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Are there any plans to make stats awarded from Kitchen Quests and levels from scratchcards go to the active Neopet instead of a random one? :o Being able to control the Neopet that gets the stats / levels from them would help a lot with training, and I'd love to be better prepared for when the new Battledome is released! =) ~liltle_lupe
We haven't discussed scratchcards yet, but we are planning to change it so Kitchen Quest rewards are given to the active Neopet. That said, there's no time frame for the project yet, but it is certainly on our radar.

Hi, I have been curious about this for a long time now, so please respond with an answer. In the Haunted Woods (and more so in the Haunted Faire) you can see trees that have faces. Are those faces just odd formations on bark that happen to look like eyes and mouths when viewed from the right angle and with enough imagination, or are those trees actually relatives of the Brain Tree or Money Tree? Are there more intelligent trees besides those two? Please tell me. ~dainta
The Haunted Woods is a very... unsettling place. Some trees are alive, some simply have creepy faces, and some seem like normal trees. However, this being the Haunted Woods, you're never really sure when something that really shouldn't be alive is suddenly going to lurch toward you. We recommend travelling the area with caution, and avoiding the Woods after dusk.

In this past week's Lenny Conundrum I entered 12:14:00 NST, which was the correct answer. Why did I not get my reward? ~chocolatepuddin12396
It seems our script that awards LC winners had a hiccup, which resulted in it not awarding some players. Unfortunately, we don't have a way to go back and award those that it missed. We're sorry about that, and we have repeatedly jumped out and shouted "Boo!" at the script in the hopes it will not recur.

Dearest TNT,
I'd like to know if one is allowed to submit an article to The Neopian Times from their side account. Say someone should be secretly leading a double life. By day they are a wealthy Neopian, content to live off the riches they have accumulated over the years, doing their bit by donating to the Money Tree or hosting Soup Kitchen fundraisers. At night, however, they don the mask and cloak of anonymity and fight against the corruption and injustice in society. Perhaps they wish to enlighten the Neopian populace with their observations, but they don't want to reveal their secret identity in case they lose the support of their millionaire friends (or their loved ones are targeted by their enemies). ~devotedslothminion

We'd prefer that you didn't submit from side accounts, because sometimes we give out prizes for special issues (and it's not always obvious which issues those will be). We might make an exception for normal issues if you let us know that you're entering from a side account for a reason.

I know that, when a user has blocked another one from contacting them (or if the user is under 13), then there is a little notice in the Neomail that says so. Would it be possible to do the same for when a user is silenced? ~brynchilla
It should be! We'll have a programmer look into it.

I just realized that SyMOL Day is right before Mole Day! Aha! Get it? 6:02 10/23. YAY FOR CHEMISTRY NERDISM!!! ~glass_notes
*GASP* You're onto us! ;)

Wait. You mean it's not all about us?

Um... I just found two Rainbow Guns in my inventory. How did they get there? I abandoned a Neopet (to a good home (: ), adopted a Neopet, and grabbed two bags from the Money Tree (each with 250 Neopoints in them). Should I donate them or what? Did this happen to everybody? Thanks in advance! ~magalia323323
We're going to assume they were attached to the Neopet you abandoned (to a good home). When you abandon a Neopet, any weapons they are equipped with return to your inventory.

It's been a while, so I really must ask... what happened to the Inventory Aisha?!? Did she find something better to do than greet users whenever they visit their inventories? ~logic_fail
Whoops! She apparently stepped out for a moment. We'll have her back shortly. :)

Dear TNT,
I recently started typing with 8s as an homage to a we8comic I read. I tried to pick one of the less annoying quirks, 8ut people are still getting mad at me. My question is this: is it okay for me to do this, or do I have to type normally? Thank you!!! ~bellalizzy

As long as you're not violating any chat rules, it's just fine. However, there may be a little social fallout (as you've already noticed). It's up to you, though! :)

Hey, TNT! I was on the new board yesterday and saw someone's unconverted royal Kyrii had been turned blue by the new Apple Bobbing game. Is this a glitch? ~spottyshan
We are aware of it! We've checked and double checked and triple checked Apple Bobbing and Bart is not the culprit. We have a few suspect code bits we're looking into, and we're working on some code that will help prevent rogue incidents like this in the future. In any case, it's safe to go apple bobbing. :)

Hi! So, I recently found my Pocket Neopet and started playing with it again. I was wondering if the Rare Item Codes from it are still redeemable? ~macale4
Yes, they are still redeemable. If you have an issue redeeming them, we can assist only if you have the original receipt for the Pocket Neopet. We cannot give replacement codes for second-hand items.

Hey, TNT! Since we are allowed to post The Daily Neopets, are we also allowed to link to the TDN forums? ~anniza
The URL for those forums is not listed on the Fan Site page, so it may not be linked.

Hey, TNT! I was thinking that it'd be pretty cool if there was an avatar for winning a spotlight. It could encourage more entries and would be something that users could sport proudly. Is there any chance of this happening? Thank you guys! ~participate
Hmm... we've avoided it in the past because we didn't want a spotlight to be suddenly submerged in subpar submissions (say that four times fast!) by players simply jockeying for an avatar. However we suppose that, if there was one avatar for winning any spotlight, then that might make things more feasible. We'll certainly consider it!

No image requests?
Well then, please enjoy this
Triffin holding a balloon. D'awww.


Hey, TNT! I haven't played Neopets for a little while because high school kept me really busy, but now that I've graduated, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it now more than ever! With work and college-prep stuff, I get pretty stressed, but Neopets always gives me something to do and makes me smile. You guys rocked when I started playing at the age of eight, and you still rock to this day! :) ~drackonwood

I've spent just about half of my (short) life on Neopets. You guys never cease to make me laugh. I read the description for the Headless Cape and it made me laugh so hard! All the events you do are amazing (this is not just blatant flattery to get a new plot); don't listen to the haters on the boards. The Neopian Times has become the highlight of my week. I love the "special guest" Editorials the most. You guys should do jury duty more often! Also, you helped me realize that I really DO have talent as a writer when my story made it in. All in all, you guys do an amazing job! Keep up the great work! ~kykygilde

Dear TNT,
Today is my 12th anniversary as a Neopets player, and I have to say that I have had so much fun in my tenure here. A lot has changed, but I have really enjoyed being a part of such a great site. I like that it's a safe place to have fun and a place where people from all over the world can meet and play! I've met some amazing Neopians during my time here, and I've even learned HTML. Thanks for all your hard work! *hugs* ~camille79

Oh my gosh, I just saw the new Premium Dailies List -- I LOVE it! THANK YOU! :D ~azelah

Dear TNT,
I was given an item by TBMGP... wait, I mean... The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. Whew, had to go copy / paste that. Anywho, this generous plushie Grundo gave me My First Space Suit! I have to say, I can see why it would be more popular than My Last Space Suit. ;) Thanks for making me laugh out loud on a hard day -- just another tiny reason that makes up this BIG IDEA: I love Neopets. ~rs_rbn

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