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Should we reply with a "Thank you" when a member of TNT sends us a personalized email answer to a question or bug issue? I had a question and received a very helpful answer, but my urge to send a thank you note is at war with my knowledge that time is money. Please remove my username if you publish this, because... I'm shy. LOL. ~username removed
No need to send a thank you email, though we're sure email support is always happy to hear something nice from players. :) It's good to hear from someone that doesn't believe we are bizarre frothing robot monsters that roll our faces across our keyboards freezing people for giggles, despite what conspiracy theorists seem to suggest. ;D

Hi TNT! *throws a grandma bobblehead* I was thinking after some of the super-shocking results that you guys might have changed the formula to calculate scores for the AC as lots of smaller teams have done unexpectedly well against some YYB giants on the first day. Are my suspicions correct or are the small teams just a lot better this year? :D thanks! ~thekookycookie
We asked our AC programmer, and he has told us that the scoring works exactly the same as it did last year, so give those smaller teams a pat on the back!

Hey, TNT! People on the Avatar Chat boards (including myself) have been playing the Altador Cup and, despite reaching Level One, have realized that we haven't gotten an avatar. So I was wondering: what's going on? Is the avatar retired, or are you just fixing it / making a new one? Please leave my username out. Thanks! ~username removed
No worries; the avatar is not retired. We're aware of the issue of the avatar not being awarded, and are working to resolve it.

*Update* Looks the the issue is now fixed. Go to play one of the AC games and you should receive yours if you've earned it. :)

Hey TNT, one thing that annoys me (and many other Neopians, I'm sure), is spoilers in titles. Aside from being very rude, they are completely irrelevant and seem like spam to me. My question is: can we report these as spam? Please leave my username out if this makes it in. ~username removed
Yes, those malicious spoiler threads can be reported. Our monitors don't like seeing spoilers any more than you guys do (or fake Tarla alert boards, for that matter). We enjoy the site just like you do, and we're happy to clean up those threads that are just trying to spoil things for others.

Will players who buy Altador Cup V NC Challenge Game Tickets and complete the challenges get more shop points or a better standing / trophy than those who don't? ~sirr1ch1
No, they will receive exclusive NC item prizes and the regular NP earned for playing the games. They will not have any advantage in the Altador Cup over other players.

I was wondering: would it be possible for TNT to show us how the scores are calculated during the Altador Cup? After the first day of the AC a lot of us are confused by how some smaller teams overtook very large teams. This would definitely clear up a lot of confusion and take away the accusations that the Altador Cup is fixed. :P Please and thank you! ~redlust
Hi! As we have to say every year, we can't explain our algorithm to you guys, and the Altador Cup has never, ever been rigged in any way. Whether your team wins or loses is all up to your team's efforts. It's completely out of our hands. Also, bigger teams don't have an advantage; it's all about how well your active team members play. Trust us, we were quite surprised ourselves when we looked at how the results were coming along the first day! Lastly, please... don't harass your team members - encourage them! There's still plenty of time to turn the tide! Good luck to all teams!

*puts a plate of cookies at TNT's door, then knocks and runs away* :) Hey TNT, just a random question. I was looking at the "newer" designs for the Neopets when I suddenly realized something: a huge majority of them have their hands curled into fists. Is there any particular reason for this? I don't know, I just found that weird.... ~00mythical00
We drew them that way so they could hold fancy items like... pitchforks.

Yee haw!

Just out of curiosity, how many people submit the name of the prize as their answer to the Mystery Pic competition each week? ~pdonkeh
Let's find out! Brb!

Okay, we're back. We'd say there's an average of about five people who guess it each week. The most we found was 10, and the least we found was zero after looking through about 15 of the most recent results. It seems that the more colours the image and item have in common, the more people that guess it's the item. Seems logical!

Hey, TNT! *chucks coconuts* Please consider making an item called the "Fance Top," in honor of mr.coconut. 0:-) GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut is my idol! Peacee. ~turtleside (12:30 PM)
XD Oh trust us, we're already considering it.

A wandering ghost stole 80 Neopoints from me when I had none on hand. Now the amount is -80 Neopoints. Is that normal? ~pchaness12
Does it make sense? No. Is it normal (for Neopia)? Yes.

Hi, TNT! First and foremost, *offers cookie, asks that TNT please enjoys.* (: Now, down to business. I was wondering why, when you upgrade your Gallery (or Shop, for that matter), you only get room for five more items (no matter the size of your Gallery / Shop) even though the price goes up nonetheless. I love collecting plushies and potions, but it's getting hard for me to buy them AND upgrade my Gallery. I'm up to about 10,000 NP an upgrade now; I really feel for the Neopians who have a Gallery sized around 100 or so. I bet it's about 35k for them. Anyway, I just think that you guys could come up with something somehow to help us out. Also, I understand about the "economy" you have here on Neopets, but I think Gallery owners are helping out the "economy" enough just by buying items. I think it's a little much to have to pay that large a sum to upgrade. Thank you for your time, guys. Have a good day. ~hippie_girl_love
Unfortunately, shop size increases are a really important Neopoint sink for the economy. While you are helping the economy by spreading wealth around when buying items for your Gallery, aside from the initial purchase from the Neopian shop, Neopoints aren't being removed from Neopia. Shop upgrades literally destroy the Neopoints, which is very good for the economy at this time. :) So we understand that it's a pain, but think of it as, umm... property tax or something. :)

It's kind of hot. :o Here's a slushie for you. :) *hands you a Lime Berry Shenkuu Altador Cup Slushie* Let's say you go to the Magma Pool and, as it loads, you accidentally close the browser or tab but catch a glimpse that the guard was sleeping. :o If you go back will he still be sleeping, or is it until that minute is up? I did the worm quest and saw the black worm, but the time was xx:59:59 and when I clicked on it the time was then after xx:00:00 and it was gone. :( Is the pool the same way? *unsure* Btw, GO SHENKUU!!! ~o_ya_toe_knee_is_gr8
It's until the minute is up, so if you spot him asleep with just a few seconds left in the minute you'd better make your decision quick! It's the same for the worms. You need to click them before the minute is up.

What's going on in the office RIGHT NOW while you're reading this? ~nearnumberone
It's a bit late in the day, so the artists are still tirelessly working and there's also a super-important meeting discussing-- darn, we ran out of internets and don't have enough room to tell you about it. Sorry. Maybe mr.coconut can fill you in.


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