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When you submit an entry to the Editorial, does the title you give your question really effect whether you get in or not? ~skittyfan100
No, we don't usually read the titles, just the questions. Sometimes we need to search for subjects, however, and that's when the title comes in real handy. Therefore, it's very useful to us if your title reflects the main subject matter of your question.

Hi, TNT! I loved the Wind-up Mallard question in the last Editorial, which got me thinking that you should have a Coding / Programmers' Day Off, where you let non-coding staffers such as members of the Art Department do any coding needed that day. I imagine that it would be pretty fun to see what happens. ~strokemypet
That'd likely be... catastrophic. We don't think you'd like the result. That being said, we do joke amongst ourselves and threaten to do this every time we see a post that says, "Why are they doing (something done by the Art / Writing / Support Departments) instead of working on (Programming Department issue)?!?"

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for the pretty cool new paint brush that came out on Kyrii Day. :D I have two questions regarding that matter, though: 1. Are Kyrii the only Neopets capable of being painted water? 2. Is this colour change (going to be) possible with the Lab Ray? Thanks a bunch, TNT. :* ~girlpower836
As of this very moment, yes... but more will come! As far as the Lab Ray goes, water is already possible with it, so start zapping!

With all the new smilies coming out, the old ones are rather in need of an update. Most of the Neopet smiley images are old, and compared to the newer ones they look, erm... not so new. Would (could?) you guys update the old ones? ~kris4210
We noticed this as well when we were updating the smilies page. It's something we're definitely interested in doing.

Hey, TNT! Okay, so I adore the new paint brush colors (the water Kyrii is to die for!), but... don't you think you should focus on making each species available in the current colors before creating more? I'm still waiting for a woodland Korbat! ~rainbowcrayolas
We've added a lot of paint brush colours this year because a couple of the oldest species were quite literally running out of colour options. We want to make sure there are plenty of options out there so that players don't get the same colours repeated Pet Day after Pet Day.

Hey, TNT! What's up with how big the new smilies are? :o They're so much bigger than the older ones, and I'd never use them in board titles because of that. (P.S.: You should make Uni and Lenny smilies next, but make them smaller than the Lutari / Krawk ones!) ~warriorsrock965
Our newer smilies are all 20 pixels tall, though a few are slightly wider than that, just due to the nature of the art. When we redo the older Neopet smilies, we'll reevaluate and see what the best standard size is.

Feel free to discuss on the boards. We'll be reading. :)

Hey, TNT. I was just wondering: would it be against the rules to, say, buy a Faerie Paint Brush on my main account and then transfer it to my side account to paint my Ruki? Please remove my username, thanks. :) ~username removed
Actually, that would be a beautiful example of following the rules perfectly. :)

Hi. I was wondering if it is acceptable to make an offer on an item that someone has in their Gallery. Is this against the rules? I don't mean continually bothering them about trading it for something, but just a simple, "Hi, saw your [item] in your Gallery. Would you sell it for xx,xxx,xxx Neopoints?" Thank you. ~stale_apple_juice
We believe it's generally considered somewhat rude within the Neopian community, but it's not against the rules unless you spam or harass them.

Hey, TNT! Thanks for all of the new paint brushes recently. :) There seems to be a common opinion, though, that we need more Neopets for the colors we already have, and that they don't release often enough (only on their special Neopet days). I was wondering if we could have "Paint Brush Days" where several Neopets (maybe 3-5) are released for a certain color, to help those colors that only have a handful of Neopets available catch up. I mentioned this on the boards and a lot of people seemed to like the idea. We have Mutant Day; why not Swamp Gas Day, or 8-Bit Day? Thank you! ~deornelc
Ummm... you mean like the 8-Bit Day and Stinky Day we had this year? :) Yes, we realise these aren't "3-5" colours, but we do try to find excuses to release more colours on non-Neopets days.

Hi, TNT! I'd just like to say that I anxiously wait for Friday so I can come and read the Editorial just because it's so much FUN! I think you guys have a great sense of humour and I love your puns. I always have a really good time reading your answers. :D ~beckyvp4567
And we love you for loving our puns. <3

Hey there, TNT. *puts on Skeletal Face Paint* I like turtles. ANYWAY, I've got this awesome idea that I shared with some friends and they think it's pretty great, too! So, here's the pitch: DOUBLE PAINTING on one Neopet! Before you declare that something like this is already happening, I assure you, it is not! Here is my idea / example: my Neopet, Jearinda the plushie Jetsam, is simply that, plushie. WHAT IF I wanted to paint her something like baby, but still keep her plushie form? In other words, a baby plushie Jetsam? This is just an idea I had, and I thought it would be a hit. Baby Darigan Bori, baby mutant Lupe... think about it! They would be awesome, and I assure you, very popular! Just a thought that I felt was worth sharing. (: Thank you so much, TNT, and keep up the awesome work! ~deadfoot92
We plugged some numbers in and calculated that it'd take one of our artists roughly 716 years to complete unique artwork for every possible cross-painting combination. If we devoted our entire Art Department to the process, we think they might have to retire before they would be finished. D: Even offering cross-painting with just baby Neopets could take over a decade's worth of art time.

I've tried to submit a comic three times now (for different issues of The Neopian Times, of course) and it never gets in. The funny thing is, I don't even get mailed about it. Nothing. What's wrong here? If I don't get an answer... this will happen. ┻━┻ ︵╰(°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ You have been warned. ~iamjyz
Just ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) and relax. Our NT queen says to check your comic's file size and make sure it's under 200k. If it's too large, it might not be going through properly.

Hello, TNT. *pokes 5,000 times out of frustration of a possible secret* I visited the Neocam and saw that its last picture was on Wednesday, May 16th of 2007, at 6:57:04 PM. Was that the day of an APOCALYPTIC Meepit invasion that destroyed the Neocam? D: ~2treecko
Actually, Snarkie announced just a couple of days ago that she finally found where the Meepits had hidden the Neocam. We'll attempt to get it up and running, but Meepits have chewed on the wires pretty severely, so no promises.

Hi. Can you settle a debate, please? Could you please tell me what species Jacko is? Oh, and maybe push him in my direction? Thanks. ~mightymolly33
We don't really speak about him. Just accept any paint brushes you find and be thankful. People that talk about Jacko tend to disa

Great. There went another Editorialist. *sigh*
I suppose we should find another replacement.

Well, don't look at me.
I'm SO not doing the Editorial again.

Why not? You did great last time.

Thanks for the compliment,
but perhaps you haven't noticed the incredibly
short life span of these Editorialists?

Of course I have.
Why else would I have encouraged you?

I'm not talking to you anymore.

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