us handle the cheaters. :)

Many of the Neopian shops are clogged with too many low rarity items, making it effectively very hard to restock in most shops. With so many new items released all the time, this problem will only grow worse. Are there any plans for an item sink and / or perhaps retiring many of the older items? ~kuroge
Yes and yes. We are attempting to fix the problem at its root and preventing clogs in the first place.

Why, TNT?!? Why must you make Kougra paws so hard to draw?!? *sobs brokenly* ~rosiecotten
Erm... *awkwardly pats you on the back* there, there... uhh, maybe the How To Draw page might help? :-/

Can you end this Editorial with an old artwork image so that we can all reminisce? :) ~shinning123
Indeed we can. Indeed, we can.

Hmm... maybe he ages backward, like that one movie with Brad Pitt?


Thanks, TNT, for making 2012's Haunted Faire chillingly delightful... MUHAHAHAHA. Extra Hallowe'en candy should go to the artist who combined all the masks to make one really fine one. How can you ever top a giveaway of so many goodie bags AND a background AND a foreground, too? I'm looking forward to 2013's Hallowe'en to see. ~kittylitter251

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